Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland

Highest Rated: 91% Stand by Me (1986)

Lowest Rated: 3% Twelve (2010)

Birthday: Dec 21, 1966

Birthplace: London, England, UK

The son of a film legend who seemed poised for stardom as a teen heartthrob thanks to breakout roles in "Stand By Me" (1986) and "The Lost Boys" (1987), actor Kiefer Sutherland suffered through a period of stagnation in the 1990s. Prior to his career's hibernation, Sutherland was a leading man and peripheral member of the so-called Brat Pack that included Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald. At his peak, he starred in such high-profile fare as "Young Guns" (1988) and "Flatliners" (1990), but a much-publicized breakup with then-fiancée Julia Roberts mere days before their pending nuptials put a serious dent in his celebrity. After that unfortunate time, Sutherland found himself relegated to barely-seen indie films and bottom shelf studio flicks. But after years off the public radar, an adult Sutherland reemerged in heroic fashion as Jack Bauer, an agent in the U.S. Counter Terrorist Unit who goes through hell to avert all manner of national crises, on the successful TV thriller "24" (Fox, 2001-2010). Not only was Sutherland's career resurrected, he vaulted past any heights previously achieved to become a multi-Emmy and Golden Globe winner. With his career back in full swing, Sutherland was able to carry other shows like "Touch" (Fox, 2012-13) and "Designated Survivor" (ABC 2016- ) while solidifying his hard-earned status as television's top star.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet No Score Yet Free to Rock Narrator - 2017
4% 32% Flatliners Dr. Barry Wolfson (Character) $16.9M 2017
81% 51% Where Is Kyra? Doug (Character) $7K 2017
42% 87% Forsaken John Henry Clayton (Character) - 2015
27% 34% Pompeii Corvus (Character) $23.2M 2014
No Score Yet 73% Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces Sam Stanley (Character) - 2014
57% 61% The Reluctant Fundamentalist Jim Cross (Character) $519.5K 2012
79% 67% Melancholia John (Character) $3M 2011
3% 32% Twelve Narrator $181.6K 2010
No Score Yet 88% Love Shines Unknown (Character) - 2010
9% 42% Marmaduke Bosco (Voice) $33.6M 2010
73% 59% Monsters vs. Aliens General W.R. Monger (Voice) $198.3M 2009
No Score Yet 57% B.O.B.'s Big Break General W.R. Monger (Voice) - 2009
No Score Yet 24% Night of the Living Carrots General W.R. Monger (Voice) - 2009
80% 67% 24: Redemption Jack Bauer (Character) - 2008
15% 44% Mirrors Ben Carson (Character),
Executive Producer
$30.7M 2008
No Score Yet 20% Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight Raistlin Majere (Voice) - 2008
73% 73% An Unlikely Weapon Narrator - 2008
19% 36% The Wild Samson (Voice) - 2006
35% 40% The Sentinel David Breckinridge (Character) $36.3M 2006
40% 47% River Queen Doyle (Character) - 2005
22% 55% Taking Lives Hart (Character) $32.7M 2004
22% 32% Jiminy Glick in Lalawood Himself (Character) $25.7K 2004
61% 88% NASCAR Narrator $20M 2004
No Score Yet 76% Behind the Red Door Roy (Character) - 2003
No Score Yet 58% The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration Bron (Voice) - 2003
72% 64% Phone Booth The Caller (Character) $46.6M 2002
No Score Yet 33% Paradise Found Paul Gaugin (Character) - 2002
No Score Yet 29% Dead Heat Pally (Character) - 2002
62% 85% To End All Wars Lt. Jim "Yankee" Reardon (Character) - 2001
No Score Yet 91% Ring of Fire Hank Braxton (Character) - 2000
57% 37% Beat William S. Burroughs (Character) - 2000
No Score Yet 31% Picking Up the Pieces Officer Bobo (Character) - 2000
29% 54% Desert Saints Arthur Banks (Character) - 2000
No Score Yet 34% The Right Temptation Michael Farrow-Smith (Character) - 2000
No Score Yet 39% After Alice Mickey Hayden (Character) - 1999
No Score Yet 40% Woman Wanted Wendell Goddard (Character),
- 1999
76% 85% Dark City Dr. Daniel Schreber (Character) $14.3M 1998
No Score Yet 90% A Soldier's Sweetheart Rat Kiley (Character) - 1998
40% 35% Ground Control Jack Harris (Character) - 1998
No Score Yet 26% Break Up John Box (Character) - 1998
No Score Yet 74% Armitage III: Poly Matrix Unknown (Voice) - 1997
38% 46% Truth or Consequences, N.M. Curtis Freley (Character),
$54.2K 1997
No Score Yet 46% The Last Days of Frankie the Fly Joey (Character) - 1997
8% 55% Eye for an Eye Robert Doob (Character) $25.7M 1996
67% 85% A Time to Kill Freddie Lee Cobb (Character) $108.7M 1996
76% 76% Freeway Bob Wolverton (Character) $283.8K 1996
21% 59% The Cowboy Way Sonny Gilstrap (Character) $19.6M 1994
No Score Yet 40% Teresa's Tattoo Roadblock Officer (Character) - 1994
No Score Yet 67% Last Light Denver Bayliss (Character),
- 1993
28% 62% The Three Musketeers Athos (Character) $53.7M 1993
49% 46% The Vanishing Jeff Harriman (Character) $13.4M 1993
64% 78% Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Sam Stanley (Character) $4.2M 1992
43% 54% Article 99 Dr. Peter Morgan (Character) $6.2M 1992
83% 89% A Few Good Men Lt. Jonathan Kendrick (Character) $141.3M 1992
48% 59% Flatliners Nelson (Character) $58.7M 1990
No Score Yet 38% Chicago Joe and the Showgirl Karl Hulten (Character) $87.1K 1990
35% 66% Young Guns II Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock (Character) $40.4M 1990
43% 60% Flashback John Buckner (Character) $6M 1990
14% 71% The Nutcracker Prince Nutcracker Prince (Voice) $1.4M 1990
20% 28% Renegades Buster McHenry (Character) $7.9M 1989
No Score Yet No Score Yet Amazing Stories: The Movie Static (Character) - 1989
55% 45% 1969 Scott (Character) $5.9M 1988
41% 76% Young Guns Josiah Gordon 'Doc' Scurlock (Character) $43.4M 1988
60% 38% Bright Lights, Big City Tad Allagash (Character) $15.7M 1988
No Score Yet 35% The Killing Time The Stranger (Character) $17.9K 1987
76% 85% The Lost Boys David (Character) $31.7M 1987
73% 44% Promised Land Danny `'Senator'` Rivers (Character) $66K 1987
91% 94% Stand by Me Ace Merrill (Character) $46.7M 1986
No Score Yet 38% Brotherhood of Justice Victor (Character) - 1986
No Score Yet 58% Trapped in Silence Kevin Richter (Character) - 1986
No Score Yet 61% Crazy Moon Brooks (Character) - 1986
87% 79% At Close Range Tim (Character) $560.7K 1986
No Score Yet 79% The Bay Boy Donald Campbell (Character) - 1984
71% 69% Max Dugan Returns Bill (Character) - 1983


