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In this gory slice-n-dicer, a WWII vet returns home and finds his girl in the arms of another at the town's annual dance. Outraged, he kills both with a pitchfork. The story jumps 35 years ahead as the town prepares to hold the dance again. Unfortunately, the vet decides to attend.


Vicki Dawson
as Pam MacDonald
Farley Granger
as Sheriff George Fraser
John Seitz
as Kingsley
Lawrence Tierney
as Maj. Chatham
Bill Nunnery
as Hotel Clerk
Donna Davis
as Miss Allison
Joy Glaccum
as Francis Rosemary Chatham
Douglas Stevenson
as Young Kingsley
Susan Monts
as Young Kingsley's Date
John Christian
as Rock Band Member
Richard Colligan
as Rock Band Member
Steven Bock
as Rock Band Member
Matthew Iddings
as Rock Band Member
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Audience Reviews for The Prowler

  • Sep 22, 2013
    What a draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggg! This crap feels longer than Lawrence of Arabia and not in a good way. Save for some savy Tom Savini effects on the gore, very little saves this snooze fest.
    Francisco G Super Reviewer
  • Nov 22, 2011
    Overall, the movie is not good. Its script hits many dull points and the characters, as always, are too underdeveloped to feel like anything other than victims (I can't even remember what happened to a couple of them and I just finished watching the movie literally 7 minutes ago). However, the film gets extra points for its gory effects, courtesy of Tom Savini, and for at least trying, to mixed success, to balance its jump-scares with suspense and tension.
    Quinto W Super Reviewer
  • Jul 28, 2011
    "If you think you're safe... your DEAD wrong." You know a genre is bad when it's enthusiasts call a movie like The Prowler one of the best of the genre. In reality, all The Prowler is, is another generic and actually pretty boring slasher from the 80's. The story is a lot like My Bloody Valentine(my favorite 80's slasher). Everything else about the film falls into a dead genre that besides a few exceptions is horrible. Among the good ones are Black Christmas(the best), Halloween, My Bloody Valentine, and I guess you can throw Psycho into the equation, but I really don't see it as a slasher. There are some other decent to good slashers out there. There are a few Friday The 13th's that are ok, not good, but ok. The first Nightmare on Elm Street is pretty good. So the genre is pretty flat. This movie is no exception to that.  The Prowler is a movie that suffers from horrible pacing. It's boring in sections and that just can't happen if you want to make a good slasher. It offers a few good kills, but supporters of this movie act like the kills are the best ever. Their ok, but none of them really excited me. I did like the opening sequence, but after that I was less than impressed. It was the same cliche slasher, where every door is locked and I'm going to run from the killer turn a corner and run into someone I know. There's nothing original here.  I guess the hype of people saying this was one of the best slashers out there, killed it for me. It turns out to be just an average slasher, which in the real world means it's a bad movie. 
    Melvin W Super Reviewer
  • Feb 05, 2011
    Bloody stalk 'n' slash classic about a disgruntled WW2 Vet with a dislike of happy young teens who goes around dispatching them violently during a graduation party. The kills in this one are among the most brutal from the 80s slasher era with some of them actually being quite disturbing as the camera lingers on the last agonizing moments of the victim. One of Savini's career highlights for sure! Aside from the death scenes the film does build some quite effective suspensful moments too and the musical score adds well to the atmosphere. Essential viewing! One of my favourite slashers.
    Lee ? Super Reviewer

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