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½ February 26, 2017
Okay when Anthony Hopkins was in play or William H. Macey, but otherwise ho-hum--couldn't finish it.
February 22, 2017
The movie revolves all around boring subplots until the very end. Would not recommend!
January 3, 2017
This film is not quite about Bobby as about a snapshot of an idyllic view of the USA in the 60s, a time of transformation. All the subplots are the film and maybe an inspiration to make the TV series Mad Men that ran for about 8 years. The film's feeling is very mad men but maybe a bit too idyllic. Good thing the mood changes right at the end! Haha! The film has much subplots but nothing about the several CIA operatives present. Were they there to make sure the assassination would occur as prepared? I'm also a bit surprised that no one in the Kennedy's camp thought that could happen, after his brother assassination and the many assassinations of the time. Great cast, great acting, good reenactment with some actual footage of the time.
½ August 19, 2016
Good movie better than 46% Rotten.
½ July 28, 2016
Emilio Estevez can direct? Who knew? Great movie. All the more hard hitting because it's true. Everything a bio-pic should be.
June 14, 2016
I would really have preferred a biopic. The background character story's are wank and even though it has a large and highly impressive cast, it is let down by a terrible script. Also, the mix of historical film footage and the set and costumes didn't work either.
April 17, 2016
Why do film makers insist on melting dozens of separate stories trying to obtain a single and solid plot from that? The V8 juice is not a healthy option, and neither does this kind of movies.
March 13, 2016
This is a fine movie you won't soon forget.
January 22, 2016
You can see its heavy flaws, but the overall emotional impact of the film surpasses those flaws. Some might see the incredible ensemble cast and label it a lesser film because they were expecting more out of those actors, but i think they each gave a well rounded performance. Touching ending and worthy of a watch. Not an easy watch, but well worth your time.
½ October 23, 2015
-Bobby is een 2006 Amerikaans drama film geschreven en geregisseerd door Emilio Estevez met een ensemble cast. Het scenario is een fictief verslag van de uren in de aanloop naar de 5 Juni 1968 opnames van de Amerikaanse senator Robert Kennedy in de keuken van het Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles na zijn overwinning van de 1968 Democratische Partij presidentiŽle voorverkiezingen in CaliforniŽ.

--Kritische ontvangst:

-Bobby ontving voornamelijk gemengde kritieken van critici, die waren lovend over de ensemble-cast en de richting van Emilio Estevez, maar had kritiek op de film voor al te veel verhaallijnen en personages. Hij heeft een waarde van 46% op rotte tomaten, gebaseerd op 169 reviews, met een gemiddelde score van 5.6 uit 10. De consensus, "ondanks alle goede bedoelingen van regisseur Emilio Estevez en zijn ensemble cast, ze zwichten voor een script vol met nutteloze replicaten en onhandige momenten werken te hard naar parallelle moderne tijden." De film heeft ook een score van 54 uit 100 op Metacritic gebaseerd op 31 critici, waarin gemengde of gemiddelde reviews.


