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August 29, 2017
Complete with all the typical attributes that make a Scorsese film unique, the film is quieter film than Goodfellas with strong acting but a pace that sometimes takes it time. Stone, De Niro, and Pesci, of course, are all flawless.
August 27, 2017
Martin Scorsese's "Casino" is an intense, gritty and captivating film that tells a fascinating true story. The film offers an insightful look at the history of Mafia in Las Vegas. Scorsese directs the film using energetic camerawork, fantastic performances and a sharp screenplay. Robert De Niro delivers a brilliant performance as a powerful casino owner. With charisma and a commanding presence, De Niro gives one of his finest performances to date. Joe Pesci is amazing in the role of a brutal and violent Mafia boss. Although his character is utterly terrifying, you can't take your eyes off him. Sharon Stone is also terrific though her role is only minor. At nearly three hours, "Casino" is a long film that drags towards the end. Although it may not rank among Scorsese's best films such as "Goodfellas", "Casino" is still worth seeing. It's not a bad way to spend three hours especially if you're a fan of Martin Scorsese's films.
August 21, 2017
Solid but by the numbers crime epic that isn't really bad but never reaches the heights of 'Goodfellas', the filmmaker's previous masterpiece. The cast is good across the board, with De Niro & Pesci able to play these characters in their sleep. The standout, though, is Sharon Stone as Ace's troublesome wife, Ginger, who can't be satisfied even when she scores the jackpot. Behind the camera Scorcese crafts a nice crime epic that mostly tells how mob lost Las Vegas, but doesn't quite hit the point across. Like the book by Nicolas Pileggi, it is by the numbers and only touches on how the mafia built & shaped Las Vegas, such has bringing in big name acts or modernizing sports betting. He also doesn't point out how the mob losing Vegas was inevitable, as gambling & prostitution being legal made it impossible for them to operate against legitimate businesses & corporations, though he does point out that once mob violence started growing, it accelerated the process. Scorcese once again doesn't sugar coat the mafia, showing them for the brutal thugs that they were (what happens to the principle characters is downright sickening), and despite it's oppressive length of 3 hours, remains mostly enjoyable throughout. Overall, a good crime film but in no way a great one.
½ July 28, 2017
Mais uma obra Martin Scorsese, dessa vez como nas outras ele usa a ideia dos "gangsters" mas agora nos Casinos. O De Niro é simplesmente fantástico com seu papel, ele faz o personagem Sam Ace, que tem uma construção muito boa, a Sharon como Ginger faz uma atuação também muito boa, mostra oque o dinheiro faz com as pessoas a deixando-as malucas, o Joe Pesci que faz o Nicky, é um personagem perturbado que não se importa com nada nem com ninguém, isso fica bem claro no começo do filme. A trilha sonora do filme tem uma pegada muito boa de época musicas classicas são facilmente conhecidas aqui. O trabalho de câmera e sua fotografia parece ficar melhor com cada filme que o Scorsese faz, o filme é muito grande 3 hrs de duração!, precisava? bom, não necessariamente, por mais que seja tudo bem contado e sem complicações eu achei que o roteiro tem um problema de continuação, ficam repetindo coisas muitas vezes no 2° ato. Em geral mais uma obra do cinema feita pelo Martin, que manda muito bem em sua direção.
Nota: 8.8
June 18, 2017
Great movie a true classic!
May 30, 2017
O filme dá a dimensão de quão genial Scorsese é. Uma fonte da qual beberam à exaustão, por exemplo, os irmãos Coen. Talvez soe como heresia, mas, na minha opinião, Casino é tremendamente superior a Goodfellas.
May 27, 2017
This movie didn't appeal to me at all. The movie is very stressful to watch. It has none of the glamour or feel good moments of a gangster flick. It has none of the good dialouge and humour a gangster flick should have. It does have all of the stress and awfulness with no redeeming features and is too much to bear. Sharon Stone's character is practically 2-D she has such little depth. The entire film is narrated. Some narration here and there can really lift a film but to narrate basically the entire 3hr run time suggests the movie isn't interesting enough to stand on it's own. There is no real substance to this plot it's just 3 main themes of a plot which is then dragged out erroneously into 3 acts.
May 2, 2017
Entertaining gangster film. I like gangster films
May 1, 2017
Id wack Stone's character the first time i see her. But thats why we love her.
April 25, 2017
Mr G. Once Told Me That This And One Of My Favorite Films 1992's Reservoir Dogs Are Two Good Movies To Watch On DVD.
½ April 6, 2017
To me Casino felt like a dragging rehashed messy version of goodfellas. First of all the story tells us the interesting story of the old dirty casino, but there's a catch its a 3 hour film about it. The film quickly loses interest to me in the first hour by its forced stress on its actors. The directing unfortunately is a mess... Having little motivation and very strict discipline on the production makes the film seem not fun at all. The film to me honestly, is pretty good.
March 18, 2017
Goodfellas, but in a Casino
March 17, 2017
I adore Casino pretty much the reason as I adore Goodfellas. The same method telling a true story of gangsters. Equally fabulous.
½ February 11, 2017
Yet another collaboration with de niro and scorsese, they still know how to put on a show. This 90s biographical gangster - corruption film will most likely have you on the edge of your seat with its unique and mysterious plot and its great performances by Robert de niro, Joe pesci and sharon stone
February 5, 2017
A very good Scorsese film that is long, but still entertaining. De Niro does a great job, Pesci does a funny job, and Stone does a wonderful job. The rest of the cast was really good, the plot is confusing at first, but then becomes understandable, and it has a pretty decent pace for a 3 hour long movie.

One of Scorsese's best films of all-time.
January 23, 2017
The only real problem with Casino is it was released way too soon after Goodfellas. It's very hard not to compare the two. Sadly this is why it's overlooked. Make no mistake though. Casino is incredible. Deniro and Pesci are in their typical Scorsese form. Sharon Stone steals every scene she's in. Jimmy Woods provides some good sleeze.
January 12, 2017
This film is often not talked about and forgotten about when talking about Scorsese films or gangster movies in general, and I believe that is because Goodfellas came just 5 years before this. This film is not Goodfellas but what movie is? This is another great gangster movie that is set in Las Vegas. De Niro and Pesci are amazing. I had never seen Sharon Stone before so it was a surprise to me at how good she is. But once again the true star here is Martin Scorsese just like in almost all of his movies. Marty knows how to control the camera and put it in all the right places at the right times with another great soundtrack. It is a little long but don't let that stop you from watching this amazing film. If it wasn't for Goodfellas this film would be known more than it is because it is just a step down from that. Overall a great watch.
½ December 30, 2016
Goodfellas 2: We Own a Big Building Now

It works really well as a companion to Goodfellas showing a slightly more corporate side of organized crime. With De Niro and Pesci picking up characters that are similar to their previous ones (but with quirks that still make the characters feel new and real) as well as a plot structure that feels a little bit played out at this point, the movie does lack some freshness. However the style and flow of the movie help smooth out those slight problems, even if it never elevates itself into the viscerally rewarding territory I usually hope to get from Scorsese.
½ December 26, 2016
One of Scorsesse's best films,with Stone bringing in a Oscar worthy performance to make this classic above the traditional crime drama.
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