Joseph Bottoms

Joseph Bottoms

Highest Rated: 75% The Crossing Guard (1995)

Lowest Rated: 40% The Black Hole (1979)

Birthday: Apr 22, 1954

Birthplace: Santa Barbara, California, USA

Following community theater experiences, Joseph Bottoms began accumulating TV-movie credits. His first theatrical-feature role was Robin Lee Graham, the seafaring protagonist of The Dove (1974). He went on to play Jewish resistance fighter Rudi Weiss in the 1978 TV miniseries Holocaust and Kirk Cranston on the NBC daytime drama Santa Barbara. The "middle" brother in the Bottoms family, actor Joseph Bottoms was born three years after Timothy Bottoms and one year before Sam Bottoms. In the company of his brother Timothy, Joseph Bottoms made his Broadway debut in 1981's The 5th of July; and with both Timothy and Sam Bottoms, Joseph co-starred in the abortive TV pilot Island Sons (1987).

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Cicada Song Kurt 2020
No Score Yet Snide & Prejudice Himmler 2001
No Score Yet Joseph's Gift Simon Keller 1999
75% The Crossing Guard Actor 1995
No Score Yet Liar's Edge Dave 1992
No Score Yet Treacherous Crossing Actor 1992
No Score Yet Inner Sanctum Baxter Reed 1991
No Score Yet Born to Race Pagura 1988
No Score Yet Gunsmoke: To the Last Man Tommy Graham 1987
No Score Yet Make Mine Chartreuse Actor 1987
No Score Yet Open House Dr. David Kelley 1986
No Score Yet Celebrity Mack Crawford 1985
No Score Yet Blind Date Jonathon Ratcliff 1984
No Score Yet The Sins of Dorian Gray Actor 1982
No Score Yet King of the Mountain Buddy 1981
No Score Yet Surfacing Joe 1981
No Score Yet The Intruder Within Scott 1981
No Score Yet Cloud Dancer Tom Loomis 1980
40% The Black Hole Lt. Charles Pizer 1979
No Score Yet Return Engagement Actor 1978
No Score Yet High Rolling in a Hot Corvette Texas 1977
No Score Yet Stalk the Wild Child Actor 1976
No Score Yet Crime and Passion Larry 1975
No Score Yet The Dove Robin Lee Graham 1974


No Score Yet Profiler
Bobby O'Hara 1999
29% The Net
Sean Trelawney 1999
No Score Yet Walker, Texas Ranger
Tom Wilson 1997
No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
Mickey Shannon 1985
No Score Yet The Jeffersons
Elliot Kane 1979


Lt. Charles Pizer says: Vincent, were you programmed to bug me?

V.I.N.CENT says: No, sir, to educate you.

Lt. Charles Pizer says: We'd be better off without you and Maximilian trying to knock heads.

V.I.N.CENT says: I can handle that thing.

Lt. Charles Pizer says: Well, far be it from you to admit there isn't anything you can't handle.

V.I.N.CENT says: There are three basic types, Mr. Pizer: the Wills, the Won'ts, and the Can'ts. The Wills accomplish everything, the Won'ts oppose everything, and the Can'ts won't try anything.

Capt. Dan Holland says: Well, do us all a favor, V.I.N.CENT, and try to be a Can't, especially where that monster is concerned. We need you, not another corkscrew.