Feb 11, 2020
As the sets seem to grow bigger and bigger, so progressively the players dwindle.
Feb 5, 2020
Worth a look.... for a single performance: Rex Harrison as Caesar.
Oct 7, 2019
Rex Harrison is the undisputed hit of the show as a subtle and sardonic Julius Caesar...
Aug 13, 2019
The spectacular scenes were confused and oddly minuscule... Still and all, there was Elizabeth Taylor. At first I was disappointed, a large statement considering my expectations. Then I realized what she was up to and didn't regret my $1.25.
Aug 16, 2017
To watch this film is to see the Hollywood story itself.
Mar 30, 2016
It may not be as compelling and tightly edited as Ben-Hur, but Cleopatra is still a Hollywood epic that tells a grand story in a grand way. Save it for a night when the family feels like a four-hour spectacle.
Mar 11, 2016
...a tale of two men being manipulated, and possibly loved, by a powerful and conflicted woman.
Nov 25, 2014
Four-hour visual stunner requires patience, maturity.
Oct 6, 2014
Taylor inhabits the role with a focussed but uninhibited imperiousness, as when she turns Cleopatra's entrance into Rome, aboard a giant rolling sphinx, into the ultimate red-carpet photo op.
Aug 2, 2014
The film has a spectacular variety of liabilities (and, to be fair, strengths as well), but the most visible and crushing is that's an utter dud as a star vehicle.
Feb 15, 2014
A lumbering monstrosity of a movie with all manner of preposterous hairstyles and improbable fashions. Worth seeing -- once anyway -- at least as wayward legend.
Aug 19, 2013
Though it owes as much to Shakespeare's interpretation and to Roman propaganda as to the historical record, this interpretation of the great queen's life succeeds in conveying something of the intelligence and force of personality her opponents feared.
Jul 12, 2013
The film at least manages to make some sense of an extraordinary moment in history, as Rome expanded from republic to empire.
Jul 11, 2013
A stately but sometimes mindboggling spectacle.
Jul 11, 2013
Melodramatic, and camp as Christmas, but nothing like the disaster its reputation suggests.
Jul 9, 2013
It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, for good and ill.
Mar 23, 2011
Sad to say, however, the deep-revolving, witty Mankiewicz fails most where most he hoped to succeed. As drama and as cinema, Cleopatra is raddled with flaws. It lacks style both in image and in action.
Mar 19, 2009
Much maligned, this Cleopatra might be the most expensive movie made, but not the worst, just an overly verbose affair, effective as star vehicle for Elizabeth Taylor, who commands regally, and Burton, who delivers his lines with authority and pathos.
May 5, 2008
For four hours this moody, glossy pantomime leadenly plods on, saying much more about the hubris and excess of old-time Hollywood thinking than the burnished glories of an ancient world.
May 5, 2008
A giant of a movie that is sometimes lumbering, but ever watchable thanks to its uninhibited ambition, size and glamour.