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September 13, 2020
This is a film devoid of soul.
November 16, 2019
Summer action fare with just enough intelligence to put it above the mindless action films that usually litter multiplexes this time of year.
January 25, 2018
Clive Owen is a very dour plonker of an Arthur and has zero chemistry with Keira Knightley.
September 7, 2017
The track record for film adaptations of the Arthur mythos is pretty shaky, but [this is still] the worst of them all.
December 24, 2010
Entertaining, but ultimately forgettable.
July 11, 2010
The interminable battle scenes are limply choreographed and unexciting. This is one king that's best left alone.
April 29, 2009
Fuqua creates a very grim and stylish mood that fits what the concept is attempting to accomplish very well.
August 7, 2008
July 14, 2007
May 29, 2007
Guinevere, no dainty princess she, is a kind of hardened medieval feminist, and the aggressor to Arthur's bashful but equally driven warrior, in both bed and on the battlefield.
May 23, 2007
In many ways this movie tells us far more about the values and age in which we are living, than the one it pretends to be returning us to.
May 2, 2007
A brash departure from the legend that retains the round table, but that's about it. Still, the contemporary echoes make the Dark Ages relevant again and the movie, while longwinded in parts, overcomes its shortcomings.
September 25, 2006
It nods in the direction of tons of potentially interesting developments of plot, theme and character, but doesn't bother to follow through on any of them enough to pay off.
August 26, 2006
...remains an instantly forgettable, wannabe epic.
December 13, 2005
Maybe I'm too close to the material, maybe I wanted more from Bruckheimer and Fuqua than they could ever be expected to deliver.
December 6, 2005
July 5, 2005
March 14, 2005
January 5, 2005
Underrated, revisionist version of the Camelot legend; one of the year's 10 best
December 10, 2004
In seeking to demythify the Arthur legends, the filmmakers wind up creating a new mythology, one that is probably just as fanciful as those it attempts to replace.
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