May 1, 2019
An older Andy faces society's will for youth to conform to the capitalist existence that is modern adulthood, and also must deal with the pressures of toxic masculinity.
Sep 7, 2011
Jul 11, 2011
[Writer Don Mancini] maintains still that Child's Play 3 is the worst of the franchise. History vindicates him in this belief.
Oct 15, 2008
A faded memory of the series' superior former self.
Jan 3, 2008
...a disjointed, increasingly tedious effort that has little to offer even the most ardent Chucky fan.
Jul 23, 2005
Apr 2, 2005
The weakest entry in a series lacking in solid entries.
Nov 12, 2003
The worst Child's Play film (and that's saying something).
Oct 29, 2002
Sep 17, 2002
Running out of steam by this second sequel, but will still please fans
Jan 1, 2000
Aug 30, 1991