F. Murray Abraham

F. Murray Abraham

Highest Rated: 93% Amadeus (1984)

Lowest Rated: 4% The Bridge of San Luis Rey (2005)

Birthday: Oct 24, 1939

Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Of Italian/Syrian heritage, Pittsburgh native F. Murray Abraham attended the University of Texas, then studied acting under Uta Hagen in New York. The peripatetic Abraham made his stage debut in a Los Angeles production of Ray Bradbury's The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, and, shortly before reaching the age of 29, made his New York bow in The Fantasticks. An archetypal example of the "working actor," Abraham managed for more than ten years to make a good living at his craft without ever truly achieving fame. Appearing on television in everything from All in the Family to Kojak, he was seen on several commercials, including a now-famous spot for Fruit of the Loom underwear. His big-screen roles include 1975's The Sunshine Boys (a garage mechanic); 1976's All the President's Men (one of the arresting officers at the Watergate Hotel); 1976's The Ritz (a gay bathhouse patron); and 1978's The Big Fix (a fugitive '60s activist). Abraham's "overnight" stardom came about in 1984, when he was cast as the covetous Antonio Salieri in Amadeus, and his brilliant, bravura performance won him an Oscar. Abraham remained busy throughout the 1980s and '90s, appearing in such efforts as The Name of the Rose (1986), in which he played a 14th century monk deliberately made up to look like a "living gargoyle," and the otherwise awful Bonfire of the Vanities (1990), in an uncredited, albeit pivotal, role of a prosecuting attorney. One of the most versatile actors in the business, Abraham has nonetheless never quite escaped the long shadow cast by his unforgettable portrayal of Salieri. Indeed, in Arnold Schwarzenegger's genre spoof The Last Action Hero, Abraham was pinpointed as the mystery murderer because he looked just like "the guy that killed Mozart." Once again hamming it up in that same year's National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1, Abraham frequently alternated big-budget Hollywood fare and more low-key, performance driven dramas and comedies through the remainder of the decade. While appearances in such films as Mimic (1997) and Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) kept Abraham a familiar face to a new generation of moviegoers, roles in such small screen efforts as Dead Man's Walk (1996) and the following year's The Color of Justice allowed him a venue to display his true skills. In 1995 Abraham portrayed famed gangster Al Capone in not one but two films; Dillinger and Capone and Baby Face Nelson. Heading into the new millennium with roles in Finding Forrester and 13 Ghosts, Abraham appeared alongside an impressive cast in The Bridge of San Luis Rey. Later schlocking it up in the nature run amuck flicks Blood Monkey and Shark Swarm, the longtime actor subsequently proved he was still as versatile as ever while gravitating toward television with roles on such popular shows as Bored to Death, Louie, and The Good Wife, as well as the made-for-TV fantasy Beauty and the Beast.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Okavango: River of Dreams - Director's Cut Actor 2020
90% How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Grimmel 2019
90% Isle of Dogs Jupiter 2018
No Score Yet Black and White Stripes: The Juventus Story Narrator / English 2018
91% Every Act of Life Actor 2017
40% A Little Game Norman Wallach 2014
91% The Grand Budapest Hotel Mr. Moustafa $57M 2014
79% Goltzius And The Pelican Company The Margrave 2014
92% Inside Llewyn Davis Bud Grossman $9.7M 2013
40% Dead Man Down Gregor $10.9M 2013
No Score Yet Ti ho cercata in tutti i necrologi (The Gambler Who Wouldn't Die) Braque 2013
No Score Yet 11 settembre 1683 (The Day of the Siege: September Eleven 1683) Marco D'Aviano 2012
No Score Yet Nature: Birds of the Gods Actor 2011
