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Tony Todd and Baywatch babe Donna D'Errico star in the third volume in the Candyman series, in which a woman who is related to the "Candyman" of the previous stories decides it's time the family did something to clear his name. However, she inadvertently sets another series of gory killings in motion.


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  • Apr 02, 2012
    Promising start that didn't last long. Thank goodness they didn't make anymore.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Oct 23, 2011
    Third entry in the Candyman franchise is wasted opportunity. As far as I'm concerned, this is the worst in the series. I think it's a shame because the second film in the Candyman trilogy was good, but this one is mediocre. The film has a bad plot, it doesn't do anything great with its ideas and the filmmakers scrap the bottom of the barrel of ideas with this one. The cast are terrible, and the actors starring opposite Tony Todd are awful, and even Tony Todd himself is wasted on a poor third entry. Candyman 3 could have been a good film, but the filmmakers are clear out of ideas, and thus the film is pretty sloppy, and really isn't that great. The second film for example, went deeper into Candyman's back story, which is why I think it's a strong sequel to the first. But with this third entry, the filmmakers don't try to do anything creative with its material, and feels tired and uninspired. The film plays out simply as a gorefest and it mostly relies on its gore factor. There is nothing scary, unlike the first two films in this film, and the film for the most part is boring. I think the idea was good, but the execution was bad. Add to that an awful cast, and you have a recipe for disaster. Candyman 3 could have been a great film, but it never tries to do anything new or inventive. The idea might have been good, but in the end, the execution is pretty poor, thus you have the worst film in the trilogy. This is an unscary third entry that simply doesn't deliver.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • May 23, 2011
    Not the biggest lover of the Candyman franchise, thankfully the series ended with this one because as a horror fan I'm compelled to watch these films. The story was silly and predictable, it has some bloody moments though and Tony Todd does have good presence on screen and completely owns the character. I've seen worse but this is still average.
    Lee ? Super Reviewer
  • Dec 07, 2009
    like big-titty troubled blonde whose boyfriend may or may not be a killer running alot and doing like acting and such in between? this is like totally for you then ok like full on!
    Coxxie M Super Reviewer

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