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A wealthy woman decides to become a match-maker for a younger woman. Chaos ensues.

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One line summary: Would be matchmaker gets decidedly unintended results. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The film opens at a wedding party for the upper crust, leaders of industry, old money, their families. The opulence is clear. The narration proceeds from Aisha, a young woman perhaps not quite of marriageable age. Aisha decides she's is going to be a matchmaker. Her first project is to match the not-beauty-conscious Shefali with some suitable batchelor, say Randhir, who is well-established and thinks rather highly of himself. Aisha and Pinky start the make-over of Shefali. Arjun lets Aisha know he thinks she has gone to far. While setting up Randhir and Shefali, Aisha encounters Dhruv, her aunt's new husband's only son. Arjun seems a bit jealous the next morning. Aisha and Shefali go to the animal rescue centre (ARC) where Shefali meets Saurabh, whom she seems to know and like already. This seems out of step with Aisha's plans. The whitewater camping party was a bit of a change from all the ostentatious display of wealth in the initial wedding scene, or the polo match, or the trips to the upscale clothing stores. The single instrument, single voice musical interlude was quite nice. The music without dance was well done. Shefali falls into the river at one point; Arjun jumps in to rescue her. Aisha's interest in Dhruv and in Arjun deepens during this trip. The presence of Arjun's friend Aarti from New York helps this along. Randhir reveals his interest in Aisha, who is quick to discourage it, since this upsets her plans. Shefali wonders why Randhir did not help her out of the river. Randhir confides to Pinky that no one likes him. He bemoans the probability of remaining a bachelor for life; Pinky says, 'join the club.' Great stuff. On the way back, previous events match Pinky and Randhir driving back with just each other. Aisha goes with Dhruv after the bad scene with Randhir. Back at home, Aisha decides to quit matchmaking, and tell Shefali about Randhir. What more could possibly go wrong? Arjun and Aisha reconnect, for a while. Shefali reconnects with Saurabh. The writing is on the wall, but Aisha tries to re-direct things, again. Ah, another party. Dance numbers. Territorial stuff. Arjun slugs Dhruv, then leaves with Aarti. At a formal family party, Arjun brings Aarti. Will Aisha recognize her own interest in Arjun? Randhir and Pinky become engaged; Aisha is surprised that no one consulted her. Shefali wants to get rid of everything that reminds her of Randhir. Aisha thinks of setting up Shefali and Dhruv. Shefali is more interested in Arjun, since he actually stepped up to save her in the river. Shefali finally revolts against Aisha's controlling actions. Aisha and Arjun have another falling out. Dhruv and Aarti get engaged. Aisha tells her father she's in love with Arjun. Her father tells her he will set things up, and that she should go tell Arjun, who's at the party for Aarti and Dhruv. What could possibly go wrong? Quite a bit. ------Scores------- Cinematography: 8/10 Focus is too soft for my taste, but most of the camera work looks very good. Sound: 9/10 Fine. Acting: 6/10 Overly dominated by the indifferent Sonam Kapoor; fortunately, many of the good supporting actors cushion this effect. Screenplay: 7/10 It's a piece about a strongly irritating personality, but it's fairly well done. Musical Numbers: 6/10 There is not nearly as much dancing as usual. Included a few moments of rap, which I could have done without.

Ed Collins
Ed Collins

This was a great interpretation of 'Emma' with some Bollywood flavor. Some of the dance numbers didn't line up with the musical selection, but it was still an entertaining movie. I loved Aisha's manipulations of the character's love lives even though they all paired off differently than expected.

Heather Metzger
Heather Metzger

A Bollywood production of Emma-- but not bad! No, it isn't as good as Clueless, but it is kind of fun.

Sue Birkenseer
Sue Birkenseer

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