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½ May 16, 2018
PTA skillfully strips away the glamour to reveal the sordid side of pornography, but takes too long glorifying it to make his reveal effect.
May 14, 2018
Way better then (most) porn.
April 25, 2018
One of the best movies of all time. P.T.A. is a master in storytelling, and this movie is the perfect proof of that
April 16, 2018
we've all done bad things..

Boogie Nights

The adrenaline rush never wears down even though the feature fluctuates a lot through this more than 150 minutes of journey and this is where it stands alone; the sheer sharp and cunning script of it. Paul Thomas Anderson has its name written all over the frame that is perfectly balanced on this character and plot driven feature where if not for his execution, it would have been difficult to pull off such a powerful script. Mark Wahlberg is brilliant in his portrayal and is supported well enough by a great cast like Julianne Moore, William H. Macy and Heather Graham. Boogie Nights not only has enough content to feed the audience but is celebrated with a great conviction with the help of stellar performances, amazing background score and explicit editing and execution.
April 8, 2018
Strengths: Paul Thomas Anderson mostly did a masterful job directing this film. He captures the right things to make these characters work in their settings. He also got the best out of his actors, because some talented people give some of their top performances ever. Mark Wahlberg (Eddie/Dirk) is strong, while Burt Reynolds (Jack Horner) and Julianne Moore (Maggie/Amber) seem to steal the show. John C. Reilly (Reed) is really funny, while Heather Graham (Brandy/Rollergirl) is possibly at her best. The soundtrack is extremely fitting. I also must commend all the behind the scenes people, as the sets and costumes are easily some of the best things about this movie. Don Cheadle (Buck) was also quite good, as were Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Scotty J.) and William H. Macy (Bill). Lastly, it's quite interesting to see the toll the porn industry takes on the lives of the people involved.

Weaknesses: It's egregiously long. There's no need for this movie to go for two and a half hours. You really feel it as it nears the third act. While the story is good, I don't think it ever quite touches great territory. There are several side plots that feel like they're a bit extra. I understand what the Bill storyline was meant to showcase, but it wasn't needed. Even Buck, who was a fun character, felt off to the side a bit. As good as Anderson was as the director, a few of his shot choices were odd. There were moments when the camera lingered on seemingly unimportant things. Also, while all the characters were fully developed, I didn't feel a need to root for many of them in most situations.

Overall: People hold this movie in very high esteem. It's good, but I wouldn't consider it a classic or anything like that. The running time is a real problem, damaging the overall enjoyment of this film. If it was closer to two hours, it would've worked better.
March 31, 2018
Its runtime goes longer than it should, but Anderson's Altman-esque look at the selling of sex and the people who work in the industry is a poignant and often funny pleasure. The production and costume design of the 70's is superb and the acting is masterful. Anderson's empathetic view of people struggling for meaning and success in a dark industry is beautifully handled.
March 22, 2018
its interesting movie
½ March 20, 2018
Puntaje Original: 7.0

