Herbert Rawlinson

Highest Rated: 100% Joan of Arc (1948)
Lowest Rated: 29% Jail Bait (1954)
Birthday: Nov 15, 1885
Birthplace: Not Available
Long after British-born actor Herbert Rawlinson had passed from the scene, film fans who'd grown up in the teens and twenties retained vivid memories of his virile good looks and the solid reliability of his characterizations. A stage veteran, Rawlinson entered films in 1911 with the appropriately titled one-reeler The Novice. Within a few years, he was a major star, specializing in fast-paced detective stories and serials. Somehow it seemed logical for the sartorially splendid, every-hair-in-place Rawlinson to jump from motorcar to streetcar and back again in a chapter-play chase sequence -- yet still retain enough poise to romance the willing heroine a reel or so later. Eclipsed by younger action stars in the '20s, the still-buoyant Rawlinson found himself in minor films and -- briefly -- as a two-reel comedy star in Hal Roach's Slipping Wives (where his thunder was stolen by a pair of supporting players named Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy). Too old to recapture his public when sound came in, Rawlinson nevertheless spoke his lines with relaxed conviction, and came in handy for character roles, often playing the "above suspicion" leading citizen who turned out to be behind a city's criminal activities. In 1937, Rawlinson returned to serials in the title role of Blake of Scotland Yard, which, though hampered by a tiny budget and utter lack of background music, was well cast with several reliable silent film veterans. Herbert Rawlinson remained active in films until 1951; he died of lung cancer in 1953, shortly after (unfortunately) being coaxed out of retirement to appear in the Edward D. Wood turkey Jail Bait (1954).

Highest Rated Movies



29% Jail Bait Dr. Boris Gregor 1954
No Score Yet The Stranger Wore a Gun Man on Riverboat Stairs 1953
No Score Yet Fighting Man of the Plains Lawyer 1949
100% Joan of Arc Judge Marguerie 1948
No Score Yet Strange Gamble John Murray 1948
No Score Yet Superman Dr. Graham 1948
No Score Yet Sinister Journey Constable 1948
No Score Yet Silent Conflict Yardman 1948
No Score Yet Borrowed Trouble Actor 1948
No Score Yet Accomplice Vincent Springer 1946
No Score Yet Shake Hands With Murder John Clark 1944
No Score Yet Nabonga Stockwell 1944
No Score Yet Goin' to Town Wentworth 1944
No Score Yet Oklahoma Raiders Colonel 1944
No Score Yet Lumberjack Buck 1944
No Score Yet Sailor's Holiday Director 1944
No Score Yet The Woman of the Town Doc Sears 1944
No Score Yet Forty Thieves Buck Peters 1944
No Score Yet Riders of the Deadline Capt. Jennings 1943
No Score Yet Old Acquaintance Chairman 1943
No Score Yet Two Weeks to Live Stark 1943
No Score Yet Reveille with Beverly Announcer 1943
No Score Yet Colt Comrades Varney 1943
No Score Yet Lost Canyon Clark 1943
No Score Yet Silver Queen Judge 1942
No Score Yet Foreign Agent Stevens 1942
No Score Yet Smart Alecks Capt. Bronson 1942
No Score Yet Lady Gangster Lewis Sinton 1942
No Score Yet The Panther's Claw District Attorney 1942
No Score Yet Stagecoach Buckaroo Kincaid 1942
No Score Yet We Were Dancing Friend 1942
No Score Yet War Dogs Titus 1942
No Score Yet Riot Squad Police Chief 1941
No Score Yet I Killed That Man Warden 1941
No Score Yet Bad Man of Deadwood Judge Gary 1941
No Score Yet King of the Texas Rangers Colonel Avery 1941
No Score Yet Arizona Cyclone George Randolph 1941
No Score Yet Flying Wild Mr. Reynolds 1941
No Score Yet I Wanted Wings Mr. Young 1941
No Score Yet Seven Sinners 1st Mate 1940
No Score Yet King of the Royal Mounted Insp. King 1940
No Score Yet Swiss Family Robinson Captain 1940
No Score Yet Naughty But Nice Plaintiff's Attorney 1939
86% Dark Victory Dr. Carter 1939
No Score Yet Secret Service of the Air Schuyler 1939
No Score Yet Secrets of an Actress Harrison 1938
No Score Yet Marie Antoinette Goguelot 1938
No Score Yet Hawaii Calls Harlow 1938
No Score Yet Women Are Like That Avery Flickner 1938
No Score Yet Under the Big Top Herman 1938
No Score Yet Hard to Get Mr. Jones 1938
No Score Yet Something to Sing About Studio attorney 1937
No Score Yet Over the Goal Stanley Short 1937
No Score Yet Love Is on the Air Mr. Copelin 1937
No Score Yet That Certain Woman Dr. Hartman 1937
No Score Yet S.O.S. Coast Guard Commander Boyle 1937
No Score Yet Make a Wish Dr. Stevens 1937
No Score Yet Blake of Scotland Yard Sir James Blake 1937
No Score Yet The Go Getter Lester Brent 1937
No Score Yet Nobody's Baby Radio Executive 1937
No Score Yet Every Day's a Holiday New Year's Eve Party Guest 1937
No Score Yet Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island Jackson 1936
No Score Yet Ticket to Paradise Townsend 1936
No Score Yet Bullets or Ballots Caldwell 1936
80% Follow the Fleet Weber, Ballroom Manager 1936
No Score Yet Confidential J.W. Keaton 1935
No Score Yet Show Them No Mercy Kurt Hansen 1935
No Score Yet Convention Girl Ward Hollister 1935
No Score Yet Moonlight and Pretzels Actor 1933
No Score Yet Slipping Wives Husband 1927


No Score Yet The Adventures of Superman
  • 1952


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