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August 1, 2020
Technically, It is presented with the objective conviction of a news reel. It is a horrible and as convincing as if a cameraman had been witness to the Leopold and Loeb murder, for example. The story moves with breath-taking, ominous suspense.
July 27, 2020
Famously, Lang uses lights and shadows to designate a film noir atmosphere to pair with his German Expressionism topics.
July 1, 2020
[This] is a film that hasn't aged a day, and that is actually more innovative than most films currently playing.
April 21, 2020
Beautifully constructed, mounting from climax to climax with terrific suspense. Flawless performances, and social meaning.
April 17, 2020
When portraying this world of beggars, Lang makes a sequence that would leave Orson Welles himself open-mouthed. [Full Review in Spanish]
June 30, 2019
Be afraid. Be properly afraid. The greatest creation of Fritz Lang's career remains one of the most disturbing movies of his, or any, film-making era.
June 14, 2019
A beautifully balanced melodrama, well worth space in any language.
May 2, 2016
Lang's movie is that rare thing, a nail-biting soul-searcher. While M steers clear of analyzing deviance, it is startling in its musings on which punishment fits an inhuman crime.
April 7, 2016
Our identification with [Lorre] as a psychopath is so complete it's hard to believe that while appearing before Fritz Lang's cameras in the daytime, he was, at night, acting as a comedian in a farce.
March 11, 2015
[VIDEO ESSAY] A precursor to the serial killer and policier genres, "M" is first and foremost a suspense thriller made all the more gripping because the identity of the killer is revealed in the first act.
September 7, 2014
Lang's razor-sharp dissection of crime and punishment never puts a foot wrong.
September 4, 2014
It is a cousin to the early Hitchcock of The Lodger, and I have always found something even something faintly Ealingesque about its cynicism and satire.
September 4, 2014
You'll never look at a novelty balloon in the same way again.
September 2, 2013
The movie looms over our cinema like a hand of consequence, haunting us with its austerity and power long after others have faded from the mind.
April 11, 2013
Few films are gripping and effective 82 years after their original release, but this one surely is.
March 28, 2013
Lang's film is a must-see for even a moderately ambitious film buff.
March 12, 2013
This is a movie that dares to sympathize with a sick person, that risks making the monster real and us (in an era when Germany's cinema was still shellacked in canted angles and fanciful shadows).
March 10, 2013
Fritz Lang's acute use of objects, symbols, letters, and codes to decrypt a relatively simple narrative remains as perfect an example of pure cinema in the sound era as one is likely to find.
May 21, 2010
...a touchstone, one of those classics that infects the popular imagination to the point that it's really not necessary for most people to have actually seen it to recognize its signal moments ...
May 1, 2010
M is responsible for some of the most memorable images and sequences in cinema history
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