Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis

Highest Rated: 100% Fearless Freaks (2005)

Lowest Rated: 5% Hick (2012)

Birthday: Jun 21, 1973

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

An actress with a face that, like it or not, burns itself into your memory, not to be forgotten once initially exposed, feisty young actress Juliette Lewis once commented that her ability to look alternately attractive and repellant was a key element to her success, claiming that many attractive actresses simply can't be ugly if needed. Ugly she was as a viscously sadistic serial killer in Oliver Stone's notorious Natural Born Killers, in sharp contrast with her role as the virtually seductive cyberpunk-siren in the futuristic Strange Days. Born June 21, 1973, in Los Angeles, CA, Lewis had a distinct wild streak from her earliest days. Daughter of graphic artist/actor Geoffrey Lewis, Lewis realized her dreams of becoming an actress at the age of seven, turning those dreams into reality by becoming a professional actress at the age of 12. Distressed at the obstacles refraining her from fully immersing herself in her dreams (namely school and her parents), Lewis became legally emancipated at 14, gaining exemption from child-labor laws and the ability to work more than five hours a day. The final obstacle, high school, Lewis hurdled by dropping out at the age of 15, earning her equivalency exam with the aid of a tutor. That same year, she was arrested for being underage in an underground disco.Moving to Hollywood and living for a short period with actress Karen Black while seeking work, Lewis moved into an apartment with friends, finally finding the independence she had so diligently pursued. The payoff for her persistence was not far behind, as Lewis soon landed a role in the Showtime-produced Home Fires (1987). Following up with light comedic roles in the suburban extraterrestrial comedy My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988), and taking the role of Audrey in the third installment in the vacation series National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Lewis was well on her way to fully achieving her dreams of stardom. Her dramatic turn as Amanda Sue Bradley in Too Young to Die, the true story of the first minor to receive the death penalty, earned Lewis well-deserved praise and the recognition that would carry her forward into more challenging territory.Lewis' breakthrough role came in the form of the awkward and rebellious daughter flirting with a psychotic Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear, a role that earned her an Oscar nomination. More mature roles began to follow such as Johnny Depp's love interest in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and in her first foray into the mind of a serial killer, Kalifornia (both 1993). Her most notorious role to date, as the homicidal Mallory to Woody Harrelson's psychopathic Micky in the controversial and numbingly hyperkinetic ode to excess Natural Born Killers, displayed her remarkably enthusiastic ability for boundless exorbitance. With a few exceptions, namely 1999's The Other Sister, Lewis' post-Natural Born Killers career was filled with supporting roles and ensemble parts. She was the pregnant kidnapping victim in the noirish The Way of the Gun and played Jennifer Lopez's best friend in the domestic-violence thriller Enough. In 2003, Lewis played Luke Wilson's excessively unfaithful wife in Old School. Director Todd Phillips enjoyed working with her so much he cast her in 2004's high-profile comedic retooling of TV's Starsky and Hutch.She kept working steadily in a variety of projects including The Darwin Awards, Catch and Release, Drew Barrymore's rollerderby comedy Whip It, and she teamed up again with Todd Philips for his 2010 comedy Due Date. She appeared in the ensemble drama August: Osage County, an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, in 2013. Lewis then joined two television series at the same time, playing a detective in Secrets and Lies and a bartender in Wayward Pines, from executive producer M. Night Shyamalan. Both shows premiered in the spring of 2015.


