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November 25, 2016
In my opinion, the best picture on the history
November 24, 2016
Contributions to cinematography, editing, and sound aside, Citizen Kane is fantastic and engrossing. Not one minute of its runtime is a dull one.
November 19, 2016
I can see why people call this one of the greatest films of all time. The story is interesting, cinematography is excellent, acting is fantastic, editing is great, and is not boring at all. It keeps you interested in the story (if your used to slow films like me). If you haven't seen it, you really should check it out, you won't regret it!
November 8, 2016
The greatest film ever made. Period
½ November 6, 2016
It is not hard to see why this is considered to be one of cinema's greatest movies ever made as this movie hits every element perfectly.

After a wealthy newspaper tycoon dies, journalists scramble to find out the meaning of his last word "Rosebud". Then we see the history of his life and everything he encountered throughout it.

The acting is magnificent. Especially coming from Orson Welles who in my opinion gave one of the best performances ever put on screen. But every other actor offers something great to the movie and not a single one of the main actors did a weak job acting. They all gave strong performances.

Wells direction is terrific and he is able to use basic elements to craft something truly brilliant with this picture. His work behind the camera is immaculate and it brings the viewer into a truly special experience.

This movie is engaging from the very first scene. Some people may not like the talk heavy dialogue but if you like slow paced movies (which I usually do) then it shouldn't bother you.

This movie has stood the test of time. It has aged well and it shows no sign of losing popularity. Is it one of my favorite movies of all time? No, but the reason it gets a 10/10 is because of its impact on cinema and how much it contributed to it. The only American film which comes close to topping this masterpiece is "The Godfather".
November 4, 2016
At long last, I've seen the film that started it all, and boy oh boy was I impressed. Technically it was stunning, it was cleverly edited, it had some excellent acting, and holy moly Orson Welles was charismatic as fuck. Not only was he a stellar actor, but his direction was impeccable. And all at the age of 25 - swoon. There is no question as to why this is considered to be one of the most innovative films of all time; it set the bar high and dared all other movies to just try and raise it.
½ November 4, 2016
For 1941, it was good
October 22, 2016
There is no doubt that this movie has a strong literary quality to it - a literary quality not unlike the days of old and the romantic writers. There is also a cinematography to this film that really blows anything around its time period out of the water.

There are a lot of things that people could get in to about this film - although I'm sure some of them would find it a bit long and this is just another re-incarnation of the "who done it" film. Which I'm sure was fun at the time but few of this modern age have the patience for that kind of thing without some other kind of quality getting them through the film.

Another interesting thing is that the main character changes as a person throughout the film (but not necessarily throughout his life chronologically). We as an audience have a different idea about who he is at the end than we thought we did at the beginning. It's as if we learn about him and our view changes of him as the reporters does. This may seem unremarkable but it is truly more fluid and done in such a different way than any other film I have seen.
½ October 14, 2016
Well-made film, but it doesn't stand the test of time like the Hitchcock movies in my opinion. Maybe we've all just made fun of this iconic movie, or it just holds onto a very specific old style and some cliches. Sometimes though, it's just plain hard to get past the weird cuts and edits. I also don't care for the message--which almost seems to be a cynical idea that time makes us all despicable jerks. Maybe I just haven't dived into it deep enough, but it's difficult for me to understand motivation for half the things Kane does, let alone sympathize with any of it.
October 1, 2016
"Mr Kane was a man who had everything, maybe Rosebud was something he lost or couldn't get". Dame right. He was a humble man, he was a King, he was a thatchiest, he was an asshole- but an American. Charles Foster Kane was a future president to the public and an arrogant man to those closest to him, yet despite that he was a man we all could admire and feel sorry for. All he wanted in the end... was just to go back to who he once was, a boy and his snow sled.
September 29, 2016
Best picture on the history
September 27, 2016
What the hell do I say? Greatest Motion Picture ever made, If you haven't seen it, stop reading this damn review and sit down and watch one hour and fifty eight minutes of pure genius.
September 25, 2016
born too late !! such a wonderful movie
September 23, 2016
It is amazing how this film remains enjoyable today. Very few of movies this old are this timeless.
September 21, 2016
Supposà (C)ment LE meilleur film amà (C)ricain de tout les temps ...
½ September 19, 2016
Citizen Kane is one of those rare films where I appreciate the craftsmanship, admire the performances, applaud how it influenced cinema, but simultaneously don't love the story. I think there is a lot of great things going on in this script, and I see what they're trying to do, but I experienced a notable disconnect with the characters in the film. I acknowledge that they made a good choice introducing us to Kane as a young boy and showing how he developed into an aggressive but relatively noble young man. At this point I should be sympathizing with him, and have the same connection back to the innocence of his childhood that he had when he grew into a (seemingly) heartless tycoon. Yet for some reason I didn't make that connection, perhaps it was the short length of so many of the flashbacks which made it hard for me to relax and really get to know the characters. Naturally, since Citizen Kane is often considered one of the greatest movies of all time I feel compelled to defend my opinion simply because I'm not praising it on that level. However, there was so much that I thought was fabulous in the film. The composition of the shots was remarkable and clearly was planned out perfectly. The use of light and shadows was tremendous. The set design conveyed things to the audience without needing extra dialogue. There was so much that is right in this film that it seems a shame I instantly jump to the defensive and search for nitpicks. I wonder if, with more views I might embrace Citizen Kane even more. However, on my first watch I can see why it is so highly regarded but I can't lift it up to that height myself.
September 16, 2016
Finally got to see one of the best ever. Not sure about that but it was highly engaging and entertaining.
½ September 13, 2016
i get that this is supposed to be some kind of great movie. but it simply isn't a movie for... people. my girlfriend just pointed out that this movie was 1 hour and 59 miniutes, which, i swear, is funny because describing it to here i honestly thought it was four. Essentially what I'm saying is this needs more explosions. Seriously though, i get that it was a movie about the pain of growing old and so on, i got that message really viscerally because i grew older watching this movie and it was very painful. I'll put it this way, if you went out tonight and paid 15 bucks for a movie ticket and whatever else and then slept through this creeper my money is on you being pissed that you wasted good money and 4 hours of your life. Now, its not the worst movie i have ever seen, i think that honor goes to either the my little ponie movie, whitechicks, wickerman or that first twilight movie, but if any of those movies had had a famous director behind it, lasted 4 hours, and been filmed in black and white im sure they would have had a shot at being 'the greatest movie of all time"... just like this one.
September 11, 2016
Una verdadera obra de arte. El personaje deja un gran mensaje, su profundidad es tan perfecta que incluso sientes por él, o por lo menos te hace algún sentimiento o pensamiento. Visualmente es perfecta, con un conjunto de imágenes bien trabajados. Historia impecable. El manejo del tiempo es único. Esta película es uno de los productos artísticos y perfectos de la cinematografía, que quedarán en la memoria e historia de la humanidad
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