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May 9, 2015
Enjoyed every minute of this fun loving movie. Shame on me for taking so long to watch the DVD, which I've had for over 2 years. Great performances, cute cast, engaging storyline, humorous dialogue, and decent commentaries on dreams, goals, child soldiers, and HIV. A Must See!!
June 29, 2013
Interesting premise, but very poorly handled. Certainly disappointing.
½ April 2, 2013
This was poor. A great educational film to shown in all schools across Africa for sure. It keeps deviating into a government advertisement for safe sex, But as a movie, it was poor
½ March 28, 2013
An interesting mix, described as 'family friendly', but actually pretty gritty despite the cute animations punctuating the story. In the real world these kids would have failed miserably in such a hostile environment, but it's well done, and introduces a world of child soldiers, corruption and endemic Aids to a non-African audience. A road movie with a difference.
½ March 17, 2013
A feel good story connected to World Cup year in Africa, but it is also a tiresome story of kids travelling across the continent. Having done 2/3 of this journey myself there's clearly a lot of poetic license in the depiction.
March 16, 2013
of the spontaneous movies that you end up watching, this is one you don't regret. good child actors and a nice underdog story.
October 26, 2012
Great story with lovely shots of Africa
September 30, 2012
Watchable enough yet it seems to manage the strange talent of simultaneously dealing with the serious issues of AIDs, Child Soldiers and Famine but still feeling very childish and annoying at points.
June 22, 2012
Beautiful film, deals with important issues in Africa with a child-like naivety so befitting of its characters.
June 10, 2012
Wonderful, and surprisingly authentic in its portrayal of Africa as tough, spirited and warm-hearted - as well as poor and violent. Really worth seeing.
½ May 25, 2012
Many family movies contain the usual squeaky clean messages such as "help a friend in need", "be yourself" and "go after your dreams". Africa United isn't any different to this but it does also tackle some very serious subjects such as Aids, child soldiers, teenage prostitution and safe sex. Africa United is about three Rwandan children who want to see the World Cup and so walk over three-thousand miles to see it only to end up in the Congo, where they continue their journey and along the way meet two teenagers who tag along. This movie has two themes: a light theme that would work on younger kids and a darker theme that would work for teenagers and adults. The lighter theme shows friends taking on a massive journey to help a friend achieve his dreams of becoming a footballer and playing in the World Cup with a few funny results. The darker theme suggests heartbreak, tension and drama in the form of diseases, prostitution and poverty and shows the dangers to the audience. The very first scene you are introduced to in Africa United is Dudu, one of the main characters, promoting safe sex whilst blowing a condom up, wrapping it in a bag and then tying string around it to make a football, how many times have you ever seen something like that in a family movie?

Africa United has some great performances from the cast, particularly from the five children, who clearly have a lot of talent. The young actors and actresses were great as their characters as we see a funny and serious side to their characters and the way they portrayed them in the more serious scenes were quite emotional and moving. Africa United does have a couple of great scenes where the messages in the movie really tell the audience what it's really like in Africa by showing the good side and the bad side. With a decent script, brilliant performances, great timing and messages that make an impact, Africa United is a great family movie that balances the lighter, humorous tones and the darker, emotional tones very well.

Africa United is rated a 12 certificate, which is quite surprising considering some of the themes in the story but it's done in such a clever way that it makes the audience more aware of the serious issues. Obviously, this isn't a movie for younger children to see but it's okay for those who are about the age of ten or older. There's quite a few messages in the movie, some mature than others, that will make a bit of an impact on the audience. Overall, everything was good about Africa United and there's not many bad points about it. It's a good family movie that shows the ups and downs of Africa and the journey of five kids wanting to see the World Cup.
May 7, 2012
Great fun family film
½ May 3, 2012
Good family movie, with a good storyline
Super Reviewer
½ March 24, 2012
An absolutely outstandimg family film for the family!
January 22, 2012
Such a charming film! And it's all down to Dudu... I love that character! His unwaivering hope is such an inspiration! All down to a fantastic script, solid direction, stunning scenery and the acting skills of Eriya Ndayambaje...he really is great!
January 16, 2012
Cheesy and enjoyable, but perhaps should have worried less about conveying its core message and more on the actual story-telling and film itself.
½ January 11, 2012
Slumdog Millionaire this ain't!
December 3, 2011
Such an enjoyable and amazing picture. Beautiful landscapes of Burundi, Rwanda and South Africa. You can't have a more positive message than this. If you're down and in need of cheering up this is exactly what you need. Having said that it makes you weep a bit at the very end.
November 12, 2011
Amusing low budget comedy
November 3, 2011
Was cool and entertaining..simple story with a nice concept brought together well by a good director and Dudu and his humour...well recommended feel food movie
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