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½ March 11, 2018
one of my top ten favorite movies of all time.
½ February 5, 2018
I've been taking notes on the "rare" sexist scenes of the movie - turns out I now have notes on the whole damn film. Sure, the movie is one of its kind - it touches upon almost every aspect from the characters, plot, scene and lines to meticulously illustrate the story of a misanthropic, sexist, alcoholic fogey who takes a young student (who he'd just met) for his final days of debauchery before planning a poorly executed suicide in a luxury hotel room - and fails. Wait, what?

I won't ignore the only good part of the film - Al Pacino's acting. Declared a masterpiece himself, Al Pacino succeeds in giving his character, Frank Slade a poorly deserved breath of life (he honestly shouldn't have). In fact, Al Pacino's acting is so exceptional that Chris O'Donnell (Charlie Simms) might as well have been replaced by a walking stick to whom Pacino can give his womanizer advices to whenever he wishes. At least then would he influence, with his biased opinion, an object not a growing child.

Spoilers from here*

The movie feels desperate, trying to connect me to Frank Slade's companionship with O'Donnell. In the process, I'm disgusted by their "man to man" conversations about women. Women are literally a device in the movie - an object that is lovely, smells good and is physically pleasing, a way for him to be happy in his old and helpless age.General Slade and Charlie's conversation on the plane says it all - "Women, who made em? God must've been a fu**ing genius." To this moment I'm screaming internally of this portrayal of women as a man-made object. In fact, women made you, so maybe you shouldn't talk about their "Tits" or "What's in between their legs," as a "passport to heaven," Frank. And come on, we're really supposed to accept that he guesses an stewardess's name and features simply from her accent and scent? Just in case Frank Slade doesn't realize, the number of different women in the world doesn't correlate to the number of perfumes there are.

And worse, I'm not sure how any of these lines take part in making meaning out of the movie. ANY.

Hoo-ah, the infamous tango scene. First of all, why does he come up to the girl with Charlie and expects her to be pleased with Charlie's appearance? And second of all, if General Slade is there to help Charlie talk to the girl in the first place, why does he look more desperate to have a dance with her? Maybe I'm overthinking this scene, but with the conversation about "pu**y" and "t*ts" the scene before this, the tango feels as if the two (Charlie and Slade) already has come to a consensus that women are sex objects, making the dance seem lustful. Even without considering all of this, Frank Slade is clearly making an "offer" that the girl cannot decline. The lines considered beautiful in the film would be considered annoying and forceful in real life. I would be calling my assumptions an opinion until here, but when the film shows Frank asking his driver to call for him a sex worker, the "finest of their kind," and later walks into the house to get his business as "a man" done, I am utterly, and horribly disgusted. It's very much solid evidence that the movie generalises women as sex objects and isolates them. Has anyone noticed that every time a female character appears on screen, Frank has something to say about them? If not, please never watch the movie ever again.

Even with its film quality, scent of a woman never arouses an actual interest - the endless dialogues and Frank's loud presence bores me in the first hour. Crippling is its lack of rhythm, as the shots are linear in direction and the scenes are unnecessarily long and draining. The movie is highly predictable, and doesn't give many possible routes to where the story can go. Even the most important, climax of the film is elongated with half the audience already knowing that Slade is not going to shoot himself (although the same half of the audience would have gladly done it for him). Moreover, the movie hardly shows any efforts to make its melodrama interesting, not showing any emotional connections between the main protagonists. It turns out to be more counter-productive in its portrayal of sincerity as evident through its corny, happy ending.

I guarantee you that you'll enjoy this movie as much as you love bumping into a sharp corner or punching yourself in the face. I'll introduce the film to my two sons, as a bible to what they should never say and do - although I doubt they would even want to. Romanticizing discrimination is not part of their interests. So If you're someone who is already a sexist, hard-headed, emotional excuse for a human being, sure, go watch the film. If not, go refresh yourself with a speech on equality and an actual ideal, educated world. Have fun!
January 7, 2018
A cena do tango é marcante.
December 30, 2017
Excellent film, heartwarming and surprising.
½ December 18, 2017
Puntaje Original: 7.5

Una soberbia actuación de Al Pacino y una poderosa historia, que hace de Scent of a Woman un claro exponente de la última década del siglo XX.
½ November 27, 2017
I always heard that Pacino's Oscar win for this role was mostly a lifetime achievement award, but I actually think he's pretty incredible here, as are all of the performances (LITTLE BABY SEYMOUR HOFFMAN!). Otherwise, the movie is clichéd and corny. Other than a couple of effective moments (Thanksgiving dinner), this is mostly an abundantly false (gun-hotel scene) 90's drama that was just begging for (and getting) awards with every hoo-wah.
November 16, 2017
tha part of the speech of Al pacino is my favourite, it makes me cry each time I watch it...
October 14, 2017
Strap yourselves in for hilarious viewing in this Rain Man meets Dead Poets Society slap-stick comedy that mocks the disabled and reinforces the patriarchy by continually objectifying woman: portraying woman as a trophy that can be won if you pull the right moves. However the real kicker for me was that film culminates around the message that a different set of rules operates for 'the boys' where snitches lack honour and those who perpetuate a lie are rewarded, because what 'happens on the footy trip stays on the footy trip.'
June 18, 2017
Al pacino atua sem uma causa da qual valha a pena, o roteiro bizzaro apelativo confuso, deixa muitas duvidas no ar e não é claro com relação a suas intenções, o resultado final e de um filme longo, cansativo e pouco recompensador, no final fica a pergunta, então é só isso?
June 17, 2017
Pacino's Oscar came later than it should, but it was well earned and deserved.
½ June 8, 2017
Too long, especially with only two characters, but it still works. Pacino deserved every ounce of his Oscar for his amazing work. I love a redemption story.
June 8, 2017
AL pacino played legendary
April 13, 2017
One of the best movies I have ever seen. Emotional, tragic, powerful. Very strong performance from Al Pacino at his best.
Un des meilleurs films que j'ai jamais vus. Une performance magistrale d'Al Pacino.
March 19, 2017
a true masterpiece. words can't describe pacino's performance.
January 10, 2017
"Puerto Rican make the best infantry men"
Super Reviewer
January 3, 2017
This was a random find on Netflix. Very enjoyable, with a superb performance from Dustin Hoffman. No wonder this won him an Oscar, very well deserved.
½ November 8, 2016
Al Pacino izvrstan... Lep i poucan film
October 11, 2016
There are three things which get better with time: cheese, wine and this film. Watch it for Al Pacino and for love of all the great films from 90s !
½ September 19, 2016
I dont know i loved and hated al pacino's character who was equally a huge dick and scary as he was charming and stand up. How could that lady ask someone to watch her uncle and not inform them what was going on-what a biatch. She shouldnt have let some 18 year old or whatever he was watch him alone with that kind of attitude and mental instability. That kid i felt kept doing things for ppl he shouldnt have. He shouldnt have let frank talk to him or continue to threaten him. He also shouldnt have stood up for those pricks at his school who were brats to the principal. The acting in this movie was excellent and i did really like a lot of the script. Some scenes were not ok like frank threatening to kill charlie and himself with a gun, frank telling charlie he is fired and if charlie touches him he is dead, frank being rude and crass at his brothers house and choking someone, etc... I just had a problem with how the movie tries to excuse franks erratic lunatic behavior just bc he is blind and lonely and say its ok for charlie to be a doormat. Frank was violent and rude to charlie a lot. That being said prob al pacinos best performance.
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