Christopher Guest

Christopher Guest

Highest Rated: 100% Girlfriends (1978)

Lowest Rated: 0% Heartbeeps (1981)

Birthday: Feb 05, 1948

Birthplace: New York, New York, USA

One of the most unique voices in contemporary comedy, Christopher Guest earned a following with the acutely observed characters and spontaneous improvised spirit of "This is Spinal Tap" (1984), "Waiting for Guffman" (1997), and "Best in Show" (2000). Offbeat and satirical in nature, Guest's portraits of regular people with big dreams were effectively compelling. The densely packed humor of his endlessly quotable ensemble comedies was unique for its basis in hyper-real, ultra-detailed characters that Guest and co-writer Eugene Levy created specifically for his troupe of exceptional actors. And his finest work as a director resulted from giving those actors the freedom to improvise their dialogue as he, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer did in their legendary rock-n-roll comedy "This is Spinal Tap" - inarguably the most truthful film about the rock lifestyle ever made, despite being a spoof. While his fictitious band spun off into a real life touring and recording act, the line between actor and character blurred further with frequent personal appearances as Tap's addled guitarist Nigel Tufnel, followed years later as 1960s folkie Alan Barrows from his folk music send-up "A Mighty Wind" (2003). Guest's impeccable eye for detail, his dry wit, and his abundant talent as a writer, director and performer made for an innovative voice in film with an exceedingly well-respected body of work.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet No Score Yet Loudon Wainwright III: Surviving Twin Director - 2018
49% 36% Mascots Corky St. Clair (Character),
- 2016
No Score Yet 78% Her Master's Voice Executive Producer - 2012
56% 39% The Invention of Lying Nathan Goldfrappe (Character) $18.4M 2009
44% 47% Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Ivan the Terrible (Character) $177.2M 2009
52% 43% For Your Consideration Jay Berman (Character),
Original Music
$5.5M 2006
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Harry Smith Project Live Alan Barrows (Character) - 2006
67% 72% Mrs. Henderson Presents Lord Cromer (Character) $11M 2005
87% 75% A Mighty Wind Alan Barrows (Character),
$17.5M 2003
94% 89% Best in Show Harlan Pepper (Character),
$18.6M 2000
8% 64% Almost Heroes Director $6.1M 1998
91% 91% Waiting for Guffman Corky St. Clair (Character),
Original Music
$2.9M 1996
30% 50% Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman Director - 1993
83% 89% A Few Good Men Cmdr. Doctor Stone (Character) $141.3M 1992
87% 45% The Big Picture Director $33.1K 1989
No Score Yet 22% Sticky Fingers Sam (Character) - 1988
97% 94% The Princess Bride Count Rugen (Character) $26.9M 1987
20% 32% Beyond Therapy Bob (Character) $471.9K 1987
90% 79% Little Shop of Horrors The First Customer (Character) $36.5M 1986
95% 92% This Is Spinal Tap Nigel Tufnel (Lead Guitar, vocals) (Character),
Original Music
$188.8K 1984
No Score Yet 80% A Piano for Mrs. Cimino Philip Ryan (Character) - 1982
No Score Yet No Score Yet Likely Stories Unknown (Character) - 1981
0% 23% Heartbeeps Calvin (Character) - 1981
83% 74% The Long Riders Charlie Ford (Character) - 1980
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Last Word Roger (Character) - 1979
100% 74% Girlfriends Eric (Character) - 1978
No Score Yet No Score Yet It Happened One Christmas Harry Bailey (Character) - 1977
17% 36% The Fortune Boy Lover (Character) - 1975
No Score Yet No Score Yet Shame of the Jungle Chief M'Bulu/Short/Nurse (Voice) - 1975
No Score Yet No Score Yet Lemmings Unknown (Character) - 1973


No Score Yet No Score Yet Entertainment Tonight Guest 2020
81% 92% Family Tree Dave Chadwick (Guest Star),
No Score Yet 79% Sponge Bob Unknown (Guest Voice) 2007
85% 76% The Simpsons Nigel Tufnel (Guest Voice) 1992
No Score Yet No Score Yet Saturday Night Live Unknown (Character) 1984-1985
No Score Yet No Score Yet Blind Ambition Jeb Magruder (Character) 1979
No Score Yet No Score Yet Laverne & Shirley Unknown (Guest Star) 1978
No Score Yet 88% All in the Family Unknown (Guest Star) 1977


Mr. Mushnik says: Listen Seymour. Just because you put a strange and interesting plant in the window doesn't mean that it'll bring customers!

1st Customer says: (Opens door) Excuse me, but I couldn't help but notice that strange and interesting plant in the window!

1st Customer says: [opens door] Excuse me, but I couldn't help but notice that strange and interesting plant in the window!

Count Rugen says: Are you coming down into the pit? Westly's got his strength back, I'm starting him on the machine tonight.

Prince Humperdinck says: Tyron. You know how much I love watching you work, but I've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Gilda to blame for it. I'm swamped.

Inigo Montoya says: Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father! Prepare to die!

Count Rugen says: Stop saying that!

Corky St. Claire says: Everybody dance

Corky St. Claire says: Everybody dance!

Corky St. Claire says: You are bastard people...

Corky St. Claire says: You are bastard people.

Nigel Tufnel says: These go to eleven.