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April 1, 2018
This film is actually pretty funny and well thought through.
February 6, 2018
One of the very best Christmas movies to be watching with the family on every Christmas!
February 1, 2018
a good but uneven and crude movie with a darker take on Tim Allen
½ January 22, 2018
Tim Allen stars in three movies in which he must learn to be Santa Claus, and yet this John Grisham adaptation is the most ridiculous Christmas movie he's ever been in. The only thing that could've made this oppressively cynical outing work is some authenticity, of which it has exactly zero. Incompetently made, shockingly laughless, and devoid of self-awareness, it's completely lacking the goodwill, joy and peace of the season.
January 20, 2018
A very light hearted, inoffensive comedy. Nothing wrong with this film we watch it as a family every year at Christmas and still laugh every time. Brilliant comedy
½ January 2, 2018
Impulsive Christmas movie choice and it's an A1 stinker. Both of us were bored after 15mins and barely made it to the film's conclusion.
½ December 28, 2017
A fun Christmas movie
December 25, 2017
Excellent Christmas movie to watch with our family. I especially enjoyed the way everything wrapped up. Fun, sweet, cheesey.
½ December 21, 2017
Absolutely love this movie Jamie Lee Curtis is halarious Tim Allen great..if you read the book skipping Christmas by John Grisham you would understand and appreciate the humor in it...
½ December 20, 2017
Embarrassingly overacted, predictable, not one real laugh, and the shameless attempt to tug at the heart...basically, perfect for Christmas.
½ December 16, 2017
This movie was not good. It spent most of the movie vilifying the Kranks for doing something not at all unreasonable. The ending dragged on forever too. My time has been wasted. Do not bother with this one.
½ December 14, 2017
A predictable movie?????? Blair coming home!! Enrique! This is a fun filled family movie submerged with mountains of twists and turns. I watch this movie religiously. I pull out this bad boy when any family member or friends come over ANY time of the year. Rotten tomatoes gave 5% out of 100% but I give it 100% out of 5%!! Have you critics no compassion for Bev who is dying of cancer???? You peasants are no better than Tim the toolman Taylor in this film trying to skip Christmas and ruin the entire neighborhood's festivities. HELL to you all! Bye y
December 11, 2017
This was probably the worst Christmas movie I have ever seen. It was like it was trying to be a classic, but it just couldn't make it. There is a lot of dying comedy, and the story line just doesn't make sense. There were a few sweet parts near the end, but it just didn't make sense after the whole neighborhood had just spent a day helping this couple lie to their daughter.
December 7, 2017
Is it wrong to say this movie converted me to peganism, out of how much i hate the neighbors?
½ November 28, 2017
one of the worst movies that i've ever seen
November 20, 2017
favourite Christmas movie of all time
November 13, 2017
The Pacing Is Terrible In This Snoozefest. It's only 100 minutes but it fells like 200 minutes. That is how boring this film is. The characters are unlikeable, the jokes are unfunny and the plot has been used several times before! There is nothing new in this movie that hasn't been done before. I beg you DO NOT WATCH THIS AWFUL MOVIE!!!!
November 1, 2017
This Is The Best Christmas Movie
September 9, 2017
This is a very good Christmas movie for your family to enjoy to watch for any age. This movie would make you laugh alot at some parts. I hope everyone to enjoy this movie till Christmas comes or any month comes.
September 6, 2017
Great movie I watch it all year round. It's about a community coming together and sharing warmth during the holidays.
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