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March 12, 2018
When it catches fire, this great-looking movie offers hilarious diversions. And as father and son struggle toward a hard-won reconciliation, Big Fish reveals its beating heart.
January 9, 2018
Big Fish really belongs to Albert Finney, who proves that when it comes to large performances there is no one who can quite match a British Shakespearean with good camera sense.
February 27, 2007
February 9, 2006
The film doesn't so much reject history as selectively rewrite it to its own reactionary, even offensive ends. This might perhaps be just about tolerable were the film funny, illuminating, insightful or moving. It is not.
August 7, 2004
Overall, the film feels like it issues from a place Burton doesn't inhabit.
Top Critic
June 8, 2004
June 27, 2019
[Director Tim Burton] manages to balance his whimsy and his visual aesthetics in ways that aren't overwhelming to the story and... are pleasing to me.
December 21, 2018
If you want an offbeat, funny, touching movie then Big Fish is for you
November 24, 2018
There's a covert tyranny in the strived-for moral behind this film which evidently sees itself as a worthy ode to the redeeming value of storytelling and the shaman art.
February 1, 2018
Big Fish has a hook, a line, but it's a sinker.
January 12, 2016
the father-and-son story to beat all father-and-son stories
December 22, 2010
Delightful, sad father-son story for teens and up.
September 25, 2010
Reliant more on powerful familial emotions than wacky splendor, "Big Fish" treads as close to our real world as Tim Burton ever could - a melancholy dissection of paternal distance and never truly knowing how many lives those we love can truly affect.
August 21, 2009
Burton, favoring form over content, flavor over fact, has been often criticized for not knowing how to bring his work to satisfactory resolution. But I'd call that a good thing. Blame it on his dad.
April 29, 2009
Burton invokes the imagination from his crowd and succeeds in making us gasp in wonder.
October 18, 2008
Never has going fishing or getting caught been such a treat.
August 7, 2008
For all the story's twists, there are no real surprises (the ending is obvious 10 minutes in), and Burton's flourishes of self-satisfied frippery annoy as much as they amuse.
December 27, 2007
Unfortunately, up until the end, the tall tales are far more interesting than reality.
July 23, 2007
I enjoyed Big Fish more than any film Burton has been involved with since maybe Nightmare Before Christmas.
April 1, 2006
For the first time since Ed Wood, Burton has transcended his hermetically-sealed world and connected with wider concerns.
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