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This red-baiting action film stars Chuck Norris as Matt Hunter, a retired CIA agent who lives in the Florida Everglades. A communist invasion of Miami brings Hunter out of retirement to fight the encroaching hordes led by everyone's favorite low-budget bad guy, Richard Lynch. The film is extremely jingoistic, presenting the evil communists staging an invasion on Christmas, demolishing a church, and attempting to blow up a school bus full of children. From the same school of thinking which produced Rambo and Red Dawn, this film at least features some convincing gore by makeup wizard Tom Savini (Friday the 13th), working on his third gig for director Joseph Zito. Zito and Savini returned with Red Scorpion.


Chuck Norris
as Matt Hunter
Richard Lynch
as Mikhail Rostov
Dehl Berti
as John Eagle
Roberto Rodríguez
as Counter Man
Michael T. Kelly
as Male Tourist
Alex Malenky
as Church Terrorist
Eddie Jones
as Cassidy
Jon De Vries
as Johnston
Nate Esformes
as Terrorist with Tomas
Tony Bolano
as Terrorist with Tomas
Nick Ramus
as Clark Little Hawk
Bernie McInerney
as Detective Tom Green
Sheryl Brown
as Girl on Car
Dan Albright
as Gentleman Shopper
Megan Blake
as Girl Friend
Jason Ehrlich
as Mall Brat
Charles Kahlenberg
as Security Guard at Mall
Randy Parks
as Policeman
Katherine Ann Payne
as Katherine Martin
Peter Bannon
as Newcaster
Bella Shaw
as Newcaster
Tom Mintier
as Newcaster
Don Miller
as Newcaster
Bob Varsha
as Newcaster
Monica Kaufman
as Newcaster
Gene Griessman
as Newcaster
Art Eckman
as Newcaster
Jack Bell
as Newcaster
Beth Burns
as Girl in Car
Bernard Barrow
as Supermarket Manager
Bruce Evers
as Terrorist as Guardsman
Lisa Stahl
as Teen Girl on Beach
Rene Rokk
as Teen Boy on Beach
Joe Frasca
as Young Cop
Dan Fitzgerald
as Veteran Cop
Robin Kinsey
as Waitress at Beach
Ruben Rabasa
as Sick Old Man
Raymond Rosario
as Young Boy
Howard Jackson
as Street Person
Jim Towers
as Captain
Kevin Maggiore
as Security Guard
Chondra Wolle
as Christmas Mom
Jana Camp
as Christmas Daughter
Tommy Nowell
as Christmas Son
Bob Hannah
as Father at Church
Laura Whyte
as Mother at Church
Susan Sullivan
as Daughter at Church
Dick Tirschel
as Church Terrorist
Gerry Murphy
as Bouncer
Maria Doest
as Mickey's Coke Girl
Tarek Yordi
as Arab Commando
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  • Nov 26, 2012
    Very entertaining and fun low-budget action B movie that is meant to be pure mindless popcorn amusement from start to finish. Before watching this one, you should realize that this film was not meant to be taken seriously whatsoever. With a film starring Chuck Norris, how could it be? As far as entertainment value is concerned, Joseph Zito's Invasion U.S.A. is a must see for B movie action fan. The action is over the top, and the acting is mediocre, but there's enough thrills in this one to keep you entertained and engaged with what's going on on-screen. I really enjoyed the film, but I agree it won't get any honors for original ideas in terms of great story, which is absent and great acting, which never does stand out. Norris does standout, due in part to his intentionally funny one liners and questionable acting. He's fun to watch on-screen nonetheless. If low-budget action flicks are your thing, then give this one a shot. Invasion U.S.A. is flawed mindless entertainment at its finest, just don't expect anything great and you'll probably enjoy it. Director Joseph Zito is an effective director for low-budget pictures, and he's perfect for this material presented here. This is a film that is meant to be enjoyed with friends over a couple beers on a Friday night when you have nothing else better to do. Invasion U.S.A. is a film that tends to rely more on the action than anything else, and it does that very well. Minimal plot, a big body count, Chuck Norris kicking ass, if that's your thing, then definitely give this one a shot. The only reason that this film doesn't get a full score is because Chuck Norris reloads his weapons, I thought the guy never ran out of bullets!
