Valley of the Shadow


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Stranded in the remote mountain town of Peaceful Valley, reporter Philip Redfield looks on in amazement as a dog and cat seemingly vanish into thin air. Apparently, Peaceful Valley houses some sort of deep dark secret -- which has naturally aroused Redfield's journalistic instincts. He may, however, have trouble filing his story -- the locals have made certain that he is unable to leave town, now or ever. This hour-long Twilight Zone installment also features future Star Trek regular James Doohan and child actress Susanne Cupito, who went on to adult prominence as Morgan Brittany. Written by Charles Beaumont, "Valley of the Shadow" first aired January 17, 1963.


Ed Nelson
as Philip Redfield
David Opatoshu
as Mayor Dorn
Natalie Trundy
as Ellen Marshall
Jacques Aubuchon
as Connelly
Sandy Kenyon
as Gas Station Attendant
Bart Burns
as Man No. 2
King Calder
as Man No. 3
Pat O'Hara
as Man No. 4
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