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Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon

"Reverential retrospective revisiting the rise and fall of an irreverent humor franchise."

Kam Williams ,Baret News

Ballet 422

"Revealing documentary offering a backstage peek at the intense training, practice and choreography of the New York City Ballet. "

Kam Williams ,Baret News

The Wrecking Crew

"Encyclopedic rocktrospective chronicling the contributions of a group of unheralded studio musicians who anonymously created the soundtrack of an entire generation. "

Kam Williams ,Baret News


"Chilling docudrama revisiting Yale Professor Stanley Milgram's surprising experiment in human behavior finding a sadistic streak in subjects directed by an authority figure to torture by delivering electric shocks. "

Kam Williams ,Baret News

The Wolfpack

"Disturbing documentary chronicling the abusive childhood of seven siblings imprisoned 24/7 in a modest Manhattan apartment by their monster father with the help of their weak mother. "

Kam Williams ,Baret News



David Cornelius

David Cornelius

David Cornelius is a writer, critic, and member on the Online Film Critics Society, currently writing for eFilmCritic, Hollywood Bitchslap, and DVD Talk. He lives in Cincinnati wit...More

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The Walk
The Walk

The Walk attempts a tricky balancing act between thrilling visuals and fact-based drama -- and like its wire-walking protagonist, pulls it off with impressive élan.

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64% Spectre 277
93% The Martian 268
75% Black Mass 224
91% Bridge of Spies 220
71% The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 212

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