Clint Howard

Clint Howard

Highest Rated: 100% Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977)

Lowest Rated: 0% The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself (1998)

Birthday: Apr 20, 1959

Birthplace: Burbank, California, USA

The son of actors, juvenile performer Clint Howard began showing up on screen in the mid-1960s, usually in the TV series and feature films co-starring his older brother Ron Howard. Clint's best-known TV guest appearances include the part of Balok in the 1966 Star Trek episode "The Corbomite Maneuver," and his vivid portrayal of a youthful prognosticator in the opening installment of Night Gallery's 1971-72 season. He was starred in the 1967 Ivan Tors theatrical feature Gentle Giant and in that property's TV-series spin-off Gentle Ben. Upon attaining adulthood, Howard was mostly consigned to character parts; he has also been featured in the films directed by his brother Ron Howard, from Eat My Dust (1978) to Apollo 13 (1995).


Highest Rated Movies



56% 3 from Hell Mr. Baggy Britches 2019
No Score Yet Play the Flute Actor 2019
No Score Yet The Church The Founder 2018
No Score Yet Mad Families Actor 2017
No Score Yet Guys and Girls Can't Be Friends Gus 2016
No Score Yet Sand Castles Actor 2016
73% The Funhouse Massacre Taxidermist 2015
81% Balls Out Actor 2015
83% Sparks Actor 2014
No Score Yet Call Me Crazy: A Five Film Harold 2013
46% The Lords of Salem Carlo $1.1M 2013
No Score Yet Huff Actor 2013
No Score Yet Last Call George 2013
No Score Yet Nobody Gets Out Alive Actor 2013
No Score Yet Alabama Moon Constable Sanders 2011
24% The Dilemma Herbert Trimpy $48.5M 2011
No Score Yet Blubberella Actor 2011
25% Speed-Dating Dom 2010
No Score Yet Bloodrayne: The Third Reich Doctor Mangler 2010
No Score Yet Ashley's Ashes Actor 2010
28% Play The Game Dick $0.8M 2009
45% Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian Air and Space Mission Control Tech #1 $177.2M 2009
6% Super Capers Mugger 2009
No Score Yet London Betty Narrator 2009
No Score Yet Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! Actor 2009
No Score Yet Senior Skip Day Lionel Huffer 2008
20% A Plumm Summer Binky the Clown 2008
No Score Yet Holyman Undercover Roy Senior 2008
No Score Yet Foreign Exchange Long Larry 2008
No Score Yet A Christmas Too Many Actor 2007
26% Halloween Dr. Koplenson $58.2M 2007
No Score Yet Big Bad Wolf Fulton Chaney 2006
59% How to Eat Fried Worms Uncle Ed $13.1M 2006
No Score Yet Cut Off Benny 2006
18% Church Ball Gene Jensen $0.3M 2006
70% Curious George Balloon Man $58.4M 2006
80% Cinderella Man Referee $61.7M 2005
No Score Yet River's End Mr. Powell 2005
No Score Yet A Christmas Too Many Todd 2005
No Score Yet Heart of America (Home Room) Actor 2004
No Score Yet Raising Genius Mr. Gross 2004
No Score Yet UnConventional Actor 2004
No Score Yet Beethoven's 5th Owen 2003
58% The Missing Sheriff Purdy $27M 2003
9% Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat Kate The Caterer $100.5M 2003
3% House of the Dead Salish $10.2M 2003
54% Austin Powers in Goldmember Johnson $213.1M 2002
11% Blackwoods Greg 2002
No Score Yet 100 Women (Girl Fever) Mr. Willens 2002
50% Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas Whobris $259.1M 2000
22% Little Nicky Nipples $38.6M 2000
No Score Yet Ping! Stu 2000
No Score Yet Under Oath Actor 2000
73% My Dog Skip Millard 2000
No Score Yet Child Stars: Their Story Actor 2000
No Score Yet Arthur's Quest Mr. Whitney 1999
52% Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Johnson 1999
64% EDtv Ken 1999
No Score Yet The Million Dollar Kid Harvey 1999
0% The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself Actor 1998
35% The Waterboy Paco 1998
No Score Yet The Dentist II Mr. Toothache 1998
60% Twilight EMS Worker 1998
No Score Yet Evasive Action Hector Miller 1998
No Score Yet Santa With Muscles Policeman 1997
No Score Yet The Protector (Body Armor) Hutch 1997
71% Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Radar Operator 1997
No Score Yet Humanoids from the Deep Deputy 1997
81% Unhook the Stars Gus 1996
93% That Thing You Do! KJZZ Disc Jockey 1996
28% Barb Wire Schmitz 1996
No Score Yet Mr. Ice Cream Man Actor 1996
No Score Yet Not like Us Wede 1996
No Score Yet Rattled Andy Parsons 1996
96% Apollo 13 EECOM White 1995
No Score Yet Digital Man Dawkins 1995
No Score Yet Baby Face Nelson Asst. Bank Manager 1995
50% Forget Paris Exterminator 1995
No Score Yet Dillinger and Capone Bobo 1995
No Score Yet Fist of the North Star Stalin 1995
No Score Yet Twisted Love Gardener 1995
No Score Yet Sawbones Sephus McCoy 1995
No Score Yet Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter Gary 1995
67% Ticks Jarvis Tanner 1994
No Score Yet Ice Cream Man Ice Cream Man 1994
0% Leprechaun 2 Tourist 1994
88% The Paper Ray Blaisch 1994
No Score Yet Cheyenne Warrior Otto 1994
11% Carnosaur Trucker 1993
No Score Yet Forced to Kill Drifter 1993
49% Far and Away Flynn 1992
No Score Yet Doc & Merle Actor 1992
No Score Yet Body Chemistry II: Voice of a Stranger Larabee 1991
65% The Rocketeer Monk 1991
No Score Yet Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toymaker Ricky 1991
74% Backdraft Ricco 1991
No Score Yet Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation Ricky 1990
No Score Yet Disturbed Brian 1990
30% Tango & Cash Slinky 1989
38% An Innocent Man Fellow prisoner 1989
91% Parenthood Lou 1989
No Score Yet Freeway Ronnie 1988
No Score Yet B.O.R.N. Actor 1988
No Score Yet Merchants of Death Actor 1988
60% End of the Line Les Sullivan 1987
38% The Wraith Rughead 1986
33% Gung Ho Paul 1986
79% Cocoon John Dexter 1985
No Score Yet Little White Lies Limo Driver 1984
90% Splash Wedding Guest 1984
No Score Yet Get Crazy Usher 1983
92% Night Shift Jefferey 1982
43% Evilspeak Stanley Coopersmith 1982
81% Rock 'n' Roll High School Eaglebauer 1979
No Score Yet Harper Valley P.T.A. Corley 1978
23% Grand Theft Auto Ace 1977
100% Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Roo 1977
No Score Yet Richie Peanuts 1977
No Score Yet Eat My Dust! Georgie 1976
No Score Yet Huckleberry Finn Arch 1975
No Score Yet Salty Tim Reed 1973
No Score Yet The Wild Country Andrew Tanner 1971
No Score Yet Cards, Cads, Guns, Gore and Death Actor 1969
No Score Yet Deed of Daring-Do Actor 1969
No Score Yet Gentle Giant Mark Wedloe 1967
No Score Yet An Eye for an Eye Jo-Hi 1966
No Score Yet Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree Roo 1965
No Score Yet Old Paint Actor