Highest Rated Movies



27% A Million Little Pieces Actor 2019
55% Ma Erica 2019
No Score Yet Anthem of a Teenage Prophet Actor 2019
55% Back Roads Actor 2018
67% Nerve Nancy $38.6M 2016
No Score Yet The Second Sound Barrier Actor 2016
94% Janis: Little Girl Blue Actor $0.5M 2015
22% Jem and the Holograms Erica Raymond 2015
71% Kelly & Cal Kelly 2014
59% Hellion Aunt Pam $46.6K 2014
66% August: Osage County Karen Weston $29.3M 2013
50% Foreverland Aunt Vicky 2013
5% Hick Tammy McMullen 2012
No Score Yet Open Road Jill 2012
No Score Yet Derby Baby: A Story of Love, Addiction and Rink Rash Actor 2012
33% Sympathy for Delicious Ariel $13.6K 2011
40% Due Date Heidi $100.5M 2010
67% Conviction Roseanna Perry $6.8M 2010
52% The Switch Debbie $27.5M 2010
50% Metropia Nina 2010
84% Whip It "Iron Maven" $13.1M 2009
No Score Yet The Heart Is a Drum Machine Actor 2009
22% Catch and Release Maureen $15.3M 2007
68% Aurora Borealis Kate 2006
25% The Darwin Awards Actor 2006
No Score Yet Grilled Suzanne 2006
7% Daltry Calhoun Flora 2005
100% Fearless Freaks Actor 2005
62% Starsky & Hutch Kitty $87.2M 2004
22% Renegade Maria 2004
No Score Yet Chasing Freedom Libby Brock 2004
12% Cold Creek Manor Ruby 2003
60% Old School Heidi $74.7M 2003
No Score Yet My Louisiana Sky Dorie Kay 2002
No Score Yet Armitage - Dual Matrix Actor 2002
73% Hysterical Blindness Beth 2002
29% Gaudi Afternoon April Schauer 2001
No Score Yet Picture Claire Claire Beaucage 2001
No Score Yet Room to Rent (Una cama a cualquier precio) Linda 2000
45% The Way of the Gun Robin $5.3M 2000
29% The Other Sister Carla 1999
No Score Yet The 4th Floor Jane Emelin 1999
No Score Yet Some Girl April 1998
88% Full Tilt Boogie Actor 1997
22% The Evening Star Melanie Horton 1996
63% From Dusk Till Dawn Kate Fuller 1996
62% Strange Days Faith Justin 1995
45% The Basketball Diaries Diane Moody 1995
10% Mixed Nuts Gracie 1994
46% Natural Born Killers Mallory 1994
90% What's Eating Gilbert Grape Becky 1993
59% Kalifornia Adele Corners 1993
67% That Night Sheryl O'Conner 1993
24% Romeo Is Bleeding Sheri 1993
93% Husbands and Wives Rain 1992
74% Cape Fear Danielle Bowden 1991
No Score Yet Crooked Hearts Cassie Warren 1991
No Score Yet Too Young to Die Amanda Sue Bradley 1990
67% National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Audrey Griswold 1989
No Score Yet Meet the Hollowheads Cindy Hollowhead 1989
No Score Yet The Runnin' Kind Actor 1989
19% My Stepmother Is an Alien Lexie 1988


73% I Know This Much Is True
Nedra Frank 2020
No Score Yet Sacred Lies
Harper 2020
100% At Home With Amy Sedaris
Guest 2020
27% Camping
Jandice 2018
89% The Conners
Blue 2018
No Score Yet The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2018
No Score Yet Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
Guest 2018
No Score Yet Late Night With Seth Meyers
Guest 2016
35% Secrets and Lies
Det. Andrea Cornell 2016
No Score Yet The Late Late Show With James Corden
Guest 2016
60% Wayward Pines
Beverly 2016
No Score Yet Jimmy Kimmel Live
Guest 2015
No Score Yet The Chew
Guest 2015
83% RuPaul's Drag Race
Judge 2013
No Score Yet Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2013
39% The Firm
Tammy 2012
No Score Yet Lopez Tonight
Guest 2010
38% Memphis Beat
Cleo Groves 2010
No Score Yet Chelsea Lately
Guest 2009
No Score Yet The Graham Norton Show
Guest 2009
No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Guest 2009
82% My Name Is Earl
Jessie 2006
No Score Yet Free for All
Voice 2003
No Score Yet Dharma & Greg
September 2001
No Score Yet The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Guest 2000
20% A Family for Joe
Holly Bankston 1990
No Score Yet The Wonder Years
Delores 1990
No Score Yet The Facts of Life
Terry 1988


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Mickey Knox says: Your camera.

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Kate Fuller says: Richie, would you me a favor and eat my pussy for me? Please?

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Richard Gecko says: Uhhh, sure...

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Becky says: It's a praying mantis. Do you know how they mate? The male will sneak up on the female and she'll bite off his head and the rest of his body will keep on mating and when they're done. She'll eat him. She'll eat the rest of him.

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