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Dull, joyless, and formulaic, My Soul to Take suggests writer/director Wes Craven ended his five-year filmmaking hiatus too soon.



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Wes Craven returns to shock audiences with 25/8, a thriller surrounding a deceased serial killer's rise from the grave and the seven kids whose births on the day of his death put them directly in his murderous path. Rogue Pictures will distribute, with Craven handling writing, producing, and directing chores. Max Thieriot, Denzel Whitaker, Shareeka Epps, and Emily Meade topline the cast.

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Zena Grey
as Penelope
Frank Grillo
as Paterson
Danai Gurira
as Jeanne-Baptiste
Harris Yulin
as Dr. Blake
Shareeka Epps
as Chandelle
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Principal Pratt
Felix Solis
as Mr. Kaiser
Shannon Walsh
as Melanie Pratt
Alberto Vasquez
as Officer Ramirez
Lynnanne Zager
as Podcast Host/Betty O'Neil
Michael Bell
as Podcast Guest
Lyannanne Zager
as Podcast Host
Courtney Stow
as Young Leah
Kaitlyn Stow
as Young Leah
Richard Rutkowski
as News Anchor
Robert Clotworthy
as Voice of News Anchor
Terri Douglas
as Riverton Radio Host
Hannah Hodson
as Girl in Hallway #1
Nicole Brittany Patrick
as Girl in Hallway #2
Amber Efé
as Other Nurse
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  • There's some malarkey about each kid having inherited one of the maniac's personalities, though Craven never does much with that except to point the finger of suspicion at junior.

    Jan 5, 2011 | Full Review…
  • A thrill-free snooze that will certainly rank as one of the least -- if not the least -- effective entries in Craven's nearly 40-year canon of cinematic shockers.

    Oct 15, 2010 | Rating: 1.5/5 | Full Review…
  • There are plenty of formulaic boo! moments, yet Craven intelligently treats Bug's otherworldly issues like hormonal growing pains that must be tamed.

    Oct 13, 2010 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

    Keith Uhlich

    Time Out
    Top Critic
  • What sinks it is Craven's simplistic, ham-fisted writing and inert direction.

    Oct 11, 2010 | Rating: D- | Full Review…
  • The worst horror movie Wes Craven's made perhaps ever.

    Oct 10, 2010 | Rating: 1/4 | Full Review…
  • A puzzle with no solutions, a tale with a twist that isn't a twist at all.

    Oct 9, 2010 | Rating: 1/4

Audience Reviews for My Soul to Take

  • Apr 06, 2012
    Sucks big fat donkey cock.... don't bother!
    Stuart B Super Reviewer
  • Jan 05, 2012
    The fact that this hasn't yet been picked up by the "shitty horror canon" cult is completely beyond me. Inept in the most hilarious and incoherent of ways, My Soul to Take is nearly two hours of a once renowned horror master flying off the rails in grandiose fashion. Absolutely worth catching, unless this sort of schadenfreude-fueled spectacle isn't really your scene.
    Drew S Super Reviewer
  • Dec 02, 2011
    Wes Craven is a horror genius, but what the hell was he thinking when making this shit. The plot of this was too boring and stupid to explain, the story scrambled up and has so many things happening that we simply just don't care what happens. I mean, almost every scene had something completely retarded, whether it was cheesy moments or terrible dialogue. Oh yeah, the dialogue, I almost forgot, this film has some of the worst dialogue in film history, maybe worse than Star Wars The Phantom Menace. In horror films I like dumb characters, but these characters were not dumb, they were stupid, annoying, and probably the worst cast I have ever witnessed in a horror film, if you've seen the film you know what im talking about. The movie relies completely with jump moments that were not scary, the whole movie is one big annoying piece of shit that will not scare anyone. Anyone who thought this was scary is going to have a lot of problems in life, what a terrible movie.
    Bradley W Super Reviewer
  • Oct 23, 2011
    You could view this movie as a dry run by Craven for his upcoming "Scream 4". If that's the case the Scream franchise is seriously screwed. This movie is a mess, yet another by a once horror-master who just can't capture the zeitgeist anymore. The script is written by Craven himself and has the worst teen dialogue outside a Diablo Cody screenplay. For half the movie I just didn't have a clue what these kids were talking about. For example the obligatory jock character gives our lead a dig in the ribs, referring to this as an "eight". Later the obligatory bitch character says he should have made it a "twenty". Wes, you're in your seventies, don't try and be down with the kids, just do your own thing. Of course Craven is partly responsible, thanks to "Scream", for the insistence on horror being aimed at the teen dollar. If you compare it to John Carpenter after "Halloween", he rejected offers of countless teen oriented slashers. Thanks to this we got classics like "The Fog", "The Thing", "They Live" etc. Since "Scream" Craven has made two awful sequels, the laughable werewolf movie "Cursed" and this turkey. If you were burying a time capsule and wanted to represent bad horror movies in the early 21st century this is the one to include. It's so cliched that even the asian character is the first to die (and nobody seems to notice he's missing from school the next day.) There's a twist near the end that's completely redundant to anyone who paid attention to the opening sequence. The kids are meant to be sixteen but all look 22. You get the idea. If you've read my review of John Carpenter's "The Ward" you might think I have a problem with the seventies genre masters. That's not the case at all, I'm just being hard on them because I know they can do so much better. Leave the kids to their "Twilight" franchise and just do your own thing guys, after all great horror is timeless. "Scream" has dated a lot more in fifteen years than "The Hills Have Eyes" has in thirty-five. That's because the latter was made by a director who didn't want to be hip, just horrific.
    The Movie W Super Reviewer

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