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February 16, 2019
Just because Mater is the main character, doesn't need that the film is then classed as bad. Cars 2 is the best Cars film, filled with laughs, an engaging plot and stars the legend Michael Caine
February 15, 2019
Thanks for the cancer 100%
February 12, 2019
This movie was very hilarious and silly. It is a great movie for young generations.
½ February 9, 2019
its a good movie but not incredible.
½ February 5, 2019
Where the first movie had a sense of maturity, certainty and was enjoyable in story to both kids and adults alike, I can't say the same for this movie. It's a somewhat of a disappointment, even if the animation quality stays amazing throughout like the first movie.
February 1, 2019
sucked. Also freak you noah
January 5, 2019
Honestly, I can not see this view that the movie was bad. I found the movie great! It was made for children! Kids love spy movie! They do not know what a cliché is and what it is not!
December 29, 2018
Ya es normal de Pixar, que todas sus peliculas tienen la tematica de superheroes ya van con Toy Story, Cars, Coco, Los Increibles etc, tiene el estereotipo de que si su pelicula no tiene un villano, no sirve. Hay otras manera de explotar la saga de diferente manera, pero sencillamente de cae con lo mismo, es traumante ver un carro que habla y corre, pelicula aburrida que la salva sus efectos coloridos y el amigo de cars, ya que es el unico gracioso y querido y claro otro estereotipo el personaje principal debe poseer un amigo gracioso y feo... Decepcionante.
December 16, 2018
The only Pixar movie I didn't enjoy. It was kinda hard to get trough. I had to watch it in several parts just because I got bored after a few minutes and needed a break..

Whoever at Pixar thought Mater (as main character) as a secret agent shooting other cars to death was a good plot, should have a performance appraisal..
½ December 2, 2018
Worst Pixar film ever made.
½ November 30, 2018
Somehow worse than it looks
½ November 23, 2018
"I spilled baked beans all over myself watching Cars 2 in theaters & a black teenager shouted 'this n word eating beans' & everyone laughed, horrible experience."
November 22, 2018
cars 2 is not so good but, also not so bad, has some good parts but the rest ..... is not what I expected from pixar
November 21, 2018
Okay where do I start.
The entire premise of making a film that is revolving around a side character usually doesn't work, and this film is no exception. Mater is a dumb tow-truck used for comic-relief and nothing in the first film even hints at anything more than that, and this film makes it seem as if mater is some sort of hero, when he is not.
When you want to make a sequel of a film, a good way to do that is to answer a frequently asked question about the film's universe and solve it by making the film. For example, Toy Story's universe sought the question "What happens to toys when they are abandoned?" and made a sequel out of it. I don't think anyone in their right mind would watch Cars and think "I wonder where the spy cars are?" It is such a stupid and unnecessary way to expand the universe.
The plot makes absolutely zero sense. The villains are oil diggers, and make prophet from cars buying oil. Their evil plan was to make Allinal (Alternative fuel) look bad by blowing up cars so that the public will stick to oil. However the creator of Allinal is in on the evil cars' plan. So they basically created alternative fuel just to make it look bad so people can stop using it, and use oil, EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE WAS ALREADY USING OIL!
Mater somehow is the one to figure out who the bad guy is. If you watch the scene where he figures it out, it's just so hilariously bad that it hurts. Somehow, Mater was able to figure out Axlerod's plan even though it was so idiotic that even the Spy cars right next to him couldn't figure it out, because it just wouldn't make sense for it to happen. Cars 1 made Mater to be an unintelligent side character, but he is somehow able to solve a mystery that Spy cars who are trained in this field couldn't figure out.
I don't usually poke at movies for being convenient, since just about every film is at least slightly convenient, but this film takes it to another level. For this film to work, you have to have the evil cars come up with an idiotic plan that makes no sense. The intelligent spy cars must be dumb enough to believe that Mater is the American Spy. You also have to have lightning McQueen be dumb enough to believe Mater is talking to him during the first race. Then you have to have Lightning go against literally everything he learned in the first film just so Mater can get sad and try to leave on a plane. Finally you need Mater to figure out the stupid evil plan that the spy cars couldn't even figure out.
Everything that this film does is something way off of what the first film created. I am all for the expanding of a universe if done good, and it isn't done good in this film. The only slightly interesting and accurate- to-the-universe plot in this film is quickly abandoned at the end with no real conclusion.
Every little detail in this film seems to be there just so they could make a prophet on it from Toys. For example, the rocket jets, giant cars (that show up for a good 5 seconds in the actual film) and even the freaking wannabe race cars that the film never even explored.
From 1995-2010 Pixar made nothing but spectacular, intriguing, heartwarming films. This was the first Pixar film that wasn't good, and it was also their first non-Toy Story Sequel. Like I said, From 1995-2010 all of Pixar's films were great, and from 2011-2018 (Present) There are only 3 films (out of the 9 they made) that I believe live up to the standards of the 2000s Pixar Films. What I'm trying to say, is that this film was the beginning of Pixar's downfall.
And that is why this film is one of my least favorite films of all time.
November 20, 2018
Amazing movie. I just can't understand the hate. The action sequences are great, soundtrack is awesome. Never have I seen such things in a animated film. Finn McMissle, a Cars's version of James Bond's car is my favourite Pixar character. Also the character development that Mater gets in the movie is great. Mater is a fun character that deserves his own movie.

I re-watched this movie like 10 times, and never got bored of it. That is what I call a good movie. I just can't see why people hate it so much, that is regarded as the worst Pixar film. If you ask me, it's probably one of the best ones.
November 14, 2018
Whilst not recreating that wonderful Pixar magic, Cars 2 has enough beautiful animation, humor, and defenestration to keep a viewer interested for 90 minutes. Even with a particularly sub-par plot by Pixar standards, it's still fun and entertaining. Just don't expect too much.
November 14, 2018
This is a lifeless film that was made for the purpose of selling toys. It has no heart, no story and no sense of direction. The choice to make Mater the lead is a joke that leaves no one laughing, and as a film it feels like it could've blended in with a catalogue of straight-to-VHS films.
½ November 6, 2018
This film was very bad.
½ October 24, 2018
Did the whole thing really have to be a Bond parody? If it was a little extra thing, I wouldn't mind, but having the whole movie revolve around it was a really strange idea. Not something I'd expect from Disney/Pixar. Not terrible, but the first is leagues better and more fun to watch. If I want action, I could just re-watch The Incredibles.
½ October 15, 2018
It's strange, I don't love the first Cars, but I don't hate Cars 2 as much as others do either. The first Cars I thought had a nice ending and it had some charm, but the story has been done to death, it's been over used. The story for Cars 2, is a fresh idea. I like that Pixar didn't do the same story twice, they took the opportunities they had with the idea of cars and took it to new lengths with spy movies. There are problems however. Very much like the first Cars, one of the problems is the story, but for different reasons. In Cars 2, the story is problematic, and it can be kind of confusing. It's really disappointing when discovering who the real villain is, and It would be a better film if Mater stayed as the deuteragonist rather than becoming the main protagonist and making the film center more around him. I thought he made a good deuteragonist in the first one, and it seems like a bad move making him the main character in a story like this. I would say Cars 2 can be a really fun film and a great sequel, if the characters worked out better and if the story wasn't as problematic. However, despite all this, I enjoy watching this film. It's visually appealing, it's full of action, it's a spy story, it's a sequel that takes a story thats completely different from the first Cars.
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