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Feb 01, 2011
    A big slice of chuck norris cheese, its 2011 and now im getting around to seeing this. a typical dated now, 80s action, which sees a the u.s invaded, and its up to chuck to stop the group who are killing every american they can get hold off, its pretty decent in that 80s action way, and although chuck norris has about as much presence as a pancake, the films plot helps things along greatly, lots of mindless action and hoping for a matt damon remake soon
    scott g Super Reviewer
  • Jul 11, 2009
    <i>"Nikko was easy. Now it's your turn. One night you'll close your eyes, and when they open I'll be there. It'll be time to die."</i> <p> Chuck Norris, it would seem, is America's leading brand of all-purpose pest control. Whether it be Russians, mobsters, thieves, ninjas or Satan himself, the bearded superhero possesses the ability to save America from every threat that rears its unpleasant head. 1985's <i>Invasion U.S.A.</i> is a prime example of what the Chuckster can achieve when left to his own devices. Utilising an impressive array of weaponry to dispense his own patented style of vigilante justice, the lethal hero works to protect America from hundreds of heavily-armed Russian soldiers who have unexpectedly stormed the country's sandy shores. <p> Following the plot (if you will) of <i>Invasion U.S.A.</i> shouldn't be difficult whatsoever. It's as basic, generic and pedestrian as they come, allowing even the terminally stupid to enjoy the proceedings without ever being required to overexert their limited intelligence.<br> Basically, an army of Russian terrorists led by Soviet agent Mikhail Rostov (Lynch) invade America. Meanwhile, Mr. Norris stars as ex-federal agent/karate expert/alligator wrangler Matt Hunter who's asked to take down Rostov and company by the agency he formerly worked for (leading to a "<i>We really need you this time</i>" scene). Initially he declines, but (as you'd expect from a mid-80s action flick) the bad guy makes the common mistake of taking a bazooka to Hunter's home and killing his friend. Thus, the stage is set for one man against hundreds...and this is fine, because it's 1985 - it's the time of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and the one-man army genre. <p> What ensues is a full-scale (in Miami at least) attack on American civilians as Rostov's troops take to the streets with weapons aplenty (their preferred choice of human destruction being the trusty rocket launcher). The National Guard eventually shows up to control to the civil unrest and defend the streets (though not effectively). The backdrop of <i>Invasion U.S.A.</i> is the grand standoff between the USA and the USSR, but the story more or less only amounts to a local mano-a-mano grudge-match between Hunter and Rostov. The thought-process behind Rostov's decision to seek vengeance upon Hunter is murky, but it has something to do with Rostov being unable to get a good night's sleep. <p> Did I mention Hunter is psychic? I should have, 'cause he is. Whenever the terrorists are about to strike, Hunter shows up to spoil their efforts and kick ass. The script (co-written by Chuck himself) provides an ample amount of these situations, with the simplicity of the plot, characters, and production values reflected in Hunter's terse catchphrase "<i>It's time to die</i>." For sure, <i>Invasion U.S.A.</i> is astonishingly bare-bones, but it's entertaining to watch while the film alternates between scenes of terrorist nastiness and of Hunter doing cool, manly things. Norris occasionally speaks ("<i>If you come back in here, I'm gonna hit you with so many rights, you're gonna beg for a left</i>"), but the film's key focus is on the action set-pieces. Shit continually explodes and the body count continues to rise, reaffirming that Chuck Norris - and, by extension, America - is not to be fucked with. <p> The consistent tactic of <i>Invasion U.S.A.</i> is to build sympathy for helpless stock characters (like two lovers on the beach or a family erecting their Christmas tree on an idyllic suburban block) before they're mercilessly slaughtered by the terrorists. Therefore when the Chuckster kills the terrorists responsible for this massacre, we cheer and applaud. <p> By the time he starred in <i>Invasion U.S.A.</i>, Chuck Norris had appeared in movies for over a decade. However, he still hadn't picked up on the whole acting thing yet. The key requirement for a one-man army is to not only remain calm & confident under pressure, but to be careful not to demonstrate a huge array of facial expressions - one expression does nicely, and two is a bit of a stretch. For most of this film, Norris sports a very bland facial expression. He only smiles twice - when he sees his pet armadillo acting stupid, and when he's watching an old black and white film on TV (a 1953 sci-fi picture called...<i>Invasion USA</i>!). <p> The plot's straightforward nature is also mirrored by Chuck Norris' wardrobe. He's simply a bearded action hero dressed in blue jeans, a low-buttoned denim shirt, duel leather shoulder holsters, black gloves and (most importantly) an Uzi for each hand. <p> Richard Lynch seems to be having a blast playing the mastermind behind the slaughter; delivering a thick layer of faux Russian cheese that will either leave you amused or offended. <p> Now...flaws? Sure, there are heaps. <i>Invasion U.S.A.</i> had the potential to be a truly <i>epic</i> action film, but budgetary constraints mar this potential. Trucks are shown heading to several American locations, yet the action is restricted to Miami. The abrupt ending will leave you wanting so much more. Naturally the dialogue is usually flat as well. In addition, the whole thing is cheesy, stupid, preposterous and often hilarious (intentional or otherwise). <p> As the decades roll by, there will always be a place for gormless action movies like these. They act as fun reminders of an era during which the intellectual appetites and expectations for Hollywood actioners were at an all-time low. <i>Invasion U.S.A.</i> is a perfectly entertaining guilty pleasure. They just don't make ambitiously cheesy movies like this anymore.
    Cal ( Super Reviewer
  • Apr 06, 2009
    Good chuck fare. If you can take away Chucks bad acting and all the Americana present then its not a bad action flick.
    Lee K Super Reviewer

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