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A smart, odball take on found-footage horror, Creep is clever and well-acted enough to keep viewers on the edges of their seats.



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Looking for work, Aaron (Patrick Brice) comes across a cryptic online ad: "$1,000 for the day. Filming service. Discretion is appreciated." Low on cash and full of naiveté, he decides to go for it. He drives to a cabin in a remote mountain town where he meets Josef (Mark Duplass), his cinematic subject for the day. Josef is sincere and the project seems heartfelt, so Aaron begins to film. But as the day goes on, it becomes clear that Josef is not who he says, and his intentions are not at all pure. The directorial debut of Patrick Brice and produced by Jason Blum (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, INSIDIOUS) and Mark Duplass (SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED), CREEP's intense interplay between its two protagonists upends expectations at every turn. (c) The Orchard

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  • Mar 10, 2017
    Essentially chilling and brilliantly performed by the two men, Creep is a fascinating character study of a man who at first appears gentle and kind, if a slight oddball who quickly descends into a nightmarish stalker antagonist. Creep is a good example of how the early signs of strangeness can often be the most terrifying. Mark Duplass is ridiculously committed to his performance as Josef and the camera work is good, if not sometimes a bit too cheesy for me. The tone of the film seems to meander sometimes and the long, edge-of-your-seat peers around corners seem like they'd be better left to Paranormal Activity and other supernatural found-footage sagas. Creep 2 should rely more on behaviour and let the intensity of the film be found mostly in the script and subtleties that made this film so brilliant. The fact that the film only has two men as its cast seems to heighten the claustrophobia. Be prepared for an experience that will stay with you for a while!
    Harry W Super Reviewer
  • Aug 31, 2016
    I'm pretty far from on board with Found Footage Horror, and Creep hits a lot of the reasons why. It also seems like there was no reason it had to be Found Footage in the first place. But that all said, Mark Duplass' performance is enough to elevate the piece somewhat, and kudos to director Patrick Brice for trying something new with the format.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 10, 2016
    A great psychological and very short thriller as it captures both a man slowly going insane and how that has an impact on a normal person living with him. You could feel tension building up throughout the film. It was also pretty cool that they managed to pull it of with only 2 actors and a phone call. Unfortunately most of the time when the tension started building up, it would be ruined by a stupid false jump scare. In the film the photographer named Aaron constantly getting scared by his friend Josef and a wolf mask annoyed me. I also wish the film would've been slightly longer being only an hour an 17 minutes long. ( It doesn't affect how much I like the film but I have never seen Josef spelled with an F.)
    Tarin P Super Reviewer
  • Sep 02, 2015
    Another hyped up found footage film about a videographer replying to a craiglist but it wasn't exactly what he expected to find. Great acting by Duplass but other than that it was plenty of dull, dry humour with a nonsensical plot.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer

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