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What Have You Done to Solange?

Even if it were loosely adapted from a Wallace mystery, the seemy sexual elements of the film's plot would have to have been invented by the scrrenwriters.

Maitland McDonagh, TV Guide

Patriots Day

Too many compromises undermine the latest Peter Berg/Mark Wahlberg collaboration.

Kirk Honeycutt,

The Club (El Club)

Even if the overall impact is muddled, the provocative timeliness of this cynical drama provides an emotional gut-punch.

Todd Jorgenson,


Long Way North (Tout en haut du monde)

[Blu-ray Review] Shout! Factory's Blu-ray is superb on all fronts, from the top-shelf A/V presentation to over an hour's worth of informative, quality special features. Highly recommended.

Dustin Putman,

His Girl Friday

This is a gorgeous, well-contextualized restoration of one of the greatest and most mercenary of all American comedies.

Chuck Bowen, Slant Magazine

Black Christmas

Bob Clark's holiday-themed shocker Black Christmas gets a striking 2K upgrade and a thick-stacked slate of extras from Shout! Factory.

Budd Wilkins, Slant Magazine

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is Certified Fresh!

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79% Patriots Day 128