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May 11, 2017
A very intimate (pun intended) and personal film. It doesn't rely on typical movie drama or events to drive itself forward, but instead has us see everything through its protagonist's eyes, and lets us feel how she feels and want what she wants. The performances are the most real I've seen, probably ever. And the lack of a musical score was a clever and ultimately beneficial choice. The sex scenes are very long and very plentiful, and I don't like the film any less because of them, but there came (pun intended x2) a point where I don't think anything was being gained from them, in terms of story or emotion. Seeing a lack of filter or censor added to the realism at first, but eventually it more or less felt like it was being naughty for the sake of being naughty. "Blue is the Warmest Color" is a film I really do want to watch again, and there's something uniquely special about it. I know there was quite a bit of drama behind-the-scenes, as it's been mentioned in almost every media report I've read about the film. And while I feel bad that this is the case, I do think a great movie came out of the relentless perfectionism the director is said to have had.
½ April 6, 2017
Full of self-discovery, "Blue is the Warmest Color" is a bold new entry in the coming-of-age genre.
½ April 2, 2017
Both a stunningly realistic coming-of-age film and an intimate love story, Blue Is The Warmest Color takes all the time it needs to let its two outstanding lead-actresses unfold in a sincerely and attentively narrated journey of self-discovery that anyone who is willing to really sink into a movie can learn something from.
March 23, 2017
One of the best works of 2013 is this striking and brilliant masterpiece by Kechiche, who succeeds in portraying a subject that is not only controversial but also revealing, profoundly graphic, full of energy and approaches the different nuances of love in a sumptuous, highly emotional and empathically way, being a tale that touches our hearts and our deepest notions of truth, tolerance and compassion. The film arrives perfectly like a real and intense story of two women who sensationally adapt a novel that explores in a hard, dramatic and wise way the virtuous and changing components of people's sexuality and identity. 98/100
March 13, 2017
This universal romantic drama is a beautiful representation of love, self-discovery and growth that is not just 'another lesbian movie' but a relatable tale for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. The use of close-ups and of color, together with two stunning lead performances help create one of the most authentic, emotionally raw and resonating love story I've ever seen. On the downside, the three hour runtime hinders the movie, and some scenes and dialogue feel quite forced. I also felt that the pace was uneven and in some parts the movie slowed down too much. The much-talked sex scenes are extremely explicit, but they are functional to the story and director succeds in giving us the idea of Adele's excitement, even though at least the six minute one could have been shortened a bit. It Could have been a masterpiece, it is 'only' a really good and well-crafted film.
March 13, 2017
The first hour is engaging, but it loses a lot of momentum in the midst of those ridiculous sex scenes that it never quite gains back.
March 12, 2017
A contemporary "Emperor's New Clothes", a pathetic propaganda scam, and a farce created by buffoons who know no better way to achieve their 5-minute stardom than to over-embellish a sub-par girl-on-girl porn with fake outcry for homosexual equality and cheesy love story.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I seriously don't get how people resonate with this film. The story of a coming-of-age teenager finding and failing her first love (because of the difference in the social rank, life experience, artistic taste, or whatever weak reason the movie comes up with) is all but too old as a piece of stale cheese. Were it not for the lesbian twist, the story by itself stands no higher than any typical romantic ANIME that Japanese cranks out dozens of times every year. I would even consider You've Got Mails, Serendipity, and many other Hollywood style love dramas, blockbuster or not, way more entertaining.

The movie could've spent more time on developing the emotional and social struggle the main character goes through with her love journey, and in the process makes her character more relatable to common viewers. Yet the director or the scriptwriter or whoever has their libido unchecked decided to waste the precious time in a film in unnecessary nudity to almost porn-like details.

I get why nudity is important to some love stories, because it's the rawest, most basic yet most powerful expression of love and desire human beings can convey, but an artistic depiction of sex scenes have to serve a purpose integral to the story, not just some eye-candy, or worse, marketing tools, to boost the movie sales by appealing to the audience's crotch. Yet I fail to see any necessity of the nude scenes in this film, except that it makes the motive of the main character more erotic than emotional, another fatal blow to an already weak story.

