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September 23, 2017
i relly want to see this movie i love this movie it makes me laught
January 27, 2017
Tyrese and Vince Rhames star in a film written, produced and directed by John Singleton, Baby Boy. Singleton presents the idea of many young black men are still babies in the fact they won't leave the nest, remain attached to their mothers among a few things. Tyrese is Jody and he has many of these characteristics. He lives at home, and cheats on his girlfriend Yyvette (Taraji P. Henson) that he has a kid with. He does not have much of a job, and spends most of his days drifting.

Things are about to change when mother starts dating Melvin (Ving Rhames). Melvin is a man that has gone through it all. Jody is threatened by this and is also afraid that he is going to be kicked out of the house. The two are at constant odds, and his mother tries to keep the peace between the two. His girlfriend gets tired of him cheating on him, but Jody seems to not realize what he has despite some of his best efforts. When a former lover of Yvette comes out of prison (Snoop Dogg) the film escalates and it becomes time to grow up. As a viewer, you feel for Jody and do hope that he begins to group up and make light of his circumstances, but realize it's hard for him to be motivated with the circumstances of his surroundings.

Baby Boy features decent characters that keep the movie going. The film's plot seems a bit sparse and is sometimes boring. The performances of Taraji Henson, Rhames and Jody's mother A.J. Johnson are quite good and steal every moment they have on screen. Tyrese does a good enough job for as an actor coming from a music background. Singleton's film is not as powerful or memorable as Boyz N the Hood, but is a solid follow-up, and has some underrated performances. It is by no means a must-see film, but those who enjoy Singleton's films should enjoy this one as well.

½ January 2, 2017
This movie is very good. A lot of the shots are from different angles. The movie also entails points of views from each character. It involves the background of a young African American man named Jody who has not grown up to be a man yet, as his mother so desperately wants him to do. Jody, having two children by two different women, struggles to mature and notice everyone around him wants him to become a man.
December 1, 2016
Baby Boy is a Los Angeles based movie that follows the coming of age tale of Joseph Summers, also known as Jody, played by Tyrese Gibson. It follows Jody as he deals with the pressures of dealing with his baby and her mom and the fact that he still lives with his mom at the age of 20. Things start to build up as his mom meets a new man and begins a relationship with him living at home starts to take a toll, along with him dealing with other life issues such as finding a job, violence in the streets, and the temptations of cheating. The movie is a very good movie that has a strong narrative and supporting cast such Taraji P. Henson who plays the girlfriend of Jody and the famously known Snoop Dog who plays one of the main antagonist of the movie. I recommend this movie for anyone that wants a movie that has drama, comedy, and even a little action in it.
½ November 23, 2016
This was an interesting film. At times it was purely comedic, then at other times there are very meaningful and revealing scenes that show the ties between the difficulties in black relationships and the issues in American society that lead to those difficulties.
May 3, 2016
Often somewhat limited in vision-scope and character-depth, but fun and somewhat bold creative choices - do help offset the shortcomings.
March 3, 2015
I really love this movie. Tyrese and Tariji P. Henson was a perfect fit for this film. :)
February 27, 2015
Questionable at times but very amusing, John Singelton's Baby Boy is a grounded urban drama held together by good performances (those being Tyrese Gibson, in his first film role, Ving Rhames and a pre-fame Taraji P. Henson) and genuinely funny moments.
January 11, 2015
This will always be a good movie to those who grew up in the hood. ;-)
December 26, 2014
this movie is so good
November 1, 2014
John Singleton is just amazing.
August 18, 2014
THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN ~~~~. I can't think of a movie this horrible except this, it sucks period, so much swearing, the actors are crap, the scenes are stupid, and this one part in this piece of s@&t, the guy hits his girl in the face for nothing, he picks her up ,then goes to the room,takes of her pants and then OMFG ~-~-~~~ he licks her $@$& ewwwwww THIS MOVIE SUCKS PERIOD DO NOT WATCH THIS PIECE OF S$&T
July 27, 2014
I recommend this movie to all. if u love tyrese this is a must watch he does the role so well. the cast was great and the performances was great. 3stars because tyrese is oh so FINE'...
½ July 8, 2014
What really made this film shine is how great their acting was.
½ June 21, 2014
some great drama and story really liked it. acting is a little weak
June 21, 2014
aswome movie every time it plays on tv i still find myself mesmerize but the chemestry between tyrese and Taraji P. Hensen. great movies, needs more movie like these.
April 25, 2014
At times repetitive and left alot to be desired particularly with the subject matter however a highly entertaining debut for Tyrese and among the better directorial efforts by Singleton.
March 10, 2014
TBH .......this is the best movie
March 8, 2014
it was really interesting.
February 28, 2014
love this movie no matter how old it gets
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