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May 20, 2017
i think i've watched it but i can't remember anything beyond the first scene and another scene showing all the loot he's collected on his travels. BIG YAWNER.
May 4, 2017
Citizen Kane stars Orson Wells, and is about people who are investigating the death of a very wealthy man named Charles Foster Kane. The entire movie was a flashback of this mans life. These flashbacks are surprisingly clear for the time. In fact, everything in this movie was far ahead of it's time as far as writing, cinematography, acting, storytelling and so forth.
All of these have led Citizen Kane to be one of the most beloved films ever made, and it it clear to see why.
It helped launch the career of Orson Welles, and left iconic imagery and one-liners. For the time, it also showed filmmakers how good a film can be.
Even though it is considered to be one of the best movies of all time, I still think that isn't as well recognized as it should be. It is the best black and white film, and revolutionized the craft of visuals and storytelling

Over all, Citizen Kane was a truly remarkable experience. 5/5 stars. And it's an experience worth taking.
May 3, 2017
Still a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Hadnt seen this for a decade, but it still managed to wow me/
April 26, 2017
Then boy-genius Orson Welles's first feature length motion picture (which he co-wrote, played the title role in, and directed) is a masterpiece of pioneering technical virtuosity -- a veritable 'Rosetta Stone of modern filmmaking' -- and it's still (and shall almost certainly remain) timelessly entertaining. So many great scenes and sequences -- the newsreel montage about Kane's life, Bernstein's (Everett Sloane) touching personal revelation about an innocuous moment from his life that he has never forgotten, a montage of Susan Alexander's (Dorothy Comingore) brief opera career, and on and on...and on. A solid mainstay in my Top 10 favourite films of all-time.
April 11, 2017
Make no mistake, Orson Welles' Citizen Kane has aged extremely well. Often considered the greatest film of all time, audiences will not need to question why. The word 'Rosebud' will probably continue to haunt you and make you question its significance as the story of Charles Foster Kane unfolds in its signature non-linear narrative structure. Perhaps what's more significant is the gorgeous cinematography which continues to be legendary to this day. There's little to criticise about Citizen Kane. Most critics will agree that this is indeed the greatest film of all time but the casual filmgoer may feel it's overrated, slow and confusing. Nevertheless, those who are able to appreciate Welles' piece will surely understand the acclaim this film has received and will frankly swoon at all the iconic elements of this masterpiece.
April 10, 2017
In an absolute masterpiece, Welles pieces together light and shadow along with masterful cinematography and acting to help lay the groundwork for every film that comes next.
April 4, 2017
It is not hard to see why this is considered to be one of cinema's greatest movies ever made as this movie hits every element perfectly.

After a wealthy newspaper tycoon dies, journalists scramble to find out the meaning of his last word "Rosebud". Then we see the history of his life and everything he encountered throughout it.

The acting is magnificent. Especially coming from Orson Welles who in my opinion gave one of the best performances ever put on screen. But every other actor offers something great to the movie and not a single one of the main actors did a weak job acting. They all gave strong performances.

Wells direction is terrific and he is able to use basic elements to craft something truly brilliant with this picture. His work behind the camera is immaculate and it brings the viewer into a truly special experience.

This movie is engaging from the very first scene. Some people may not like the talk heavy dialogue but if you like slow paced movies (which I usually do) then it shouldn't bother you.

This movie has stood the test of time. It has aged well and it shows no sign of losing popularity. Is it one of my favorite movies of all time? No, but the reason it gets a 10/10 is because of its impact on cinema and how much it contributed to it. The only American film which comes close to topping this masterpiece is "The Godfather".
March 28, 2017
Don't get what the fuss is about this movie. Yeah, the director Orson Wells was ahead of his time technically. But this is a dull movie. I will never watch it again.
March 24, 2017
Good movie for anybody who wants to learn more about Hearst Castle and William Randolph Hearst.
March 19, 2017
True Crime Will Be The Name Of My First Feature-Length Film.
½ March 18, 2017
Orson Welles at the mere age of 25 co-writes, directs and stars in Citizen Kane. Welles is a Charles Foster Kane, a newspaper tycoon, and the film opens with him muttering Rosebud right before his death. The public does a short film on his illustrious life and they decide to try and uncover the meaning behind his final words.

A reporter Jerry Thompson (goes around to various people that were close to Kane over the years and ask them if they are familiar with Rosebud. Each of people, his ex-wife, his business manager, and his best friend all recount the major pillar stones of Kane's life. They go into the detail and through the past and these interviews we learn how Kane developed to be who he was which included his vast wealth, his campaign for governor, and both of his marriages. The riddle remains unsolved until, Rosebud is revealed to be the name of the sleigh he rode on as a kid, and brings the movie full circle. All of the wealth, fame and desire to be loved stemmed from his mother sending him to boarding school at a very young age.

Citizen Kane was deemed AFI's top movie ever made twice in a 10-year span. This type of information is why I try and go into films without much knowledge of the plot, or the reviews. Going into watching a movie that is expected to be No. 1 leaves me in either two scenarios. I either go in jaded thinking it will not be that great, or I hope and expect it to be that great. In this case I went with the former, but this jaded approach to starting the film from the start is unfair. I thought Citizen Kane was quite a proactive film and for 1941 is it is well ahead of its time. Welles direction is masterful and his acting as Charles Foster Kane is great as well. The development of Kane thorough out the film was done in an interesting manner that was surely original. The film has some excellent shots, and camera movements that were ground breaking and make the film quite influential. The way the film makes it seem like Kane had a great and amazing life, then as you examine it through time, he is at the end a man who just wanted to be loved and mostly had a life full of sorrow and eventually died alone thinking of his childhood demonstrates the film's story can support the film's excellent direction and technique. Citizen Kane is by no means my favorite movie, but I respect it.

