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Anna finds writer-director Luc Besson squarely in his wheelhouse, but fans of this variety of stylized action have seen it all done before -- and better.



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Beneath Anna Poliatova's striking beauty lies a secret that will unleash her indelible strength and skill to become one of the world's most feared government assassins. An electrifying thrill ride unfolding with propulsive energy, startling twists and breathtaking action, ANNA introduces Sasha Luss in the title role with a star-studded cast including Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren, Cillian Murphy, and Luke Evans.

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  • [Besson is] riffing on spy movies and their inherent double crosses and triple crosses, stopping just short of parody but letting the audience in on the trick. And thanks to Besson and a willing cast, the trick's a pretty good one.

    Jun 24, 2019 | Rating: B | Full Review…
  • What ultimately sinks the film is its overwhelming blandness, from the lack of creativity employed in Anna's many kills to Besson's inability to choreograph a pulse-racing action scene...

    Jun 21, 2019 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

    Benjamin Lee

    Top Critic
  • But unlike Besson's bugnuts, energetically dopey Scarlett Johansson vehicle Lucy, Anna is more invested in winking at the audience than being fun.

    Jun 21, 2019 | Rating: C- | Full Review…
  • Watching Anna brings with it a profound sense of déjà vu. If only anything else about it was profound.

    Jun 21, 2019 | Full Review…
  • The gunplay in Anna grows repetitive before long, and the heroine's invincibility feels like a cheap substitute for the power that Besson wields over her.

    Jun 21, 2019 | Rating: C | Full Review…
  • Over and over, the film proceeds down one narrative path, then jumps back as each twist reveals a new, hidden thread. Besson keeps the story and action clear while deftly slipping in minor details that prove crucial later on.

    Jun 21, 2019 | Full Review…

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  • 5d ago
    Luc Besson takes another ride on his poor-girl-becomes-badass-assassin bicycle. He's given this bike lots of gears, err, plot twists, to keep things interesting. These pictures must be profitable else why return to the formula time and again?
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Jun 23, 2019
    Anna feels like it would have been a passable movie people might have bought on VHS in passing 25 years ago. It is a tired femme fatale narrative, that is executed less tightly than most. When watching the movie you will encounter reminiscence of other movies like Atomic Blonde which play out similar scenarios even better than. The story is told out of sequence and is hindered by constant time skips and jumps that at times seem unnecessary, and leads to a constant guessing game of who is actually in control of driving the plot. A Cold war thriller with a Navy Brat turned assassin caught in the middle of a secret war between the CIA and the KGB. Performances are solid. Newcomer Sasha Luss does a good job pulling off her acting and choreography during the stylized action sequences. The action itself seems to be over the top and romanticized as she pulls off near impossible feats, with seemingly no observed training or preparation whatsoever. There are also character breaking sequences, where the movie profile's her as being extremely tactical and intellectually decisive, and then forces the audience watch her do things that don't fit that mold she is supposed to be struck from. The movie does however show her extremely deadly physicality, but never alludes to any past self defense mastery ever, and I'm sorry but dropping out of ROTC Navy cadet school isn't going to cut it. Her motivation for doing anything is also unclear at points and then switch by the end of the movie into something completely different and not referenced from before. The side characters however are fleshed out fully. It is understood what they are doing and why they are doing it. Especially Helen Mirren who did a great job. The movie was riding on much her full on method acting. The movie was riding on much her full on method acting. The movie's tone also flips on a whim with inconsistency. The movie is also hurt by over and under editing, framing, and even the music selection, sounds like it was pulled from an early 90's suspense stock MIDI library, which might have been intentional given that the movie takes place in the 90's but making it feel like a 90's production would put this in line with parody more than anything. There were even moments of basic eye line camera crossing that were to obvious to overlook and sometimes didn't make sense to what the character's focus was on. I was expecting something major to happen, or an envelope to be pushed, but nothing ever happens. No stakes are raised, and their is no "wow" moment. It comes across as bland, and repetitive.
    Vincent T Super Reviewer

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