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May 21, 2020
In all the talk of Plummer's exceptional work, it's almost been lost how the film belongs to Williams, giving one of her best performances to date.
March 24, 2020
As for the movie itself, it's a handsome, solid thriller, with terrific performances throughout.
October 10, 2019
Ridley Scott pulled a rabbit out of a hat just in the nick of time.
July 29, 2019
Scott slowly draws you into Getty's world, ensconced in his mansion. That's the story that wants telling. The one we get is a technically rich, beautifully styled, decently performed and moderately interesting spectacle.
July 27, 2019
It doesn't bother you to have seen it, but you get the feeling that it should have given much more of itself. [Full Review in Spanish]
July 27, 2019
Menacing, vile, decadent and finally vulnerable, it shines in one of the most eloquent endings of the director's filmography. [Full Review in Spanish]
July 23, 2019
Prizing an arch rather than intimate approach, All the Money in the World excels as a withering glance at the demographic we now define as those dread one-percenters.
July 21, 2019
The story takes some fanciful turns (particularly during the third act) that would have made more sense on a vintage episode of Walker: Texas Ranger. But Christopher Plummer delivers a superb performance.
July 17, 2019
It's lucky that the press surrounding Ridley Scott's latest film is so busy with the drama behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera.
June 25, 2019
[Ridley] Scott is a little distant in the way he observes his characters and their dilemmas. The young boy is in mortal danger all through... but your heart is not as much in your mouth as it should be. Still, the film nails the time and place.
June 4, 2019
Not only is Plummer's performance as J. Paul Getty a thing of dark beauty, All the Money in the World is also one of Scott's strongest films in years.
May 21, 2019
Williams' performance is the film's key. At face value, it seems too florid for effectiveness; it beguiles you with its delivery and like a heavy mist it completely envelopes you.
April 27, 2019
The cynical thriller is based on a catchy true story, but never overwhelms... .
April 26, 2019
The film's real strength lives in the performances, led by Michelle Williams.
March 17, 2019
A thriller that works under its own standard and never tries to be more than it is. Michelle Williams is impressive. [Full review in Spanish].
February 19, 2019
Disappointingly, Plummer's performance is so electrifying that the rest of the film can't compete.
February 15, 2019
The film is at once a character study and nail-biting thriller.
February 8, 2019
All the Money in the World is a quality film. Director Ridley Scott brings his talents to bear on this story and tells it in a compelling dynamic way, capturing the tone of the times in a visually engaging fashion.
February 4, 2019
All the Money in the World is mostly able to take what in other hands would be a dumb action movie about evil criminals, both rich and poor, and instead makes a quietly realistic crime drama about the various ways people react to wealth and power.
December 4, 2018
Whilst the movie meanders somewhat at times, through all of the trials and tribulations of simply getting it to the big screen, it stands as a solid bit of storytelling.
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