March 15, 2017
One of the best films ever made and it shows that a well made film with a fantastic script hold the test of time, even in todays world of special effects gore and remakes Citizen Kane is a film that is generally condsidered the best film ever made. This is because everything in the film holds up, the story the acting and the directing. Orson Welles was from a time before computers and that is what makes Directors and Actors and Filmmakes in general much more talented then anyone we have today. When they relied on the Story and Acting to make a good film. Citizen Kane is a movie that will stand the test of time and continue to be loved and looked upon as an example of greatness and everything films should be striveing to be.
March 7, 2017
Yup. I'm with you guys. The great film everyone says it is. Incredible magnum opus from a 25 year old. I thought I'd be bored to tears. I was, 6 years ago. Since then, I've clearly come a long way in better understanding cinema. The film is gloriously brilliant. As indeed the man himself was. Mind you, not sure why the mystery of Rosebud is sustained with moviegoers. A mystery for the characters, yes. But it's pretty obvious what it means to the viewer. Maybe that's the point. No one knew Kane. He was a very lonely magnate torn from his pauper family to make a better life with money. A film about human and material value where the merits of each are clearly apparent. To be watched again and again, like all great movies.
March 2, 2017
It's unfortunate that Orson Welles ain't as recognized as other movie-makers like Charlie Chaplin or Alfred Hitchcock, because he was an excellent filmmaker, and Citizen Kane will always be his best. It's a phenomenal landmark in cinema history, an entertaining, exceptionally well edited and well written movie, very memorable, powerful and gripping. One, if not, the best movie ever made. Recommended for sure!!
February 23, 2017
How does a film about a rich, egotistical, tycoon who pushes everyone away while trying to buy them become considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest film of all time? With rosebud of course. This film for all its size and visuals and scope comes off a bit modest. It doesn't jump to the themes it's portraying and come right out and say "This is about love and life!" This film just hints at it. Nudges you there. And the more you think about it the more you realize how much you relate to it. How much everyone relates to it. You might find it hard to relate to a rich, egotistical, tycoon, but the film shows us that we all have one deep thing in common. Rosebud. What is rosebud? Well, (spoiler) rosebud is the word on his sled. The last thing Kane remembers before life became all about money. Before life became all about trying to get people's love. Before life was about making a name for yourself. When life was simple and all you did was ride your sled and have fun and you didn't worry about money or love or pain or home. Things were just right. This is how we can all relate to Kane. We all have that innocence in the beginning. We're young, irresponsible, because we have no responsibility to anything or anyone. We play, we get hurt, we get bandaged and everything's okay. Our parents hug us and love us and we are secure. Then we get older. And all that's gone. Our innocence. Our security. We're suddenly responsible. And now instead of just taking love we have to give it and we have to earn the love of others. We all had rosebud. But now our rosebud is gone. Think about the word rosebud. It's when a rose begins to bud. And people are like rosebuds when they're kids.

That's the great tragedy of Kane. His rosebud was taken from him too soon. He wasn't given enough time to adjust to the fact that he'd now have to be responsible. That he'd now have to earn love and give love. That love can't be bought with material things. Kane's no kid anymore and he has trouble adjusting to the fact that he's not. Kane never really learns his lesson. He just confusedly wonders why things can't be like they used to. So when Kane in his depression and frustration picks up his snow globe he's given a nostalgic jolt to the past. And he longs for his innocence. His rosebud.

Kane had an idea of this when he says "If I hadn't been rich I might've been a great man" He knew he had the charisma, the aura, and the talent that goes into the making of a great man. Had he been made to build his own wealth and learn other lessons on the way he might've been more than just a politician, a newspaper tycoon who lost the love and respect of all around him.

The movie's technical aspects are also quite the achievement. The existential lighting, the sweeping camera maneuvers, the inventive visuals and techniques and combinations of techniques are awe-inspiring especially for the day. Nowadays those maneuvers and shots wouldn't be so special but back then it was something you had to be particularly creative with. The lighting gives off many symbolic tones of imagery and the in depth shots paint portraits of character relationships. For example the mansion xanadu, the shot where the singer is doing her puzzle and Kane is off in the distance to symbolically portray how far away they are from each other emotionally.

This film was made by Orson Welles with the utmost ingenuity. He convinced the studio he was filming tests when they were actually filming the movie. He stretched every dollar, filmed every possible thing he could that his mind contained. He gave himself no restrictions. His performance is pitch perfect. After all, Kane was a performer himself. Putting on his best face, but rarely revealing himself.

The film is the landmark masterpiece you've been told it is. And well worth your time.
February 17, 2017
#moviereviews Citizen Kane a mi parecer una película sobrevalorada. Es buena, pero no es la mejor ni yo la vería muchas veces. No obstante te muestra el cambio durante la vida
February 9, 2017
finally got a chance to watch this so called "greatest movie of all time"
February 8, 2017
The fact that this film's innovations have stood the test of time and are rarely ever copied successfully says a lot about the amount of thought and talent to be able to make this film. Orson Welles gives one of the most raw performances I've ever seen, especially from the 1940s.
½ February 4, 2017
The most overrated film I've ever seen. It's not bad, certainly watchable, but I will not bother watching it again. There's nothing memorable about it, not even the characters. I'm a film fan, not a sheep who nods in agreement with the so-called reputable film critics, so not affected by the Emperors New Clothes syndrome which many film critics have who think that have to rate this mediocre movie highly to get credibility,. I'm afraid to say that in my opinion the King is in the altogether as far as my rating of this film goes.
February 2, 2017
So good if you can't like citizen Kane your not watching movies right
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