Please stop giving this movie high commendation because of your desire to be politically correct. Tagging a movie with sensitive or controversial social elements doesn't guarantee it to be a masterpiece. Quite the opposite, it often conveys the laziness of the movie-makers and lack of creativity. A true proponent of homosexual romance should voice their support through genuine stories of the complicated struggles gays and lesbians face in their life, not riding on the hype of homosexuality in the superficial hope of winning a golden statue. Otherwise, you are not supporting homosexuality, you are simply abusing it for personal gain.
February 14, 2017
This is everything you wish for in a love story: impeccably performed, visually amazing expression of love with close up facial shots, sex and passion . 5 stars
½ February 7, 2017
Essentially this is the French female answer to 'Brokeback Mountain'. A seductive, erotic coming-of-age movie about a young girl experimenting with her sexuality. Despite some very graphic sex scenes, it actually emerges as a romantic, love story.
February 6, 2017
A beautiful, beautiful film that is unfortunately marked by controversy. What is controversial about the film, and what becomes more so upon the leading actresses' testimonials, is the way gender and orientation plays a role in the various sex scenes that occur. Namely, that a heterosexual man filmed two heterosexual women for the 10 minutes of screen-time, but basing some scenes off a homosexual woman's graphic novel. While there is no definitive answer of who's gender and who's orientation intersects to create this controversy, I think it's worthwhile remaining inquisitive of why those that hold power continue to tell the stories of marginalised peoples.
Despite that, some scenes that resonated with me most were in the first half of the film - of teenagers pressuring teenagers to conform to their socially accepted gender roles, and being pressured to understand complex sexual identities, while struggling to fit in through a whole lot of confusion. As always, LGBT films continue to remain on the sidelines of mainstream cinema. But there is no doubt that Blue is the Warmest Colour plays its part in integrating (and normalizing) these stories into the public conscious.
½ January 30, 2017
Adèle is one of the most brilliantly talented actresses I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Good god. She is amazing. The movie itself is an epic romance, that is knocked down by a 7 minute sex scene. Don't get me wrong I am surely no prude. It is a passionate 7 minutes, but honestly 7 minutes of two people naked and bare on screen with no real reason slowed the whole movie to a halt, and it felt a little expoitatious.
January 28, 2017
Raw and beautiful observation on love and a brutally honest take on the said human condition, escalated by the performances of its leads... Blue is the warmest color is skillfully directed and all up for an intense viewing.
January 22, 2017
It's long, and perhaps much too stuffed with extended sexual content, but BITWC is a fascinating analyses on same-sex attraction, belonging in the same kind of exploratory category that Boyhood resides in. Although their were controversies over the relationship between the crew and director, the overall project ended up looking polished. While the acting was mesmerizing, particularly from both leads, I think the star of the film was controversial director Kechiche. He uses an insane amount of symbolism that really shows the effort he put into the movie, from color of clothes, to certain foods the lead characters order when they go to a restaurant.
½ January 19, 2017
The original story would be interesting and the acting of the two main characters is very good but... the director ruined everything by making this a pornographic movie, a real act of voyeurism from the first minute to the last, making it very uncomfortable to watch because, dear director, not everybody is a dirty voyeur like you! I feel very sorry and embarrassed for the two actresses that had to go through the filming of this movie. But you, director, certainly had a lot of fun watching them... such a shame...
½ January 18, 2017
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January 17, 2017
Great performances. I looked up their bios because they were so good. Howver, I liked the first time they made love but thougnt the seccond time was unecessary. The book author wasn't happy with too much sex bordering on porn. It was overkill. The criticism that they cast non-lesbians might be valid esp. for the sex scenes but the 2 actresses had a chemistry that was very sensual and real. You would never see this in the US. Foreign movies have less hang-ups than American ones. The fact that this was done so movingly and not rough make it appealing. I liked the different angle and close-up cinematography shots of Adele. I liked her messy hair. Will tell my friends. I saw it on TV through Netflix. Saw it was a French film and I lived in Paris when I was 19 so love the French language and films.
January 17, 2017
The most graceful, and stunningly beautiful film I have ever seen!
It is so pure and heartfelt and heart aching, that in the end you feel either a glass half empty or full. In other words you are angry that things weren't okay with the characters, or you find out there is hope for our poor Adele.
January 6, 2017
Zlatna Palma vo Kan 2013
December 27, 2016
Powerful, moving, coming of age film, superbly acted. Hardly puts a foot wrong. One of the finest films of the last ten years.
December 18, 2016
France is a unique city with a unique culture. It is also home to what many call the city of love Paris. So its only fitting that Something like Blue is the warmest color take place there. One of the most extensive, honest, real romance stories one can see in this decade of the 2010's. Lea Seydoux, and Adele excharpolous bring to life two women who teach each other about love, life and happiness. Director abdellatif Kechiche gives viewers one incredible story.
The movie begins with Adele as a young teenager who does well in school but doesn't quite know who she truly is. At the same time her sexual desires are flaring at an alarming rate. She tries out a relationship with a guy which doesn't work out but then one day she meets a blue haired girl named emma who changes her life. The movie explores their relationship and all the trials and tribulations that come with it as they both come of age.
Kechiche brings to life this story that is raw but done in an honest fashion. Through his writing in this script and his directing, he shows every bit of what makes desire, freedom, love and passion, and heartbreak so important in everyone's lives. he even sprinkles in some philosophy and extensionalism in here to show that's a bit more than just a lesbian romance film. There are so many motifs in here such as Blue, Food, music, and of course sexuality and all its forms.
adele exharplous performance is incredible! she has this incredibly genuine look of curiosity that she nails everytime. She showcases a true coming of age with her character and takes us on a slow but meaningful journey into the teenage angst and later full grown woman-hood. she is a young French beauty looking to define herself in some kind of way and it was breath taking to see. lea seydoux is outstanding! her acting was subtle but their purpose behind every facial experession the tone of voice and how she provided a unique and colorful aura of mystery to this woman. Blue is an alluring color and she is the embodiment of that here. Like adele she also is looking to have a fulfilling life. The breakup scene is the standout for her here. this is without a doubt seydoux best role of her career so far.
For me it was a beautiful display of French culture and why its one of the most romantic places in the world. The film is sexy, and intoxicating at times to watch. despite its 3 hour time limit the director hooks you with excellently timed moments that are crucial to the plot. it remded me of boyhood a bit as we see these ladies go from being girls to women in a methodically paced story.
its very artsy too especially with all the closeup shots. The scene were adele and emma are together and looking at each other you can paint a distinct picture and can use over a thousand words to describe what they are feeling and iminating towards each other.
This ladies and gentlemen is a really solid French picture, one of the best I've ever seen from the country.
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