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Thomas wrestles with a growing attraction to Kitty, and while he may not be making much headway with her, he is having more success on the wards with a pioneering wound irrigation system. His test subject is doing well but a fellow surgeon of the old school, Major Yelland, is dismissive of Thomas's techniques and seems determined to bully him. Will Miles be able to placate his increasingly riled friend? Elsewhere, a terrified patient faces court martial. There is little anyone can do and yet his presence unnerves the staff and patients, a constant reminder of the perils of overstepping the rules. This warning is particularly pertinent for some, as a proud Irish NCO faces rebellion from his young protege and Joan unearths a dark secret from one of her patients.


Suranne Jones
as Sister Joan Livesey
Kerry Fox
as Sister Margaret Quayle
Kevin Doyle
as Lt. Col. Roland Brett
Alex Wyndham
as Capt Miles Hesketh-Thorne
Jeremy Swift
as QMS Reggie Soper
Marianne Oldham
as Rosalie Berwick
Alice St. Clair
as Flora Marshall
Jack Gordon
as Cpl. Peter Foley
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