Amityville II: The Possession Reviews

May 3, 2019
A story of possession wrapped up in family troubles, from abuse to incest, provides this sequel with a strong story- one of the most underrated horror sequels out there.
April 30, 2018
The sequel makes grotesque, heartless use of an authentic tragedy which predated the alleged haunting spree exploited in The Amityville Horror.
August 30, 2017
This is a genuinely bad movie, or at least an extremely dumb one, but it has such a dazzling flair for low-talent, no-taste showmanship that I can't help but find it charming.
July 14, 2017
by the film's final act, the special effects technicians have taken over almost completely, turning it from a parapsychological drama of some merit into a more conventional latex freakshow
October 16, 2013
An extremely sleazy first half eventually gives way to a second part that plays like a theater-company version of The Exorcist.
December 11, 2007
Should have torn down the house after the first movie.
October 5, 2006
July 8, 2005
Let's take a real story and put some Exorcist effect in, yeah that's great
June 30, 2005
June 1, 2005
April 4, 2005
A depressing imitation of The Exorcist.
April 1, 2005
an atrociously made film, uninteresting as a sequel/prequel and unsustainable on its own
March 31, 2005
Indefensibly inappopriate, and oh so much fun...
March 28, 2005
The rampant silliness of the movie's first half is certainly preferable to the utterly dull second half...
February 11, 2005
October 23, 2004
This movie is actually slightly better than The Amityville Horror, maybe because it rips off superior source material.
January 26, 2004
A dreadful sequel delivering more yawns and laughs rather than shocks and scares.
November 6, 2003
July 29, 2002
"claptrap, pure and simple"