100% The Birthday Boys
Guest 2014
No Score Yet Hawaii Five-0
Superintendant 2013
90% Fringe
Michael Carlin 2009
82% My Name Is Earl
Rodney 2006
75% Arrested Development
Johnny Bark 2003
No Score Yet Crossing Jordan
Gil Runkis 2003
57% Star Trek: Enterprise
Muk 2002
No Score Yet The Pretender
Smitty 1999
33% Total Recall 2070
Pontifex 1999
No Score Yet From the Earth to the Moon
No Score Yet Married...With Children
Janitor 1995
90% Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Grady 1995
88% Seinfeld
Smog Strangler 1992
No Score Yet Hunter
Man in Restaurant 1990
No Score Yet Happy Days
Junior 1980
No Score Yet The Streets of San Francisco
Billy Tommy 1974
No Score Yet Marcus Welby, M.D.
Kimmy 1971
No Score Yet Night Gallery
Young Seer 1971
No Score Yet The Odd Couple
Randy 1970
80% Star Trek
Balok 1966
No Score Yet Bonanza
Michael 1965
No Score Yet The Fugitive
Billy Johnny 1965
No Score Yet The Andy Griffith Show
Leon 1964
0% Space Rangers


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Dr. Sam Loomis says: Two road blocks and an all-points wouldn't stop a 5-year old.

Dr. Kopelson says: Well, what do you want us to do?

Morgan Walker says: Yes. I mean, what do you want us to do?

Dr. Sam Loomis says: I want you to get on the phone, and I want you to tell them who broke out of here last night. And I want you tell them exactly where he's going.

Morgan Walker says: Christ, we don't know were he's going.

Dr. Sam Loomis says: It must be great living in denial. I must try it sometime. Look, you and that army of shirt-tuckers up there, you know damn well were he's going.

Paco says: Hey Walter! I bet you fifty bucks Guy Grenouille throws a touchdown pass on the first play. Check it out!

Paco says: [Guy Grenouille throws an interception] Woo hoo hoo hoo! You owe me fifty bucks!

Walter says: You said it was gonna be a touchdown pass, you crazy asshole!

Paco says: Look at Bobby tackle. I haven't seen a tackle like that since Joe Montana.

Walter says: Joe Montana was a quarterback, you idiot.

Paco says: I said Joe Mantegna.

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Herbert Trimpy says: Those plants are poisonous!