Star Trek: Picard: Season 1 (2020)


Season 1
Star Trek: Picard

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Anchored by the incomparable Patrick Stewart, Picard departs from standard Starfleet protocol with a slower, serialized story, but like all great Star Trek it tackles timely themes with grace and makes for an exciting push further into the final frontier.



Critic Ratings: 69


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User Ratings: 2747

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    Oof, that was Rotten.

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Air date: Jan 23, 2020

Jean-Luc Picard realizes that Dahj has personal connections to his past.

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Air date: Jan 30, 2020

Picard takes an interest in the unusual story Dahj presents and how she is significant to the Federation. Later, Picard must seek new allies as Starfleet withdraws their support.

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Air date: Feb 6, 2020

Soji continues her work and gains the attention of Borg executive director Hugh. Going over past history with Raffi, Picard looks for others who will join his search for Bruce Maddox, and finds former Starfleet officer Cristóbal Rios.

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Air date: Feb 13, 2020

Picard orders the crew to stop on the planet of Vashti to reconnect with Romulan refugees he rehomed nearly fifteen years ago, altering the crew's plans to venture to Freecloud.

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Air date: Feb 20, 2020

The crew embarks on an unexpected, intense mission on Freecloud to track down Bruce Maddox. Later, an old ally returns to rescue Maddox from a risky situation.

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Air date: Feb 27, 2020

Picard and the crew track Soji to the Borg cube in Romulan space, resurfacing haunting memories for Picard. Meanwhile, Narek believes he finally found a way to safely exploit Soji for information.

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Air date: Mar 5, 2020

Picard and Soji transport to the planet Nepenthe, home to some old and trusted friends. As the rest of the La Sirena crew attempt to join them, Picard helps Soji make sense of her recently unlocked memories. Meanwhile, Hugh and Elnor are left on the Borg cube and must face an angered Narissa.

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Air date: Mar 12, 2020

Fourteen years in the past, Oh takes a group of Romulan women to Aia. They experience a vision. Rios sees Soji and recalls dark memories. He locks himself up as Picard sets course to Deep Space Twelve.

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Air date: Mar 19, 2020

Following an unconventional and dangerous transit, Picard and the crew finally arrive at Soji's home world, Coppelius. However, with Romulan warbirds on their tail, their arrival brings only greater danger as the crew discovers more than expected about the planet's inhabitants.

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Air date: Mar 26, 2020

Picard and his team are pitted against the Romulans and the synthetics of Coppelius in a final confrontation.

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Tv Season Info

At the end of the 24th Century, and 14 years after his retirement from Starfleet, Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) is living a quiet life on his vineyard, Chateau Picard. When he is sought out by a mysterious young woman, Dahj (Isa Briones), in need of his help, he soon realizes she may have personal connections to his own past.

Cast & Crew

Patrick Stewart
Jean-Luc Picard
Alison Pill
Agnes Jurati
Santiago Cabrera
Cristobal "Chris" Rios
Michelle Hurd
Raffi Musiker
Alex Kurtzman
Executive Producer
Michael Chabon
Executive Producer
Akiva Goldsman
Executive Producer
James Duff
Executive Producer
Patrick Stewart
Executive Producer
Heather Kadin
Executive Producer
Rod Roddenberry
Executive Producer
Trevor Roth
Executive Producer
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News & Interviews for Star Trek: Picard: Season 1

Critic Reviews for Star Trek: Picard Season 1

All Critics (69) | Top Critics (23)

Plenty of plotlines kick off in an eventful opening innings to this very expensive-looking show.

Mar 28, 2020 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

[Stewart] has a unique ability to dial into his roles without completely disappearing, carrying the audience's earned investment from role to role, whether he's suffering through an awkward trip to the toilet or sipping tea among the stars.

Jan 23, 2020 | Rating: B | Full Review…

Picard is Trek through and through, full of thorny ethical quandaries, social allegories, sinister admirals, and an undercurrent of optimism in spite of it all.

Jan 24, 2020 | Full Review…

Rather than boldly go into the depths of space, Picard is far more interested in exploring the depths of its famous leader. In doing so, the series more than justifies its existence in today's nostalgia-driven era.

Jan 23, 2020 | Full Review…

Smart, well-crafted, layered - verging on over-layered.

Jan 23, 2020 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…

Whenever Stewart and CBS All Access opt to move forward with Season 2 of "Picard," this final frame assures us of a future that looks bold, brighter, and beautifully human. Just what we need in the darkness of now.

Jan 24, 2020 | Full Review…

Picard ultimately is all about Stewart being back in that titular role. He's done stronger work over the years as Picard, but this aging, more-vulnerable version of the figure is, like the show itself, compelling.

Feb 28, 2021 | Full Review…

Star Trek: Picard is founded on the approach that Trek is designed to reflect the world in which we live, as opposed to the world we expect the 24th century to be.

Feb 16, 2021 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

I can fully say this show hooked me.

Dec 22, 2020 | Full Review…

I like a lot of what Picard is trying to do. Season one was shaky at times, but fundamentally I am not done with Jean-Luc Picard or these other characters just yet.

Jun 10, 2020 | Full Review…

Sir Patrick Stewart is certainly the main reason to see this, and most of the cast makes it pretty enjoyable despite its flaws. I like the slower pace as the storyline still managed to keep me engaged (pun intended). Bring on season 2!

Apr 30, 2020 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

As I kept thinking about it, I appreciated more the things I did enjoy about it.