Una historia de redención y con un gran reparto que hacen de Boogie Nights un memorable film sobre la persecución de los sueños.
March 15, 2018
Still Mark Whalberg's best movie this film is both funny and touching. The strong cast helps out a lot but this is a classic that is just a little bit too long.
Still a memorable film.
March 12, 2018
Paul Thomas Anderson is a director I have a lot of respect for. I've kind of watched his career backwards, starting from Inherent Vice and, whilst I haven't quite seen all his work, I have to say his earlier stuff appeals to me more. Whilst 'Magnolia' is undoubtedly his masterpiece; one which I doubt he'll ever beat, movies like 'Boogie Nights' show him in his unrefined, yet most daring stage. Although this movie is way too long, and feels rather messy in its construction, it also demonstrates some of Anderson's most experimental work. The fluid camera movements, the excellent soundtrack, all backed up with some fantastic performances meant this was one hell of an entertaining ride. You feel the length (no pun intended), and it sometimes feels a little meandering in its plotting, but at the same time it manages to sweep you up into the chaos of this world. This is an endlessly enjoyable ride, and it's all the more fascinating when you compare this Anderson to the Anderson of today.
March 3, 2018
Hard to believe that Anderson did such a fantastic movie at such a youn age. I really love everything about this movie, maybe Mark could have been better but it is not bad. A great stroy about yotuh, broken pleople and unconventional bonds between them that can even be describe as a family. Every single character is a whole world and Paul T Anderson knows how to develop each one so deeply and in a wonderful way. Also the soundtrack is just amazing. Every single PTA movie is just a masterpiece and very well done in evey sense, it is one of those directors that cnnot do wrong and all of his movies are just right
February 24, 2018
1001 movies to see before you die.
½ February 20, 2018
Dopo due intense visioni posso dire di aver trovato il capolavoro che stavo aspettando da P.T. Anderson, un regista che come secondo film dimostra di avere un talento incredibile. Il tema può lasciare spiazzati in un primo momento, ma se ci si lascia trasportare da tutta la perfetta ambientazione in stile anni '70-'80, dal cast stellare, da una sceneggiatura cruda e divertente e da una regia mozzafiato, allora ci si rende subito conto che è un'esperienza che va ben oltre le aspettative, che va ben oltre il tema esplicito e volgare che tratta. La storia coinvolge fin da subito grazie ad una narrazione che ha ritmo e non presenta punti morti. I numerosi personaggi secondari sono interessantissimi e cooperano con un gran protagonista, forse il miglior personaggio interpretato da Mark Wahlberg. La regia di Anderson è il tocco finale che eleva il film a livelli altissimi, con piani sequenza incredibili uniti a musiche caratteristiche e coinvolgenti e grazie anche ad alcune scene fanno riflettere e rimangono impresse nella mente anche a film finito. Nel complesso si tratta di un film completo, che presenta tutto ciò che si può chiedere da un'esperienza cinematografica, un grande capolavoro che merita di essere ricordato come uno dei migliori film degli anni '90.
January 5, 2018
In a rare instance, P.T. Anderson casts a net so wide, he can't properly contain or resolve the contents within; despite energy and panache oozing from the film's pores.
December 25, 2017


[Paul Thomas Anderson]
December 23, 2017
For a movie about the porn industry, there's too many gun shootings and not enough porn
December 20, 2017
My favorite movie (sorry Shawshank, we had a good run), Boogie Nights tells the story of Eddie from Torrance as he goes from a high school drop-out washing dishes in Reseda to an adult film superstar overnight when he and his big, bright shining star are incidentally discovered at work.

Set against the backdrop of the porn industry in the San Fernando Valley, it neither glorifies nor demonizes the industry and it embodies America itself as it moved from the carefree hedonism and decadence of the late 1970s (which symbolically end here with a literal bang) to the ensuing consequences and malaise of the early 1980s.

We follow Eddie (aka Dirk Diggler) as he struggles with handling his new found fame & finding acceptance and a sense of family that he never got at home. We experience his highs & lows as well as that of everyone else as they struggle with their personal relationships, drug use and their place in a changing industry as the "art-form" essentially goes from classical music to dubstep.

Featuring a deep ensemble of characters that are all complex and well-developed, Boogie Nights weaves multiple story arcs seamlessly and uses contemporary music from the era to perfectly set the tone for each scene. As Eddie says in the beginning, "Everyone's blessed with one special thing", but this movie has everything going for it. Five stars only because there isn't a sixth star and I would give at least 4 stars to the Brock Landers/Chest Rockwell movies within the movie as well.
November 25, 2017
Interesting film that slipped under the radar on its release in 1997.
The premise seems rather unfashionable. The late 1970s adult entertainment industry.
The main star is Mark Wahlberg who begins the film in 1977 as teenager Eddie Adams. His life is literally a car crash. Further education is really not his forte rather fornication is!
No what I mean is he becomes adult entertainment star Dirk Diggler. Under the direction of Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds) he becomes a top porn star.
The film isn't a porn fest rather it shoes the rapid rise of Diggler and the equally rapid fall due to drug misuse and age as the film focuses on the 1980s.
Featuring an excellent soundtrack of my childhood including the likes of 99 Red Balloons!
The cast is quite good including the already mentioned Wahlberg and Reynolds. Julianne Moore, the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and William H. Macy who suffers a shocking end to the 1970s.
Directed by young filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson the 155 minute runtime is enjoyable.
November 22, 2017
Brimming with energy, fantastic characters and a strong, heartfelt story that discusses a genre of film that isn't talked about, Boogie Nights is a masterpiece.

5/5 stars
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