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May 14, 2018
The last time I watched "Rear Window", I was not convinced that it was as great as it's reputation suggested. In particular, I thought that Grace Kelly was just a distraction from the main plot. I was really wrong. This is a meticulously crafted masterpiece of suspense. Stewart's relationship with Kelly is fairly crucial. I was just wrong.
½ May 7, 2018
Rear Window is a 1954 American Technicolor mystery thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
This seemingly simple movie is classic Hitchcock, full of tension, suspense and red-herrings.
Considered one of the best movies of all time. 1001
May 6, 2018
A perfect voyeuristic mystery.
April 30, 2018
One of HItchcock's greatest films...
April 20, 2018
My most favorite movie ever. Jimmy Stewart at his best and watch Grace Kelly who plays her role to perfection.
½ April 12, 2018
I get how people would like this movie, but it just didn't stick with me, there are better Hitchcock horrors
April 7, 2018
One of Hitchcock's best. I love the suspense in this film, it really makes you wonder what is going on in the apartment across from the protagonist, and the ending is very much exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat.
April 1, 2018
Absolutely terrific, 'Rear Window' is ingeniously written and filmed, taking place entirely within the confines of a small apartment. It gives its audience a voyeuristic view of the surrounding condos and the people within, characters that are made interesting despite the distance, lack of interaction and barely a word of (audible) dialogue, an amazing feat in and of itself. The mystery is introduced when the wheelchair-bound Jeff starts to suspect one of his neighbours has murdered his wife and sets out to prove it, eventually involving the only people who come to visit him (who do have dialogue and fantastic dialogue, at that) until the tension reaches unbearable levels with the nail-biting climax. Captivating, wonderfully acted and superbly directed, this is a true gem.
March 14, 2018
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½ March 2, 2018
I am aware that many people like this film a lot, and after many years it has indeed become a classic, and that's why I saw it for the first time yesterday. And I found it updated which is not very strange since we are talking about a film made in the early fifties. There is not much suspense in the plot mostly because as the story goes by, it is very obvious who the murderer is. The definition of suspense is: that the spectator should be guessing who the guilty person is, or even better: guessing who the bad guy is. In this film, we do know who the bad guy is, but we don't know if he really did it or not. Real suspense would have been that the guy that everyone thought that did it, in fact didn't, and that the one that looks innocent had done it. Now that would've been a twist! There are a couple of other things that killed the suspense in me. Why a man that is a photographer and tries to convince a policeman that his neighbour killed his wife and has no evidence and is looking through the window with a telephoto camera, doesn't take pictures of the scene of the crime and use them as evidence. And how come that a man that is going to murder his wife and cut her in small pieces doesn't draw down the window blinds so no one can see what he is doing and testify against him!?. But I have to admit, typically Hitchcock, delivers a proffesional job because he makes you see things that only a great director like him can. He will make you believe that Jeff and Lisa are absolutely right and everyone else is wrong just by watching this couple's attitude, created through their acting. And there is the strength of these actors; they are extremely reassuring in their personalities that as such, it impregnates the whole film. Just by the way they pose and sit and look you can almost smell that whatever they do is right. On the contrary, Thorwald hasn't a chance because from the very first scene he is doomed; he is the bad guy almost before the film has started. And I intuitively guessed it and killed all the suspense. I liked "Vertigo" even if some scenes are a little bit slow and long and I liked "Psycho", that's a masterpiece. But "Rear Window" it's too obvious.
February 10, 2018
Prolly a perfect movie. Grace Kelly, Stewart and the whole cast are superb. If you don't know Hitchcock, this is prolly the best introduction. 1001 movies to see before you die.
February 7, 2018
A classic and imitated many times after. Perfect in many way and a masterclass in direction . Seen it a few times and still exciting
February 4, 2018
Leave it to Hitchcock to push the envelope. Plus it's amazing what you can do in such a contained story location. It's a classic, smart, sexy, suspenseful, funny, and a bit of a sociological study, fiction or not. If I had any criticism it would be that the climax was too quick; just all build up.
February 4, 2018
Hitchcocks best? They don't get better than this!
½ January 16, 2018
Yeah, another Alfred Hitchcock movie that will make you like you are in the movie. This film takes an angled camera that uses the first person where we as an audience also seem like we are in the movie. Alfred Hitchcock is a master of suspense that always makes us feel disturbing about his films.
January 12, 2018
They don't make em like this anymore.
January 9, 2018
A slow burning plot with a fast build to the climax, this has character and nuance like perhaps no other film. Wow.
January 5, 2018
the best movie made by Alfred Hitchcock and the most suspencful movie I have seen
December 29, 2017
Holds up over 60 years later just as well as when it first came out. An ultimate Hollywood classic.
½ December 26, 2017


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