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December 8, 2017
I thought that was the best Disney movie so far. I love most of the Disney classics, but this is the best one yet!
December 4, 2017
The concept is actually really interesting and could have made such an amazing movie, but the execution wasn't there. There were too many plot holes, too many story lines, and too many tropes for this movie to keep up. Was it horrible? No. Was the animation rushed and crappy in places? Yup. Was the editing wonky? You bet! I'd love to see this taken on again with stronger story telling and better character development.
November 24, 2017
Good animation, but just didn't feel like the Disney film which I grew up with!
½ November 18, 2017
I don't see this as a good movie but I can kind of see why its gotten a little bit of a cult following over the years. What I mainly like about this movie is the atmosphere. The characters are kinda flat and has a bunch of other flaws, but this world is very fitting to fantasy and thats whats great.
October 3, 2017
I liked this movie a lot. I wish they explained the characters more. I am a sucker for underrated Disney movies
½ July 16, 2017
There are still those (Unfortunate) times where our beloved studios fall downward financially and critically. A lot of people would say that this is the film that did that for Disney. While I tend to think that there are worse films out there that Disney has produced (Such as Chicken Little, Home on the Range, etc.), The Black Cauldron was a big disappointment in terms of ambition. That being said, it's still a good film nonetheless. It gave me some nostalgia from the Disney films of the Golden Age (Particularly Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty). And it is one of the most visually outstanding pieces of art that Disney has produced. Is it overall a perfect film by Disney? Of course not. But it will still please fans to an extent. Though it may be too dark and frightening for younger viewers.
July 15, 2017
It definitely tried to be a big step for Disney into the realm of dark medieval epics, and it may still have aesthetic value for fans of The Lord of the Rings and even The Legend of Zelda, but the fact remains that this film has shallow, and sometimes pointless, characters and a broken, confused plot.
½ June 24, 2017
This film is a cult classic? Why, because it is "dark"? Has forgettable and useless characters with poor voice acting and a thin plot that is covered with a coat of spooky animation that a little scratch will remove and expose the flawed storytelling beneath. Its completely understandable how this is a forgotten Disney film, there is nothing here to recommend it after all, other than a villain that will no doubt scare young children but for everyone else will just be a generic baddie doing baddie things.
May 23, 2017
This was a movie made by disney during a time when they were trying to appeal to a growing audience. Not recommended for small children but it isn't a bad movie. Even though it isn't a popular opinion it was one of my favorite Disney movies.
May 3, 2017
My favorite animated Disney movie. The Horned King was never really given much depth, though...
March 29, 2017
Even though I am now an adult, the Horned King is still one scary mo fo!
½ March 26, 2017
There are many things that work against this film. Comparing this to the book isn't even worth the time as it fails to be a faithful adaptation. The characters are very cliched and one-dimensional, and at times even annoying. The tone is very confusing as the film can't seem to decide whether or not it wants to be edgier and darker, or childlike adventurous. And by the end of it all, the film never feels as though it's accomplished any great climax or conclusion (it just stops...). However despite all that, while it is a very flawed film, I can't help but love this film. The story is still enjoyable and interesting, the mixed tone (despite its inability to chose one) is still somewhat refreshing and fun to watch, and the characters can still have entertaining moments. The film still manages to deliver a few very entertaining scenes, and combined with a fabulous animation, this is still a fun film. Just go in with lowered expectations perhaps. Do I find the critics have been harsh on this film? Yes, but that doesn't mean I can't tell that this movie does have problems (even major problems). I say see for yourself, give it a chance, and then make your decision. As for me, I love it.
March 14, 2017
Painful adaptation for anyone a fan of the rich books. Since it's a Disney animated film, it attempts a light cuteness that doesn't match the weight needed to convey the material.
December 21, 2016
Despite a cool villain, neat animation, and a darker tone, the story is bland and not action-packed enough, and the characters aren't very likable at all. Recommended for those who are especially curious about Disney animation during the 1980s.
½ November 14, 2016
One of the most infamous features in the Disney canon, "The Black Cauldron" is a gallant, adventurous, and often terrifying adaptation of The Chronicles of Prydain.
November 11, 2016
A different Disney film, but that is what makes it feel fresh. It is scary, but beautifully animated and has great characters.
August 29, 2016
I heard that The Black Cauldron wasn't a good film, but I wanted to check it out for myself. So I bought it at my local thrift store, popped it in my VCR, and...the criticisms against it are completely right. I did not like this film. But before I tear it apart, I'll briefly address the positive elements. The animation is good of course. The villain, the Horned King, is actually pretty cool. I also did like the fact that Disney was trying to do something different, something a bit darker. In fact this was the first animated feature from Disney to be rated PG. That's it for the good things. On to the negatives. First, the characters. These characters are some of the most bland characters ever put in Disney. Taran, the main character, isn't very interesting, developed, or memorable. I didn't care much about him. Princess Eilonwy is even more bland. What I don't understand is....why is she a princess anyway?. There is nothing that indicates that she is a princess except the title. Gurgi was a tad irritating, but on the bright side, I did like it when he sacrificed himself to save everyone. That old guy who tags along on the journey is completely forgettable. And all of the other side characters are forgettable as well. The only character I felt a little emotion for was Hen Wen. She's such a cute little piggy. After I watched the film, I just felt empty. In my opinion, The Black Cauldron is a waste of time. It's dull, it's bland, the characters are forgettable, the story is uninteresting, and there's no emotional intrigue. Heck, on it's opening weekend, it lost to The Care Bears Movie. The Care Bears Movie! Heck, I actually prefer watching The Care Bears Movie over this. Is it the worst Disney film? No, but I definitely think its one of the weaker ones. I know this film has a bit of a cult following and if you're part of it, that's wonderful. Go ahead and love it as much as you want. It is a bit creative and it's animated well, but there are other Disney films that are more worth my time.
August 20, 2016
The best Disney movie of all time. Very, very underrated to the bone. Still no Blu-Ray.
½ August 15, 2016
The Black Cauldron had potential to work as a dark film, but it felt lacking with both the story and characters.
½ August 14, 2016
A new team of younger animators worked on The Black Cauldron, and it just didn't stand up to the films the previous animators had made. The characters are bland and the film is too dark for little kids, who the main target audience is supposed to be for. However, the end sequence with the cauldron is impressive in its visuals, as this was the first sequence with the use of cgi in a Disney film.
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