Edna Tichenor

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One of the most tantalizingly enigmatic of all silent screen actresses, dark, sexy-looking Edna Tichenor played Lunette, the Bat Girl in Tod Browning's infuriatingly missing London After Midnight (1927). By all accounts, the film may not be the lost masterpiece some would have us believe, and perhaps Tichenor's performance would prove rather less evocative than the surviving stills -- one of which depicts Tichenor suspended in midair, her fangs giving a new meaning to the word "flapper" -- may suggest. But we shall probably never know for sure as the film seems irrevocably lost despite persistent rumors to the contrary. In films for only four years, from 1923 to 1927, Tichenor played minor supporting roles in The Gold Diggers (1923) and The Merry Widow (1925) before being cast by Browning in both London After Midnight and The Show. Her footage in the latter apparently ended up on the cutting-room floor and she spent the remainder of her screen career as a stand in.



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