Apr 1, 2020 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Star Trek: Picard: Season 1

  • 5d ago
    Why make this show it is so bad. Just another show to kill Star Trek
  • Jun 13, 2021
    TNG is one of my all-time favorite shows. I was excited for this series and profoundly disappointed by it. I can't even stand to watch it anymore. How about cancel this and Discovery, fire all the writers and producers, watch some TOS and TNG, then make a real Star Trek show.
  • Jun 08, 2021
    So much better than I thought it would be, and my expectations were high. (NO spoilers follow) I'll start with the people who won't like it: it doesn't have a lot of "action", although there are some creative fight sequences, and there are not a lot of space battles either. However, if your favorite Star Trek episodes are the ones that blend the hard science and action elements with the infinite complexity and intensity of human drama, and if you realize the greatest unknown to explore is the realm of emotion, memory and the experiences that make life most precious, then this will hit you in the gut in a powerful and unforgettable way. The political intrigue and parallels to current world situations are very well done. And there are constant references to and reminders of morsels of information from the rest of the Star Trek universe that dedicated and observant fans will notice with delight. Last but not least, if you are already a fan of Patrick Stewart, and Jean-Luc Picard, the best Captain in Starfleet, it is criminal that you have not seen this already. Clear a weekend for watching the first season as though it were a trilogy of feature-length movies. Do it ASAP. This series alone is worth the cost of a Paramount Plus subscription.
  • May 15, 2021
    If you've ever wondered what a pathetic old Jean-Luc Picard would be like in the background, this series has you covered. The plot is painfully slow and revolves around blaming Picard for everything, even if it's not his fault. The rest of the plot is hard to describe: it's just there and happens? Like Star Trek: Discovery, this series presents a dark, non-optimistic version of Star Trek. Most of the characters are broken and hard to like, with the exception of Rios. The dialogues and character development are mediocre. This series negates any personal development that Picard and Seven of Nine have made in previous series. And there are other guest appearances (massacres?) from previous Star Trek series, some of them quite neat. Production-wise, the show is well done.
  • May 13, 2021
    Just like how Star Trek Discovery awkwardly inserted its dull, preachy, soulless, and unlikable characters into the backstory of our beloved classic Star Trek legends of old - thus retroactively taking credit for everything that happened afterwards. Star Trek Picard sees fit to alter the fundamental nature of the Federation, Starfleet, and basically everything else in this world. It's turned Starfleet itself into a diverse hire paradise where every single senior officer is female. It takes established and beloved characters that we grew to know over the years or even decades and deconstructs them into obscene parodies of themselves. This show undermines the basic message of hope and optimism. Instead, it presents a bleak, hostile, greedy dystopian version of the Star Trek universe. It revels in gore, torture, violence and destruction, in a show that once had taken a higher path using rationality, understanding and diplomacy to solve problems. It does all of this, and for what, to tell a story that nobody wanted in the first place. To explore ideas that have already been handled by past better writers. To seamlessly forcing the creator's political views that none of us asked for or care about. Or was it just to squeeze the last remnants of fun enthusiasm from a franchise that pretty much has been run to the ground by people who don't know what the hell they're doing. Star Trek Picard is just another sad example of what happens when arrogant, talentless, shameless hacks try to elevate their own mediocre work by standing on the shoulders of giants.
  • May 07, 2021
    Pretty uneven series. *spoilers* The Good: Patrick Stewart, the Borg reclamation project story, all the TNG cast appearances. The Bad: There are a lot of overused Sci-fi plots here. Flesh and blood androids, fear that AI will take over the universe, Android bans, Patrick Stewart's brain being transferred to another body (they really took an idea from X-Men 3?) Plus, the new crew just isn't that interesting. The holograms provide great comic relief though.
  • Apr 24, 2021
    Predictably some people are locked into star trek as it was 10~20 years ago, or whenever they first watched it. I can understand the fondness for things as they were but seriously some of the reviews are bordering on hysteria. I am old enough to remember watching Kirk phasering everything in sight and sleeping with every green creature in the show but apparently this one has too much sex and violence???? Why wouldn't Picard have grown old and been marginalised by Starfleet?? The show is criticised for being too Marvel but at the same time some viewers want enduring super hero JLP. The show is a slow burner and it is season 1, it is also addictive and a great watch , so it has a seasonal arc, so what? Some audiences in particular are known for not handling long arcs and slower paced sci fi, look at the Stargate Universe dismissal or the end of Bablyon 5 for example. I am sorry but this IS Star Trek, the Picard character is totally believable, unless he was meant to be Captain America.... and the supporting cast generally work, although the jury is still out on the sword..... p.s. just this morning i was watching an interview with Leonard Nimoy in which he discussed the quality of scripts in Star Trek..hmmmm
  • Apr 20, 2021
    Star Trek with a cynical, nihilistic makeover.
  • Apr 19, 2021
    Not completely without merit, some thought provoking themes and concepts, good designs and production value, but ultimately disappointing. I don't mind a Star Trek series which is at a different pace or serialised. But this show took a huge dump on the whole franchise, and basically called fans stupid and naive for believing in the values that TNG promoted. I hope we get some REAL Star Trek in season 2, but the franchise is probably lost forever since no one in charge care at all about the lore and is only interested in subverting the expectations of the audience, believing it to be the highest form of writing. It's just sad.
  • Apr 17, 2021
    This show picard is utter trash and is an insult to star trek this is not true star trek. patrick stewarts pro trail of picard is pathetic the captain is dead to me now.

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