Harry Belafonte as Nelson
Joy Bryant as Patricia
Nick Cannon as Dwayne Clark
Emilio Estevez as Tim Fallon
Laurence Fishburne as Edward Robinson
Lindsay Lohan as Diane Howser
Dave Fraunces as Robert F. Kennedy
Jeridan Frye as Ethel Kennedy
Spencer Garrett as David
Brian Geraghty as Jimmy
Heather Graham as Angela
Anthony Hopkins as John Casey
Helen Hunt as Samantha
Joshua Jackson as Wade Buckley
David Kobzantsev as Sirhan Sirhan
David Krumholtz as Agent Phil
Ashton Kutcher as Fisher
Shia LaBeouf as Cooper
William H. Macy as Paul Ebbers
Svetlana Metkina as Lenka
Demi Moore as Virginia Fallon
Freddy Rodriguez as Josť Rojas
Martin Sheen as Jack
Christian Slater as Daryl Timmons
Sharon Stone as Miriam Ebbers
Jacob Vargas as Miguel
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Susan Taylor
Elijah Wood as William Avary
½ September 13, 2015
Subplots can add but too many like in this film really do undermine what a fine cast is trying to convey.
½ July 16, 2015
I'm completely lost at what I just witnessed, which to me felt like an over bloated, self aware and by the numbers attempt at a film that could and should have packed a lot more punch than it did. For those of you unaware of Robert Kennedy, the senator who ran for presidency after his brother John was assassinated. He was a symbol of hope, during a time of crisis in America, he posed a threat to the war in Vietnam, Racism and a whole bunch of continual problematic issues that still to this day occur within the country and indeed the world. On the night of his election, as he looks set to win by a landslide, Robert Kennedy was gunned down after a speech he gave at the Ambassador Hotel, dying hours later from his injuries. Bobby, directed and written by Emilio Estavez, attempts to recapture the times, the mood and the politics leading up to the atrocious night by first of all casting every actor in Hollywood to portray visitors, workers and the senators aids who were all there that night and secondly ramming far too much thematic content in that we ultimately dont resonate with 75% of it. Bobby stars, now take a deep breath, Emilio Estavez, William H Macy, Martin Sheen, Freddy Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan, Lawrence Fishbourne, Anthony Hopkins, Shia La Bouff, Asthon Kutcher, Demi Moore, Harry Belfonte, Heather Graham, Helen Hunt, Joshua Jackson, Sharon Stone, Christian Slater, Elijah Wood, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Scoot McNairney in what was either the biggest favour pull in cinematic history, or one of the most expensive misfires in cinematic history. For the most part, every one of these actors just come across as themselves, lending absolutely nothing in the way of character, there are a few exceptions, however all those exceptions all come from the one grouping of people, the kitchen staff, Lawrence Fishbourne, Freddy Rodriguez and Christian Slater all shine through with not only the best performances but easily the most heartfelt moments of the entire movie. The writing in these scenes just get it, it fits the tone, the spectacle and the cultural dividence of the time. Sadly they have to make way for the other members of the cast who do such a wonderful job you have no idea what anyone is called... There are a couple of nice moments here and there, the couple who are getting married just so the male doesnt have to go to war, Anthony Hopkins who's live is at such a loose end he continually spends all his time at work in order to find happiness, or even the alcoholic singer, whose husband has given up on her, but these moments are never handled with any great care or depth, thats because this film tries to shoe horn every aspect in and no heart. Honestly I have literally just finished watching the film and have no idea what any of the characters are called, that should tell you how over bloated this film is. It's writing isnt particularly memorable either, yet again for the most part the dialogue seems forced and in parts completely not needed. However whenever the film takes place in the kitchen we see magical sparks start to fly, I'm actually surprised the entire film didnt take place from the Kitchens point of view, it would have instantly sky rocketed in emotional power and weight. Instead we are treated to an insecure couple shopping for shoes, 2 kids high on LSD and random other acts that could have taken place in any film. Its not atrocious, its all shiny and looks pretty darn good. It also manages to emulate the time period pretty accurately in terms of asthetics and feel but who cares how a film looks if its content is not there. I'm also a big believer in trying not to use archival footage meshed in with film, why, because it devalues what is going on, you instantly look at it and go well thats real so what I'm watching is not, plus in modern day films, documenting historical events, the archival footage is always dates and doesnt sit well within the film, here Archival footage takes over and it does it, so much so that Emilio cant and wont even cast an actor as Bobby himself, whats the point, the film is clearly about him and the impact he made on peoples lives, at least give him a meaty performance from a decent actor. You wont exactly wont to gouge your eyes out after watching this as it does have some good moments but it is so over bloated, so forceful and criminally does no justice to the man in which is wishes to do so with. a huge misfire and one that a lot of stars clearly will brush aside from their CV.
June 21, 2015
Takes too long to get to the pivotal moment
June 17, 2015
I liked the mix of narrative with archival footage. It pains me to think of how much better the world could have been had JFK, MLK, Bobby Kennedy and others not been assassinated and it would be easy to be angry however as Robert Kennedy would say it is anger and hate for others that causes violence.
½ March 7, 2015
Bobby is a movie filled the most polarizing cast I've seen. Some are my favorite people working, others I downright despise. But the thing that holds this movie together for me is my love of the Kennedy family which at this point may be an obsession. Estevez employs a very Sorkin-esque visual style to it despite the missing cynicism of the Sorkin dialogue. The acting is great from everyone except Lohan and Elijah Wood feels a bit underused. The movie is very straight-forward and sincere and I commend it for being so.
February 17, 2015
A brilliant telling of multiple, interconnected stories.
Super Reviewer
January 2, 2015
Great drama movie with plenty of famous faces. Story takes place at the Ambassador Hotel in LA and the whole movie is all about that place and we get to know the different characters working there for the speech/assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Can sometimes feel slow but its a well made movie and great acting so i recommend this one.
½ December 8, 2014
Despite a jumbled ensemble form, Bobby still benefits from the diversity of its litany of stats and carries the necessary hope, realism, and gravity of the Bobby Kennedy story to match morals and wits with the 1960s and 2000s.
½ December 6, 2014
Surprisingly terrible. With such a great cast (and a few I questioned on why they were in this movie) and a story that has some decency to it, what a dud. With some really good people I think the only story I even had the slightest of interest in was Shia LaBeouf and Brian Geraghty's but even that had little to do with anything significant to the plot. How in the world did this get a SAG nomination for Best Ensemble or a Globe nomination for Best Drama in 2006? What a boring movie.
October 29, 2014
A blend of melodramatic spots and one of the most important moments of the 60s that drifts away from a true solid objective and doesn't reach a definitive stage.
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