22% 50% The Fugitive Detective Clay Bryce (Character) 2020
No Score Yet No Score Yet etalk Guest 2020
No Score Yet No Score Yet Entertainment Tonight Guest 2020
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dish Nation Guest 2020
No Score Yet No Score Yet Today 3rd Hour Guest 2020
No Score Yet No Score Yet Live with Kelly and Ryan Guest 2017-2020
71% 53% Designated Survivor Tom Kirkman (Character),
Executive Producer
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Talk Music Performer 2019 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Jonathan Ross Show Guest 2019
No Score Yet 38% The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Guest 2018
69% 93% The Grand Tour Unknown (Guest Star) 2018
No Score Yet No Score Yet The View Guest 2016-2017
No Score Yet 26% Late Night With Seth Meyers Guest 2016-2017 2014
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Kate Music Performer 2017
61% 55% 24: Legacy Executive Producer 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet Keeping Canada Safe Narrator 2017
No Score Yet 58% The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Guest 2017 2014
No Score Yet No Score Yet 20/20 Guest 2016
No Score Yet No Score Yet LIVE with Kelly Guest 2016
No Score Yet No Score Yet Jimmy Kimmel Live! Music Performer,
2016 2012 2009
No Score Yet No Score Yet Tavis Smiley Guest 2016
No Score Yet No Score Yet Entertainment Studios.TV Guest 2016
No Score Yet No Score Yet Rachael Ray Guest 2016 2014 2012
No Score Yet No Score Yet Live! With Kelly and Michael Guest 2016 2014
No Score Yet No Score Yet Keeping Canada Alive Narrator 2015
No Score Yet 67% Top Gear Guest 2015
No Score Yet No Score Yet Playhouse Presents Unknown (Character) 2014
87% 84% 24 Jack Bauer (Character),
Executive Producer
2014 2009-2010 2001-2007
No Score Yet No Score Yet Saturday Night Live Unknown (Guest Star),
2014 1991
No Score Yet 75% Late Show With David Letterman Guest 2014
No Score Yet No Score Yet Today Guest 2014
68% 65% Touch Martin Bohm (Character),
Executive Producer
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show Guest 2012-2013
85% 77% The Simpsons Jack Bauer (Guest Voice) 2011 2006-2007
No Score Yet 62% Family Guy Jack Bauer (Guest Voice) 2009 2006
68% No Score Yet American Idols Guest 2008
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Guest 2002
No Score Yet No Score Yet Amazing Stories Unknown (Character) 1985


