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In a slapstick spoof of hitmen and crime stories, the head of a security systems company (Hamid Dana) is bumped off by two gonzo exterminators (Brion James and Paul L. Smith) who have gone from stomping out pesky varmints to stomping out human targets, and one of them does so with gusto. Now the exterminators go after the partner who hired them and his blatantly obnoxious wife (Louise Lasser) and in the meantime frame a poor security guard (Reed Birney) for the murder of the company boss. The tale is told in flashbacks, as the security guard has been tried and convicted and is shown at the beginning, about to be executed.


Critic Reviews for Crimewave

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  • A strange but not funny spoof of hitmen that disappoints because the comedy is too simplistic.

    Feb 9, 2015 | Rating: B- | Full Review…
  • Raimi exibe a mesma energia ensandecida de Evil Dead, arrancando algumas risadas justamente graças ao volume e ao histrionismo de sua direção (e também, em parte, em função do roteiro amalucado dos irmãos Coen).

    Apr 27, 2009 | Rating: 3/5

Audience Reviews for Crimewave

  • Dec 04, 2009
    In a word: wacky. Make that wackywackywacky! From start to finish, a manic, at times surrealist adventure chronicling one crazy night when a co-owner of a home-security business hires two psychotic exterminators to off his partner for selling him out. Neighbors, onlookers, and innocent bystanders all become involved in the mayhem with very broad, often cartoonish characterizations. Great camerawork and imagination with several laugh-out-loud moments (best: the final expression of Mr. Yarman.) Only a protracted car chase/cliffhanger bogs down the silliness. Not unlike an early Coen brothers comedy, and not at all surprising since they co-wrote the script with pal Sam Raimi directing one of his earliest films (which means a great role for smarmily handsome Bruce Campbell as a smug, slick-talking heel.) Five times more entertaining than Spider-Man for 1/50th the cost.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Aug 19, 2009
    This movie is like a live action cartoon. Raimi and The Coens team up to bring us what may be the strangest thing any of them have ever done. The camera work is amazing, the sets are great, and some of the gags are priceless. Why this movie is so unappreciated is beyond me. It seems to me that names like Sam Raimi and The Coen Brothers, would have companies clamoring to cash in on a good DVD release, but sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case.
    Shane D Super Reviewer
  • Jan 24, 2009
    Not that well made, still funny from time to time.
    The M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 05, 2008
    This is the rare movie of Sam Raimi's that is impossible to find in store or even to download, until today when I finally got it. Since Sa, Raimi is my favrite director of all tiem and I'm truly a die hard and devoted fan, I searched for this one for a long time, and believe me, a long time. This one was also Sam Raimi flop according to the box office and I think part of it was that it was so weird and different from everything else, but I love that very part f movies and uniqueness generally adds the extra boost to making great movies incredable and usually end up on my favorite movies of all time list which are only movies that I give a perfect rating on(Right now I've only given 63 movies a perfect rating). But enough of me blabering, lets get on with it. Of course its not Sam Raimi's best movie, I mean its impossible to beat the Evil Dead series, but that doesn't mean that it can't still be really good, and that it was. This movie overall was completely different from anything I've ever seen. Its a comedy but not like other comedies. This one was generally filled with Three Stooges and Slapstick humor and if you know Sam Raimi, then you know that he is a huge fan of the "Stooges", and I'm even a fan myself. This one starts off with six nuns in a car driving really fast. We see the film titles and them a man in prison being sent to the electric chair. Two guards are walking him to the chair, while the man pleads that hes innocent. He starts to get into detail about why hes innocent and was mistaken for the crime shes accused of and as he's sat into the chair, we are shown what happened previously. Its a really good movie, really funny, and Bruce Campbell's bits are halarious as he plays a high class "heel".Something else I should bring up is that I was really surprised to see the lighting and colour scheme of this movie. Not that it was only great eye candy and drawed you intot the movie, but the fact that it really reminded me of "Suspiria" in a way dispite that this one is a comedy and is in a downtown city which makes it somewhat opposite of Suspiria in different senses. I was completely shocked and from Sam Raimi's other movies, he had never done Argento type lighting before, which made the movie just that more unique. Some parts are down right halarious. Some parts are down right stupid and some parts are just fun. All in all its a really underrated film in the sense that it hasn't been seen by anyone and it really should be. Download this movie, or if your lucky enough and you find a copy, contact me right away, I will buy it off you! Overall, if you want a comedy thats really different, somewhat dark, slapstick humored, with bruce campbell, and some great lighting eye candy and a fun time with a good story, than check out this rare jem. Ohh I almost forgot, for all of those Coen Brother fans out there who reciently saw "Burn After Reading", and saw all the Oscars they won for "No Country for Old Men", and have also seen, "The Big Lebowski", this is the Coen brother's second film that they have ever written together and has only just started their career with this and there other movie "Blood Simple". Go see this, if you can find it!
    ZACHO D Super Reviewer

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