Mike Newell

Mike Newell

Highest Rated: 96% Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

Lowest Rated: 0% The Awakening (1980)

Birthday: Mar 28, 1942

Birthplace: Not Available

A film director of sure hand and considerable range, Mike Newell credits his ability to juggle numerous genres and subject matters to his diverse assignments and early experiences in British television. Generally shunned as a redheaded stepson to film, Newell considers television a key component in the scheme of the entertainment industry, claiming that his work at Granada Television fueled his versatility by allowing him the room for experimentation that the non-existent British film industry of the late '60s and early '70s couldn't provide. Born in England in March of 1942, Newell studied at Cambridge, later moving on to work at Granada Television as a trainee in 1963, where he worked in various aspects of production for several years before making his TV directorial debut. Spawning such contemporaries as Ken Loach, Stephen Frears, and Michael Apted, television work provided the creative outlet that many young filmmakers of the time so desperately needed. Newell's U.K. television feature debut, The Man in the Iron Mask (1977) served as his springboard to international success, finding theatrical release in the U.S. Continuing with work in television in the following years, Newell began to concentrate on his attempts to move into feature territory in the late '70s. Newell's first theatrical feature The Awakening (1980), a U.S./U.K. co-produced adaptation of Bram Stoker's Jewel of the Seven Stars, earned mixed reviews, though it began to cement Newell's reputation as a talented and versatile director with a gift for getting the best performances possible from his actors. Following Awakening with Bad Blood (1982), a disturbing study in small town alienation set in New Zealand, Newell continued to refine his gift for darkly enchanting, personalized films on a feature level. Working through the remainder of the decade in multiple genres, including crime (Dance With a Stranger, [1985]), drama (Soursweet, [1989]), and the activist sports drama Amazing Grace and Chuck (1987), Newell proved time and again that his sure directorial hand and sharp eye for storytelling transcended genre restrictions in favor of deeply rooted character studies. Though he had over 54 credits to his name upon entering the final decade of the millennium, the 1990s proved to be the decade in which Newell began to gain the international recognition that he so richly deserved. Making his '90s theatrical debut with the charmingly romantic Enchanted April (1992), Newell continued with a critically praised melancholy family fable in 1993, Into the West, before making his breakthrough with the influential romantic comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). Offered directorial hand on a slew of similarly themed romantic comedies in the wake of the success of Four Weddings (including Notting Hill, [1999]), and taking advantage of one such offer with the less successful Hugh Grant comedy An Awfully Big Adventure, Newell proved his versatility and struck gold again in 1997, with Donnie Brasco. In 1999, Newell spun a tale of dysfunctional air-traffic controllers with Pushing Tin, "a movie about people crashes, not plane crashes."

Highest Rated Movies



81% The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Director 2018
No Score Yet The Enchanted Kingdom Producer 2015
68% Great Expectations Director Executive Producer $0.3M 2013
37% Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Director Screenwriter $90.8M 2010
25% Love in the Time of Cholera Director $4.6M 2007
88% Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Director $290M 2005
34% Mona Lisa Smile Director $63.7M 2003
79% I Capture the Castle Executive Producer $1M 2003
93% Traffic Executive Producer $123.9M 2000
91% High Fidelity Executive Producer 2000
43% Best Laid Plans Executive Producer 1999
48% Pushing Tin Director 1999
29% 200 Cigarettes Executive Producer 1999
No Score Yet The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: The Perils of Cupid Director 1999
82% Photographing Fairies Executive Producer 1998
88% Donnie Brasco Director 1997
36% An Awfully Big Adventure Director 1995
96% Four Weddings and a Funeral Director Screenwriter 1994
77% Into the West Director 1993
84% Enchanted April Director 1992
38% Amazing Grace and Chuck Director 1987
No Score Yet The Good Father Director 1986
91% Dance with a Stranger Director 1985
No Score Yet Bad Blood Director 1982
0% The Awakening Director 1980
No Score Yet The Man in the Iron Mask Director 1977


67% Huff
Executive Producer


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