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Set eight years after the last Child's Play installment, another doll is possessed by the spirit of Charles Lee Ray (voice by Brad Dourif), and the demon follows his usual target Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin) to a military academy.

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  • Aug 10, 2017
    Probably my least favourite entry into one of the greatest horror franchises of all time, Child's Play 3 sees the young Andy graduating from childhood and becoming an angsty adolescent attending a military training programme at a remote academy, wherein he still lives in fear of the doll possessed by serial killer, Charles Lee Ray penned "The Lakeshore Strangler". The continuity is weak, with little to no reference to the previous instalments and the story feels thread-bare and monotonous, with barely anything new being added to a series with such potential. The finale battle set inside a ghost train at an amusement park is probably the highlight of the film, however is it worth sitting through the entire film to get there? Not really. Fans of Chucky should watch, but if you had a "meh" attitude to the previous two entries then it's really not worth your time.
    Harry W Super Reviewer
  • Oct 21, 2014
    Ala a Tim Burton ode to the classic monsters movie of yore, the third installment is inchoate inside a cobweb-infested factory. Suddenly the remains of Chucky's mutilated carcass trickles into the modeling plastic and we follow down the whirlpool. This lends the film an old-fashioned, gothic classiness which it sorely required after the buffoonery of part 2. Obviously the novelty of an animatronic Chucky has been winnowed away but Brad Dourif's vinegary Jack Nicholson vocals still crackle with ire. Moreso than the previous entry, the brambly 'Child's Play 3' is a mean-spirited enterprise and it fully capitalizes on the stringent military setting for its heinous possibilities (ex. Dud grenades are replaced by live ones during a wargame exercise). Flayed as a "troublemaker", Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin) is the emotionally atrophied core of the story and adult figures simply aren't amenable to his plight about "killer dolls". His odyssey from bright-eyed childhood to institutionalized suppression is sorrowful and it is vicariously infuriating when his sergeants and peers dismiss him. However, the film still rehashes the voodoo synopsis of the first two and the deus ex machine with Tyler (Jeremy Sylvers) as the new vessel for Chucky's soul is an otiose excuse for disavowing continuity. The funniest death scene is when Chucky's pint-sized appearance causes a heart attack to which Dourif deprecates "you gotta be fucking kidding me". I can't defend it on an inventiveness level, but 'Child's Play 3' is an inimitably sinister, underrated trek back to the Good Guy mythos and the funhouse finale is like a florid Dario Argento throwback with red and purple gel lighting galore.
    Cory T Super Reviewer
  • Oct 16, 2014
    Chucky is re-born in Child's Play 3. After Chucky's blood gets mixed into a vat of plastic his soul is transferred into a new Good Guys doll, and he then precedes to go after his old nemesis Andy Barclay. It's a trite story and is full of the stereotypical horror movie cliches. And the characters aren't that interesting; even Andy has lost his appeal as a sympathetic victim. Chucky however, is still pretty fun and some of the kills are entertaining. With Child's Play 3 Chucky's story has pretty much been played out, and the series doesn't really have anywhere to go.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 12, 2014
    All of Chucky's sequels are kinda of bad written, it have it's moments, but what saves is the character of Chucky and Andy, and later Tiffany and Glen, toughter with the black comedy and horror scenes. But this one, is the worst of the series. Alex Vincent has gone and Justin Whalin didn't had made a good job as Andy Barclay. Dispite that, we can see some funny lines of Chucky with the great acting by Brad Dourif.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer

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