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March 1, 2018
It's fine, for an evening, if you just want to pack your troubles in an old kit bag.
November 13, 2017
That Zellweger can make us believe in Bridget's heaving inner world is par for the course -- she's a supremely talented comic actress. That she was willing to risk her own status as sex symbol by looking like an everywoman is really impressive.
April 15, 2008
As a film, however, item misses its mark, failing to capitalize on the staccato rhythms and sardonic wit of Bridget's inner life.
April 15, 2008
It's so aggressive you don't even have to like it; the movie likes itself well enough for the both of you.
April 27, 2007
Ms. Zellweger makes the most of what she's given and manages to triumph time and again over her pratfalls and public rump displays. In a word, she's terrific.
June 24, 2006
This ultra-hyped adaptation of the ultra-successful Helen Fielding novel sends you out with a smile on your face.
November 6, 2002
It's Zellweger's unselfishness that sells the movie. How many other young actresses would be willing to let a movie make fun of their fat thighs?
March 19, 2002
Yes, the movie adaptation is just fine, thank you.
August 10, 2001
This is a strong debut from former documentary-maker Sharon Maguire, who directs with chutzpah and style.
June 11, 2001
Renee Zellweger is dazzling as the irrepressible star of Bridget Jones's Diary, the highly anticipated film adaptation of Helen Fielding's international bestseller.
May 21, 2001
The film tries to position itself as a comic anthem for unshackled single-womanhood, but it's aimed at the bland middle.
April 16, 2001
It's Hugh Grant, cleverly cast against type as a scheming love rat, who steals the laurels.
April 13, 2001
How can you celebrate a movie in which Zellweger doesn't soar but simply avoids disaster?
April 13, 2001
All power to Firth the actor. He's the compleat Darcy, and he never wavers.
April 13, 2001
Where the highly likable actress [Zellweger] proves most valuable is in making us adore this insecure, clumsy, contradictory creature.
April 13, 2001
Let me say in Bridget Jonesy fashion that Zellweger is an irresistible sex goddess, hurrah!!!
April 13, 2001
The movie is often clunkily paced and edited.
April 13, 2001
Zips along at a laugh-a-minute pace and fully involves the viewer in Bridget's little slice of life.
April 13, 2001
The script is teasingly, pleasingly raunchy in places.
April 13, 2001
The thrust of the story is how miserable it is being a single young woman while still making it look like a lark.
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