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Evita sometimes strains to convince on a narrative level, but the soundtrack helps this fact-based musical achieve a measure of the epic grandeur to which it aspires.



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As told by the story-teller Che, Eva Peron was born Eva Duarte, the illegitimate daughter of a penniless farmer. Still a teenager, Eva attaches herself to a popular tango singer, Agustin Magaldi and accompanies him to the Big City: Buenos Aires. Ambitious to succeed, Eva becomes an aspiring radio and film actress, eventually moving into influential circles within Buenos Aires society. Once her name is linked with the rising politician Juan Peron, tongues begin to wag, but the couple marry and Peron is elected President with the inspirational Eva at his side. Eva establishes herself as an ardent supporter of Peronism and promotes her unique blend of democracy with her "Rainbow Tour" to Europe. Attracting attention like no other woman before or since, Eva Peron hypnotized a nation of eighteen million people for seven years before her untimely death at the age of 33 in 1952.


as Eva Peron
Jonathan Pryce
as Juan Peron
Jimmy Nail
as Agustin Magaldi
Victoria Sus
as Dona Juana
Julian Littman
as Brother Juan
Servando Villamil
as Cipriano Reyes
Andrea Corr
as Peron's Mistress
Peter Polycarpou
as Domingo Mercante
Gary Brooker
as Juan Bramuglia
Mayte Yerro
as Julieta
Gabriel Kraisman
as Cinema Manager
Martin Drogo
as Young Juan
Venesa Weis
as Young Blanca
Aldana Garcia Soler
as Young Erminda
Domingo Chiofalo
as Chivilcoy Priest
Ismael Osorio
as Juan Duarte Sr.
Lidia Leonor Catalano
as Estela Grisolia
John Coverdale
as Junin Tango Band Member
Roderick Hart
as Junin Tango Band Member
Ian Hill
as Junin Tango Band Member
Rob Levy
as Junin Tango Band Member
Teddy Peiro
as Junin Tango Band Member
Joe Townsend
as Junin Tango Band Member
Mark Ryan
as Waiter in Junin Bar
Gordon Neville
as Waiter in Junin Bar
Frederick Warder
as Waiter in Junin Bar
Albin Pahernik
as Eva's Dance Partner
Luca Tommassini
as Eva's Dance Partner
Denis Tremblay
as Eva's Dance Partner
Eva Vari
as Senora Magaldi
Zsanett Farkas
as Magaldi Child
Sergio Lerer
as Theatre Producer
Mara Bestelli
as Starlet at Audition
Mónica Lairana
as Starlet at Audition
Laura Miller
as Starlet at Audition
Luis Alday
as Emilio Kartulowicz
Luis Boccia
as Senor Jabon
Vera Fogwill
as Zaz Jingle Singer
Bettina Menegazzo
as Zaz Jingle Singer/Starlet at Audition
Alfredo Martin
as Col. Anibal Imbert
Diego Leske
as Eva's Admirer
Francisco Napoli
as Eva's Admirer
Eduardo Ruderman
as Eva's Admirer
Fabian Stratas
as Eva's Admirer
David Henry
as President Rawson
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Audience Reviews for Evita

  • Aug 24, 2014
    Even though the protagonist is a flawed, intriguing demagogue, this visually stunning but tiresome (and oversung) musical makes it hard for us to care, given how insufferable most of the songs are (except for two or three), like nearly everything made by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 12, 2014
    Parker gives the film a sense of epic scope that's rare for a modern musical, complete with large sets and thousands of extras. With the exception of Madonna's lackluster performance and singing, this is probably the best adaption of the stage musical we are likely to get . . . it's also one of the best live action film musicals of the last twenty years.
    Alec B Super Reviewer
  • Aug 30, 2010
    Haha! Antonio Banderas' part was the best bit. I think his kind of phantom character/ narrator role was very good and witty. And I thought Madonna did a fantastic job, too bad she hasn't done that since with acting. With a more analytical look, I thought it interesting the two (technically) main characters were white, Madonna and Pryce. But in Madonna's defense, she can sing and dance really well and pulled off the look very well. The biggest thing that grated on me what the full on opera-style musical. And the fact it's and Andrew Lloyd Webber musical wears on the brain a bit. >_<
    Jennifer D Super Reviewer
  • Feb 01, 2010
    I really enjoyed Evita and thought it was very enthralling. Compared to the other big cinematic Andrew Lloyd Webber film, 2004's The Phantom of the Opera, I thought it was so much better. Sure, it amounted to not much more than a caricature of Eva Peron, but it was a surprisingly good performance by Madonna. My Mum was saying it's a pity she isn't in more films. Her voice is a little "pop" and not very "Broadway", but it was a good performance. I also really enjoyed Antonio Banderas as the narrator Che, a one-man Greek chorus who is critic, observer and well, critic. He pops up everywhere in various personas and it's very entertaining and amusing. Jonathan Pryce is also great as President Peron himself, shortly before he decided to ham it up as a Bond villain in Tomorrow Never Dies. And then of course there's the music. Andrew Lloyd Webber is a musical genius, no matter what his critics say. You can dance to almost every song in Evita, and there's a distinctive Argentine flavour in the beat. Tim Rice's lyrics are also witty and appropriate, and there's so much variety ranging from the exuberant "Buenos Aires" to the sad and emotional "You Must Love Me", and of course the most famous of them all, "Don't Cry For Me Argentina". My favourite song in the film was "High Flying Adored" an observation on how far Eva has come, delivered by Antonio Banderas in his charming exotic accent. It's overall a very atmospheric film with a wonderful period flavour provided by on-location filming in Argentina itself and Budapest. Seek it out if you like musicals, Evita will win you over if you don't.
    Jedd Y Super Reviewer

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