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½ November 8, 2016
Quite exciting and good action movie. Nicholas Tse is a hot headed but tough leader of a police team. During a raid, one of his man Kwok who didn't have enough sleep miscounted the break in and is scolded badly. Luckily the senior cop Liu Kai Chi wear bulletproof vest. Then the duo saw an escape car of another case which is driven by thugs that save their leader from jail. Nicholas and Liu follow and got involve in a terrible accident. The thugs change car and Nicholas chase and shoot the car and they crash. But in the boot a little girl is shot dead by Nicholas. 3 months passed, Zhang Jingchu is a lawyer and mother of the dead girl. Her other daughter is friend with Nicholas who is fill with guilt. Liu is promoted but a crippled and now working in the range. He don't blame Nicholas. Nick Cheung is a baddie task to kidnap the little girl. The thug want Zhang to throw away a blood sample of their leader which is found at a bank heist case. She can't call the cops and Nicholas vow to help. He search high and low for CCTV and found the thrown away SIM card among hoards of rubbish. He plead with Kwok who is now in tracking department. They are cousins actually. Kwok want him to apologize and he did so Kwok help him track the number. He crack an MMS and Nicholas track down home with red neon sign outside. Liu saw Nick which resemble Nicholas description and they chase him but after a gun fight he escape. Nick saw Nicholas climb up and saw his unit and manage to grab the girl and escape before they reach. Nicholas and Liu found a secret floor which house Nick's bedridden wife. Nick is task to chop a hand to show they mean business to Zhang but he stop after they call to warn they found his wife. Nick hijack the ambulance with his wife on board and he kick Liu down the road. He left his handphone for tracking purpose. Nicholas follow the trail. The wife using his limited movement let loose the girl tied hand. Nicholas found her and bring her away. Nick chase up and told to kill her because Zhang didn't handover the blood sample to the thug and go ahead to prosecute the baddie. The girl accidentally knock a lever and sand drop on her. Nicholas hit Nick with a rock and he quickly dig the girl out. She isn't dead luckily. Nick awaken and become blind. He ask Nicholas to bring him to his wife and they both convey to hospital. Zhang reunite with her daughter. During the flashback of Nick story, he was a high price killer who refuse many job. The pregnant wife try to sell drugs and Nick is angry. Then thugs want to kill him and they escape in car. She is going to give birth and Nick accelerate to hospital but their car hit Nicholas car during the chase at the beginning of the movie. Shows how their lives are crossed path from back then already..
½ February 9, 2015
I did not only love Nicholas Tse in this film... I loved the seemingly independent stories, and how they came together.
July 28, 2014
A solid thriller. Nick's performance was outstanding as the antagonist.
March 6, 2014
"Beast Stalker" for the most part is a stock standard action thriller out of Hong Kong, but the premise adds some key stakes to the story that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the cliches.

When a cop falls onto dark times after accidentally shooting a young girl in a high speed pursuit, he tries to make it up by rescuing the girl's sister, who falls victim to a kidnapping.

With the film-makers proving very early on that they aren't afraid to kill child characters in this action flick, the sense of danger is ever present. And the story ties a bunch of storylines around one event, which I won't spoil here, but actually adds a lot of depth to this film.

A very fine actioner.
½ January 6, 2014
Un putain de bon film sur tous les plans.
January 4, 2014
Could be one of the best Hong Kong crime thrillers. This film has a number of effective suspense, action and intensity. Let's not go into the movie's script for now.
½ June 18, 2013
Beast Stalker is a highly melodramatic crime thriller from Dante Lam. Not as good as Beast Cops, but better than Beast Sniper, Beast Stalker is a collage of different characters trying to accomplish things after a fatal car accident. A cop seeks redemption, a criminal needs money for an operation, and a judge has her daughter kidnapped. Its over-the-top and mildly entertaining, but at times it strains its plot with the villain constantly escaping to keep the movie going. I didn't really like this one.
½ February 11, 2013
Plot intricicacies and serendipity make for an interesting, albeit obscure and weirdly paced, thriller. Tse's neurotic policeman VS Nick Cheung blind villain, disgusting but only a step away from being sympathetic (well... almost), work for an intriguing conflict, where Gao's distressing damsel is the weaker part. In the end, you may not love the flick, but respect it enough.
November 30, 2012
The Beast Stalker is a good movie. This movie has a little bit of action scenes and a lot of drama. I think that Nicholas Tse's performance is very emotional including Nick Cheung's performance.
November 2, 2012
It is fine to connect things like this but I wonder the possibility of it. It just happened so casually.
½ October 5, 2012
I had high expectations coming into this one. Usually for a HK film, it means disaster for me. Not the case here. It met and maybe even exceed my expectations. Much reowned respect for Nicholas, whose performance is drastically different from his "pretty boy" roles in the past, and shows genuine emotions in his acting. As for Nick Cheung, I've always had an eye for him. (You get it)

The story is great; I love how everything ties in together. There's a major plothole late in the movie but I'll live with it.

Dante Lam is the anti-Benny Chan, who directed the often compared "Connected". Dante's movie has much more depth. Hell, I think I had tears in a couple scenes.

P.S. The supporting actors are under-appreciated but gave an excellent performance, namely Uncle "Jee" and "Cousin" Kwok Jing Hung.

As you can tell, I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!

Edit: After seeing Dante Lam's next film "The Stool Piegon", I am scaling back my praises for him.
½ September 22, 2012
Starts out as a tense police thriller, complete with a super opening car chase, but gets bogged down with far too much melodrama to keep one's interest.
August 28, 2012
Car chases, kidnapping, guilt, redemption and Hong Kong, this is the best combination ever!
July 30, 2012
A good film which could have been great if shorter.
July 5, 2012
Despite "Beast Stalker" featuring no stars that I had ever heard of, this was one of the best modern Asian films I've ever seen. It wasn't jam-packed with violence, shooting, fighting and car chases, yet it was never boring for a moment. The acting felt pretty compelling and the subtitling was perfect (as far as I can tell). The plot seemed to slightly lose its way toward the end as if they might be making it up as they went along, but the twist at the very end was really rather clever. 7.75/10
July 4, 2012
(Watched Sun 17 Jun 2012) Get past the melodrama that's unfortunately a staple of the genre, and this is a top-notch Hong Kong action thriller that'll keep you on edge.
June 16, 2012
Smart and stylish cop thriller with plenty of pace, although the coincidence of all the protagonists being involved in the same road accident a year earlier feels far-fetched.
June 2, 2012
We've seen this type of concept already, it's not very original. The acting is fantastic and the script is good, except it isn't very solid. Some of the action scenes were too chaotic, but when they got it right, I reckon it was it was dead on. The worst part about the film is probably the unintentually funny scenes. it ruined the atmosphere of the film.
April 1, 2012
wouldn't have been interested if I'd not heard of eric banners involvment.
½ March 10, 2012
good action, pretty entertaining... over the top acting tho... lots of screaming.. haha...
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