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½ August 18, 2017
As someone who typically enjoys live action over animation, this was a real pleasure to watch. With great characters, witty dialogue, and a fantastic emotional pull, this is a gorgeous and charming film that will be remembered!
August 16, 2017
Beauty and the Beast is cinematic animated masterpiece that not only appeals to younger viewers, but to adults as well. Apart for it's contribution to Disney, it has fantastic storytelling of a traditional fairy-tale and including memorable characters.
And also being the first ever animated feature to win an Oscar and Golden Globe and was adapted into a Broadway production!
August 13, 2017
this movie is garbage the characters are not likeable I watch this movie and it was not good I think I rather watch promuthues, alien, aliens, alien3
predator, predator 2, hunch back of notre dame and of course transformers the last knight, and gurdians of the galaxy vol 2
August 3, 2017
Magical, wonderful and powerful. Beauty and the Beast had an imapct in pop culture animation. Belle is the first princess that felt a good role model to girls and the Beast an character with issues that people can relate to.
Arguably one of the best musicals ever, with very enduring and catching characters, strong moments, and a charm that only Disney could achive.

|It's a 9,5 out of 10|
August 1, 2017
Simply put, the best Disney movie of them all! Great message, animation, score etc!
½ July 15, 2017
This was one of my Mom's favorite movies, even though I was the kid at the time. She made us go and see it at least five times in theater. It has some good songs and amazingly good animation with marked a golden era of Disney animation.
July 13, 2017
No further evidence is needed for proving Disney the greatest whitewasher of all evil storytelling. Whether you consider Beauty and the Beast a metaphor for lost male and female communication, or some kind of deranged "positive spin" on Stockholm Syndrome, the magic of the movie is in its depiction of desperation. Each character is a ticking time bomb of obsessive need - to see the inevitable clash of alpha egos Gaston and the Beast, still pales in comparison to witnessing Belle's spiraling addiction to *feel something* out of this world. The music by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman is what makes the story epic and ultimately satisfying to a mainstream audience (who definitely doesn't "get" the subtext). This is a true opera of passion imploding from three lost souls who can barely communicate in English, but who elicit the ugliest and the most beautiful chords of human desire.

I know most movie fans see Gaston as the antagonist, but in my mind, he is actually the secondary villain, dwarfed by The Beast himself-an admittedly selfish man, with a short and borderline abusive temper. Disney tackles some relentlessly mature subjects and getting a self-effacing library nerd together with a narcissistic, anthromorphic bully, to the happy tune of a singing, dancing teapot, is no easy creative feat. Beauty and the Beast also struck me as a very dark tale, regardless of its tacked on happy ending. Belle falls for The Beast only after his demise, brought on by his one act of unselfishness, but inevitably loses him along the way. Oh sure, she got the human prince in a magical resurrection but the Beast that she loved, the man who truly made her suppressed passions burn, was forever lost. And the funniest thing is, you can literally see disappointment all over her face as she stares at the viewer in subdued, kid-friendly, buyer's remorse.
July 9, 2017
Sweet, beautifully animated and bursting with touching songs, Beauty and the Beast shines as one of Disney's finest to date.
½ July 5, 2017
Simply magical, "Beauty and the Beast" is an all time favourite. With its spectacular music sequences, carismatic characters and beautiful and, often polemic, messages and allegories! Surely, one of the best animation movies of all time! Only that plot hole about the Beast's age is absolutely non-sense. Disney should had been more careful about that. But that detail didn't avoid the movie of being awesome!
July 3, 2017
Disney's absolute best. A work of art. Every aspect of this movie is fantastic.
June 26, 2017
One of the best Disney Movies
June 25, 2017
Favorite Disney Movie
½ June 22, 2017
This animated classic has great acting, fantastic story, and unbelievable music!
June 10, 2017
A flawless masterpiece of animation that is up there as one of Disney's greatest works of art that has ever been created.
June 9, 2017
One of my favorite movies!
June 5, 2017
Nice classic tale to enjoy with the family
½ May 20, 2017
Truly one of the greatest animated films ever put on the big screen. This film is extremely emotional, romantic, and magical. The incredible characters are so lovely to be around. Has a FEW all time great musical numbers that will stick with you forever. A message that will forever be important and truly a tale as old as time!
May 1, 2017
Konecne som si to pozrel :)
April 25, 2017
Beauty and the Beast is directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, and it stars Paige O'Hara and Robby Benson in an animated film about a young woman that stands out from the town from being smart and literary, and is imprisoned in the Beast's (Robby Bendon) castle because Belle (Paige O'Hara) replaced his father as prisoner there for the rest of her life. For the last film in the Canada trip, people made their last majority rule to pick this movie, despite some people not wanting to see it because they already saw the remake that was out. For me however, it didn't matter as in the end, this is way better than the live-action remake. The voice acting is great in this, and in terms of comparisons, the singing in this sounds way better and fun than the remake. The animation is still really good that has a lot of detail here, and the computer effects in this are used sparingly when needed, and it looks cool that fits with the 2D animation. Belle is a really cool character that wants adventure anywhere as she thinks she doesn't fit in the city that she's in, and the Beast is way more likable than the live-action remake, while still having his angrier moments throughout the film. Gaston is a great villain to have, and the songs by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman are extremely catchy to listen to that it's one of the rare films that I know that has three songs in there that were nominated for an Oscar, with Beauty and the Beast winning the Original Song for it. The chemistry between Belle and the Beast is very genuine that them being in the castle for a long time changes both of them, which is always quite a development to see, and that it doesn't really quite tell about how long was Belle in the castle, which is clever as in typical Disney format, it always take about 3 days until there's a romance between the main characters. It has a more flow going on than the live-action remake which felt a bit too long, and there was more character development on the household staff here than the remake. Beauty and the Beast is a flawless animated film that I didn't realize that this one had more to offer than the remake did, which made me appreciate this more.
½ April 23, 2017
Disney animators play with light and shadow in a way that I wouldn't imagine animation allowed for, it feels like these cartoons are being filmed. An impressive example is when Belle asks Beast to step into the light, how he moves from shadow and the illumination slowly pours over his fur. Walking Belle down the hallway holding Lumiere, the light traveling across carvings in the wall. Belle throwing herself on the bed, the moonlight pouring the window pattern over the bed. Gaston's shadow against his chair by the firelight - do we need to see it? Yes, it adds the dimension of his character that his need to have Belle will turn him into a beast, which is more than a practical effect. So much thought and detail goes into each frame.

The battle of the furniture versus the villagers is a priceless moment of hilarity, a breath a fresh air we all need before entering the darker, dramatic, love-torn battle of Gastón versus Beast.
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