John Henry Clayton says: I did not choose it!

John Henry Clayton says: If I was lookin' for trouble you'd already know it.

John Henry Clayton says: The thought of coming back to you was the only thing that got me through that god damn war.

Ben Carson says: Don't make me threaten you!

Charlie Hogan says: I still don't think we should go.

Ace Merrill says: Okay, okay. You've stated your position clearly. Now I'm gonna state mine: get in the fucking car, now!

John says: Those bitches have locked themselves in their bedrooms and are now taking baths. Is everyone in your family stark raving mad?

Dr. Peter Morgan says: Why doctors have to steal medical supplies from their own damn hospital so that they can keep their patients alive. I think the TV networks really should take a look at this.

General W.R. Monger says: Wait! Don't press that button!

The President says: Why?

General W.R. Monger says: It will send out all of are nucular weapons!

The President says: Then what button gives me a latte.

General W.R. Monger says: That would be the one on the left.

The President says: What idiot designed this!

General W.R. Monger says: You did sir.

The President says: Okay, than go fire some one!

Ace Merrill says: What are you gonna do? Shoot us all?

Gordie Lachance says: No, Ace. Just you.

Gordie Lachance says: My brother gave me that

Gordie Lachance says: My brother gave me that.

Ace Merrill says: Now your giving it to me

Ace Merrill says: Now your giving it to me.

Gordie Lachance says: Come on man, It's Mine!

Ace Merrill says: Let's play ball!

Michael says: ''I can't beat your bike.''

Michael says: I can't beat your bike.

Michael Emerson says: I can't beat your bike.

David says: ''You don't need to beat me. You just need to keep up.''

David says: You don't need to beat me. You just need to keep up.

David says: You don't have to beat me, Michael. You've just gotta try and keep up.

Ace Merrill says: Suck my fat one.

Ace Merrill says: Wheaaaatooooooooooooooonnnn!!!!!

Ace Merrill says: Wheaaaatoooooooooonnnn!

Ace Merrill says: We're gonna get you for this.

Chris Chambers says: Maybe you will, maybe you won't.

Ace Merrill says: Oh, we will.

Ace Merrill says: What are you gonna do? Shoot us all?

Gordie Lachance says: No, Ace. Just you.

The Caller says: Isn't it funny? You hear a phone ring and it could be anybody. But ringing phone has to be answered, doesn't it?

Ace Merrill says: What, are you going to shoot all of us?

Gordie Lachance says: No Ace, just you.

Prince says: Your fight is with me, you miserable mouse! Not a defenseless old soldier!

Ace Merrill says: Would you both just shut the fuck up. If either one of you had $2,000 I'd kill ya both.

David says: Now you know what we are, now you know what you are. You'll never grow old, Michael, and you'll never die. But you must feed!

Narrator says: So you're born in the capital of the world and you can never escape. And that's how it is because that's how everyone wants it to be. It is all about want. No one needs anything here. It is about when you wake up in the morning and the snow is already coming down and it's bright between the buildings where the sun falls but already dark where the shadows are. And it's all about the want. What do you want? Because if you don't want something you've got nothing. You are adrift. You're washed away and then buried under the snow in shadow. And when in the spring the snow melts, no one will remember where you were frozen and buried. And you will no longer be anywhere.

Dr. Daniel Schreber says: Remember John, never talk to strangers!

Narrator says: You will not be remembered if you die now. You'll be buried and mourned by a few and what more can you ask for? The world will spiral from underneath you and you are either too smart or too dumb to find God. Maybe you are angry. Only because the way out is through love. And you are just horny and lonely.