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November 6, 2019
Touching on the tip of an iceberg, AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL takes you to the precipice with its thought provoking commentary on our society and then keeps you hanging on long after you leave the theater...
November 18, 2011
November 17, 2011
January 2, 2011
Probing docu about society's obsession with looks.
June 27, 2009
America's obsession with beauty is the subject of filmmaker Darryl Roberts wide-ranging investigative documentary that shows how beauty product manufacturers manipulate the public.
February 4, 2009
The film's examination of our beauty-obsessed culture--however familiar--remains unfortunately necessary.
November 20, 2008
[Director] Roberts has a point of view, yes, but he also has a curiosity that drives him and the movie. Lucky are those who go along for the ride.
October 18, 2008
Perhaps in future exposes Roberts will uncover that ice is cold and furnaces hot.
October 18, 2008
Despite the occasional flash of insight, and a few semi-shocking factoids, most women are going to find this movie roughly as illuminating as a remedial math class might be for a Nobel-prize winning physicist.
August 30, 2008
trenchant but not mean-spirited and often hilarious. Roberts approaches the subject with an attitude that is genuinely inquisitive, often bemused, and sometimes shocked, but never judgmental, at least not in his interviewing style
August 29, 2008
In the documentary America the Beautiful, Roberts explores the cult of beauty in the United States and mostly succeeds in unmasking the flaws of fetishizing skin-deep beauty.
August 26, 2008
Intercutting the costs of American women's chase-after-beauty story (suggesting much waste and futility) with Gerren's personal one never quite blends into an organic whole.
August 22, 2008
With so many pointless detours ripping you away, the film feels as lamely digressive as the proverbial one-track guy whose head won't stop turning as each new temptation walks by.
August 22, 2008
Unexpectedly witty and affecting.
August 16, 2008
Roberts raises interesting questions, but most of the info is familiar and there's no systematic or comparative perspective to illuminate our culture's obssession with beauty vis-a-vis other wealthy media-saturated countries, which made Sicko a good docu
August 8, 2008
America the Beautiful provides plenty of food for thought, and Roberts' passion for the subject shines through.
August 8, 2008
Unlike other documentarians who put themselves in front of the camera, Roberts is an affable screen presence.
August 8, 2008
We've become safely ensconced in our vacuous timidity, and the only wake up call that's probably going to do any of us any good is one that strikes tragically closer to home.
August 8, 2008
Well intentioned but futilely diffuse.
August 3, 2008
For every unsubtle moment ... there are two or three that forcefully resound.
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