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A cheerfully silly satire with an unfortunate lack of focus, American Dreamz takes aim at numerous targets, but isn't pointed enough for relevant social commentary.



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On the morning of his re-election, the President decides to read the newspaper for the first time in four years. This starts him down a slippery slope. He begins reading obsessively, reexamining his black and white view of the world, holing up in his bedroom in his pajamas. Frightened by the President's apparent nervous breakdown, his Chief of Staff pushes him back into the spotlight, booking him as a guest judge on the television ratings juggernaut (and the President's personal fave), the weekly talent show American Dreamz. America can't seem to get enough of American Dreamz, hosted by self-aggrandizing, self-loathing Martin Tweed, ever on the lookout for the next insta-celebrity. His latest crop of hopefuls includes Sally, a conniving steel magnolia with a devoted, dopey veteran boyfriend, and Omer, a recent Southern Californian immigrant (who just happens to be a bumbling, show tune singing, would-be terrorist awaiting activation). When both Sally and Omer make it to the final round of Dreamz -- where the President will be judging along with Tweed -- the stage is set for a show the nation will never forget.


Hugh Grant
as Martin Tweed
Dennis Quaid
as President Staton
Mandy Moore
as Sally Kendoo
Willem Dafoe
as Chief of Staff
Chris Klein
as William Williams
Marcia Gay Harden
as First Lady Staton
Shohreh Aghdashloo
as Nazneen Riza
Jennifer Coolidge
as Mrs. Kendoo
Sam Golzari
as Omer Obeidi
Seth Meyers
as Chet Krogl
John Cho
as Ittles
Judy Greer
as Accordo
Bernard White
as Agha Babur
Tony Yalda
as Iqbal Riza
Noureen DeWulf
as Shazzy Riza
Jay Harik
as Ali Riza
Adam Busch
as Sholem Glickstein
Haaz Sleiman
as Mujeheddin Captain
Nick Schutt
as Cameraman
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Aunt Edna
Beau Holden
as Uncle Fitz
Tim Edward Rhoze
as Stage Manager
Lawrence Pressman
as White House Butler
Aldis Hodge
as Soldier Chuck
Christianne Klein
as White House Reporter
Chao Li Chi
as Chinese Premiere
Andrew Divoff
as Chinese Translator
James Gleason
as Journalist
Kevin R. Kelly
as Journalist
Mike Batayeh
as Terrorist Director
Richard Bartlett
as Secret Service Man
Jerome Caldwell
as Secret Service Man
Karen Gordon
as Sally's Makeup Artist
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  • Jun 30, 2013
    the only time I laughed was the final scene with the president on the show. Hugh Grant is solid but the film is such a dud, really needed someone with biting satire skills behind the lense. a genuine miss from everyone involved
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Jun 30, 2012
    Average comedy that is much better than what I'd think this would be, American Dreamz had good moments of laughter. The cast assembled here are pretty good in their parts. The film pokes fun of American Idol and it does it very well. This isn't the best comedy around, but works well enough to keep you entertained. The film is fairly underrated and it does manage at being one of those films that is much better than what the critics said. I found this film to be very amusing and I'm not one who normally likes these types of films. I enjoyed the film and thought it had plenty of good laughs throughout the film. The script was imperfect, but worked well enough to be entertaining. I thought that Mandy Moore was great here and really was the best part about the film. If you're looking for a good comedy with some good laughs, then this film is for you. The cast make the film interesting and director Paul Weitz keeps the ball rolling in delivering the laughs. American Dreamz is not a perfect comedy, but for what it is, it's a mindless comedy that is underrated. The film is purely a mindless, enjoyable comedy. If you're in the mood for something fun, then give this one a shot, just don't expect anything great with the film. The film nonetheless succeeds at being funny despite its imperfections. The cast make it work well and the gags are funny. This a very good underrated comedy that is worth seeing.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Dec 02, 2011
    This movie sucked, I hated every moment of it. It was unfunny, bad story, characters are idiots, and the ending was retarded.
    Bradley W Super Reviewer
  • Apr 04, 2011
    This movie sucked, I hated every moment of it. It was unfunny, bad story, characters are idiots, and the ending was retarded.
    Jim C Super Reviewer

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