All the World's a Stage


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Prince Escalus suggests a public wedding in hopes of convincing the citizens of Verona that Benvolio and Rosaline are madly in love; Livia bonds with Count Paris; and a conspiracy to keep the Montagues and Capulets feuding threatens Escalus' plans for peace.


Grant Bowler
as Lord Damiano Montague
Lashana Lynch
as Rosaline
Medalion Rahimi
as Princess Isabella
Zuleikha Robinson
as Lady Guiliana Capulet
Ebonee Noel
as Livia Capulet
Torrance Coombs
as Count Paris
Wade Briggs
as Benvolio Montague
Sterling Sulieman
as Prince Escalus
Dan Hildebrand
as Friar Lawrence
Anthony Head
as Lord Silvestro Capulet
Llew Davies
as Truccio
Colin Morgan
as Ambassador Donato
Colin Morgan
as Ambassador Donato
Eric Goode
as Ambassador Gonzaga
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