No Score Yet Nature Narrator 2010
No Score Yet Nature: Wild Balkans Actor 2010
No Score Yet Nature Narrator 2010
No Score Yet Nature Narrator 2009
No Score Yet Nature Actor 2009
No Score Yet Nature Actor 2009
No Score Yet Nature: Endangered Animals Actor 2009
No Score Yet Nature Actor 2009
No Score Yet Nature Actor 2009
No Score Yet Nature Actor 2009
No Score Yet Sword of War (Barbarossa) Siniscalco Barozzi 2009
No Score Yet Carnera: The Walking Mountain Léon Sée 2008
No Score Yet BloodMonkey (Blood Monkey) Professor Hamilton 2008
No Score Yet Nature Narrator 2008
No Score Yet Nature Narrator 2008
No Score Yet A House Divided Actor 2008
No Score Yet Prince of the Alps Narrator 2008
No Score Yet Shark Swarm Bill Girdler 2008
No Score Yet Nature: What Females Want... and Males Will Do Narrator 2008
No Score Yet Nature Narrator 2008
No Score Yet The Final Inquiry Nathan 2007
No Score Yet Dogs That Changed the World Actor 2007
No Score Yet Come le formiche Actor 2007
No Score Yet Il Mercante di pietre (The Stone Merchant) Shahid 2006
No Score Yet Operation Lysistrata Actor 2006
No Score Yet The Great San Francisco Earthquake Actor 2006
4% The Bridge of San Luis Rey Viceroy of Peru 2005
No Score Yet NOVA Narrator 2005
No Score Yet Peperoni ripieni e pesci in faccia (Too Much Romance... It's Time for Stuffed Peppers) Actor 2004
No Score Yet Pompeii: The Last Day Actor 2003
No Score Yet The Fantasticks: Try to Remember Actor 2003
No Score Yet Five Moons Plaza (Piazza delle Cinque Lunes) Actor 2003
No Score Yet Ticker Actor 2002
22% Joshua Father Tardone 2002
15% Thirteen Ghosts (13 Ghosts) Cyrus Kriticos $41.7M 2001
74% Finding Forrester Professor Robert Crawford $51.4M 2000
No Score Yet The Darkling Bruno Rubin 2000
No Score Yet National Geographic Actor 2000
63% Excellent Cadavers Tommaso Buscetta 1999
No Score Yet All New Adventures of Laurel & Hardy: For Love or Mummy Prof. Covington 1999
No Score Yet Noah's Ark Lot 1999
63% Muppets From Space Noah 1999
No Score Yet Esther Mordecai 1999
54% Star Trek: Insurrection Ru'afo 1998
No Score Yet Eruption President Mendoza 1998
63% Mimic Dr. Gates 1997
80% Children of the Revolution Joseph Stalin 1997
No Score Yet Color of Justice Jim Sullivan 1997
No Score Yet Larry McMurtry's 'Dead Man's Walk' Caleb Cobb 1996
77% Mighty Aphrodite Greek Chorus Leader 1995
No Score Yet Baby Face Nelson Al Capone 1995
No Score Yet Dillinger and Capone Al Capone 1995
No Score Yet Nile: River of Gods Actor 1995
25% Surviving the Game Wolfe Sr. 1994
87% Fresh Chess Hustler (uncredited) 1994
No Score Yet Jamila Older Seit 1994
38% Nostradamus Scalinger 1993
36% Last Action Hero John Practice 1993
No Score Yet By the Sword Suba 1993
No Score Yet Journey to the Center of the Earth Professor Harlech 1993
17% National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 Harold Leacher 1993
No Score Yet Sweet Killing Zargo 1993
No Score Yet The First Circle Actor 1992
6% Mobsters Arnold Rothstein 1991
No Score Yet Money Will Scarlet 1991
No Score Yet The Secrets of Dick Smith Actor 1991
No Score Yet National Geographic Host 1991
16% The Bonfire of the Vanities Abraham Weiss 1990
No Score Yet Little Match Girl Actor 1990
No Score Yet Battle of the Three Kings, The Osrain 1990
No Score Yet Russicum Father Carafa 1989
38% An Innocent Man Virgil Caine 1989
No Score Yet Intimate Power Abdul Hamid 1989
42% Cadence Garcia 1989
No Score Yet Beyond the Stars Doctor Harry Bertram 1989
43% Slipstream Cornelius 1989
74% The Name of the Rose (Der Name der Rose) Bernardo Gui 1986
93% Amadeus Antonio Salieri 1984
No Score Yet Amadeus: Directors Cut Actor 1984
81% Scarface Omar $0.7M 1983
No Score Yet Madman Actor 1979
86% The Big Fix Eppis 1978
93% All the President's Men 1st Arresting Officer 1976
56% The Ritz Chris 1976
71% The Sunshine Boys Mechanic 1975
57% The Prisoner of Second Avenue Actor 1975
90% Serpico Detective Partner 1973
75% They Might Be Giants Usher 1971


94% Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet
No Score Yet Nature
Narrator Voice Producer 2020
89% Chimerica
Frank Sams 2019
No Score Yet Shakespeare Uncovered
Host 2018
85% Homeland
Dar Adal 2018
92% Curb Your Enthusiasm
F. Murray Abraham 2017
No Score Yet Lass es, Larry!
F. Murray Abraham 2017
No Score Yet Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2014
94% The Good Wife
Preston Burl Preston 2014
95% Elementary
The Actuary 2013
No Score Yet Blue Bloods
Leon Goodwin 2012
94% Louie
Uncle Excelsior John 2012
79% Bored to Death
Professor 2010
No Score Yet Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Dr. Nichols 2010
76% Saving Grace
Matthew 2009
No Score Yet NOVA
Voice 2005
No Score Yet American Experience
Narrator Voice 1988
No Score Yet Kojak
Gordon Willie Nero 1977
No Score Yet All in the Family
Clerk 1976
No Score Yet Elementary
The Actuary


Antonio Salieri says: I speak for all mediocrities in the world. I am their champion. I am the patron's saint. Mediocrities everywhere... I absolve you... I absolve you... I absolve you... I absolve you... I absolve you all.

Bud Grossman says: I don't see a lot of money here.

Antonio Salieri says: I will speak for you, father. I speak for all mediocrities in the world. I am their champion. I am the patron's saint.

Antonio Salieri says: That was Mozart. That! That giggling dirty-minded creature I had just seen, crawling on the floor!

Antonio Salieri says: So rose the dreadful ghost from his next and blackest opera. There, on the stage, stood the figure of a dead commander. And I knew, only I understood that the horrifying apparition was Leopold raised from the dead! Wolfgang had summoned up his own father to accuse his son before all the world!

Antonio Salieri says: He was my idol. Mozart, I can't think of a time when I didn't know his name.

Antonio Salieri says: I heard the music of true forgiveness filling the theater, conferring on all who sat there, perfect absolution. God was singing through this little man to all the world, unstoppable, making my defeat more bitter with every passing bar.

Antonio Salieri says: My plan was so simple. It terrified me. First I must get the death mass and then, I must achieve his death.

Priest says: What?

Antonio Salieri says: His funeral! Imagine it, the cathedral, all Vienna sitting there, his coffin, Mozart's little coffin in the middle, and then, in that silence, music! A divine music bursts out over them all. A great mass of death! Requiem mass for Wolfgang Mozart, composed by his devoted friend, Antonio Salieri! Oh what sublimity, what depth, what passion in the music! Salieri has been touched by God at last. And God is forced to listen! Powerless, powerless to stop it! I, for once in the end, laughing at him! [beat] The only thing that worried me was the actual killing. How does one do that? Hmmm? How does one kill a man? It's one thing to dream about it; very different when, when you, when you have to do it with your own hands.

Antonio Salieri says: I was staring through the cage of those meticulous ink strokes at an absolute beauty.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: Will you stay with me while I sleep a little?

Antonio Salieri says: I'm not leaving you.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: [Laughs] I'm so ashamed.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: [laughs] I'm so ashamed.

Antonio Salieri says: Of what?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: I was foolish, I...I thought you did not care for my work, or me. Forgive me...forgive me.

Antonio Salieri says: How... Did my work please you?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: I never knew that music like that was possible!

Antonio Salieri says: You flatter me

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: No, no! One hears such sounds, and what can one say but... "Salieri."

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says: No, no! One hears such sounds, and what can one say but... 'Salieri.'

Dr. Gates says: [on insect's inner motivation] Can I eat it or will it eat me?

Dr. Gates says: [to Susan] So... you think your little "Frankenstein" has gotten the better of you?

Dr. Gates says: [to Susan] So... you think your little 'Frankenstein' has gotten the better of you?

Dr. Gates says: Evolution has a way of keeping things alive.

Dr. Gates says: My God, the organs, they're... perfectly formed.

Antonio Salieri says: On the page it looked nothing. The beginning simple, almost comic. Just a pulse, bassoons and basset horns, like a rusty squeezebox. Then suddenly; high above it, an oboe, a single note, hanging there unwavering, till a clarinet took over and sweetened it into a phrase of such delight! This was no composition by a performing monkey! This was a music I'd never heard. Filled with such longing, such unfulfillable longing. It seemed to me that I was hearing the very voice of God.

Antonio Salieri says: I will speak for you, Father. I speak for all mediocrities in the world. I am their champion. I am their patron saint.

Antonio Salieri says: You choose for your instrument a boastful, lustful, smutty infantile boy...and give me for reward only the ability to recognize the incarnation. Because you are unjust, unfair, unkind, I will block you. I swear it. I will hinder and harm your creature as far as I am able. I will ruin your incarnation.

Antonio Salieri says: All I wanted was to sing to God. He gave me that longing... and then made me mute. Why? Tell me that. If He didn't want me to praise him with music, why implant the desire? Like a lust in my body! And then deny me the talent?

Omar says: If anything happens to that buy money...(something in spanish) "po-pay-si!!" Implying that Tony Montana's gonna get it!

Omar says: And chico, if anything happens to that buy-money, eee pobrecito, my boss is gonna stick your heads up your asses faster than a rabbit gets fucked.