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October 25, 2011
October 25, 2011
April 9, 2007
Sort of a Hansel and Gretel outing with machetes and chainsaws substituting for the mythic oven.
April 1, 2006
August 27, 2005
August 10, 2005
February 18, 2005
A sort of female action/revenge fantasy whose knives are sheathed in amusement.
August 25, 2004
May 4, 2004
Never escapes its awkwardness.
October 28, 2003
Energetic, darkly funny and engaging from beginning to end.
October 24, 2003
Coline Serreau's "Chaos" defies categorization. It is an exciting film--part thriller, comedy, revenge tale, and feminist drama, blended together with compelling finesse.
October 17, 2003
Most of the film is devoted to the central character, and thanks to Frot, she's a most likable heroine.
October 17, 2003
The plot twists, sneaky humor and Brakni's strong debut bring intriguing order from this Chaos.
August 21, 2003
What is surprising about "Chaos," given the sometimes raw subject matter, is how broadly funny it often is.
July 25, 2003
There's a core of anger running throughout Chaos, particularly in the steely performances by its two female leads, that gives this satisfying feminist revenge drama/satire its soul.
July 25, 2003
Wild, sometimes sickening but surprisingly hilarious ride that never lets up even if it does stack the deck and is overly obvious in its implications and sexual politics.
July 23, 2003
At once a brilliant strike for feminism and a condemnation of a backwards culture, this controversial thriller is darkly amusing and disturbing cinema.
July 22, 2003
It's all too convenient, but has eclat and two appealing stars.
June 19, 2003
Despite some odd pacing and a longish, off-putting flashback, Chaos succeeds more than it fails.
June 5, 2003
A hash of a diatribe, parading its hypocrite champions, trading in misanthropy, with a puzzling sense of self satisfaction.
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