Critical Care


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A trader named Gar (played by former Tales From the Crypt host John Kassir) steals the Doctor's data and downloads the holographic physician onto a hospital ship bound for the planet Velos. En route, the Doctor (Robert Picardo) butts heads with bureaucratic administrator Chellick (Larry Drake), who makes all decisions as to who does and does not receive medical treatment, based upon the "social importance" of the patient in question. Clearly, the pompous Chellick must be taught a lesson, and the Doctor is just the man -- or hologram -- for the job. "Critical Care" first aired on November 1, 2000.


Kate Mulgrew
as Capt. Kathryn Janeway
Robert Beltran
as First Off. Chakotay
Tim Russ
as Security Chief Tuvok
Ethan Phillips
as Neelix
Robert Picardo
as The Doctor
Roxann Dawson
as Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres
Garrett Wang
as Ens. Harry Kim
Jeri Ryan
as Seven of Nine
Larry Drake
as Chellick
Christinna Chauncey
as Level Blue Nurse
John O'Heir
as Husband
John Durbin
as Alien Miner
Debi Monahan
as Adultress
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